Stone245 S3
Season 3!
Level: 72 - Jonin
Hinamizawa Village
- The Village Hidden in cursed land -
Doujutsu: 9
Range: 1-13
Genjutsu: 24 (+6)
Strength:+7 Range: 1-22 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 24 (+6)
Strength:+7 Range: 1-25 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 24 (+6)
Strength:+7 Range: 1-22 Successes: 1

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Character Description


Being one of 250 genetically engineered soldiers would be enough to drive most anyone crazy. However, it's far worse when you're deemed by your creators to be "too dangerous to live". This is the story of the life of the 245th member of the Darc Force program, the only surviving member of the project.

From the time of his creation, #245 had always known he was different from the other members of his squad. Though they had all been programmed to think as a single entity, acting as one would expect from a hive, he alone developed a singular consciousness. The scientists who controlled the underground lab attributed this to a glitch in his brain(or as he would put it, "some wires in his brain got crossed"). He was never able to function as the others did, all thinking exactly alike at exactly the same time. Because of this, he was declared a liability, a threat to everything that the organization stood for(which was power, greed, and deception) and ordered destroyed. Thanks only to a kind-hearted biochemist named Yuki, who hid him from them because she could not allow them to kill a child, even an artificial one.

Yuki, being a scientist involved with the Darc Force project herself, knew she would be unable to care for the boy herself without being discovered, so she sent him to find a friend of hers, trusting that the military training the then 10 year old boy had undergone would have been enough to prepare him for the journey. However, as soon as he left, it was revealed that the organization's master had known what Yuki was up to and only let him go as an experiment, to see if the boy could be useful as a soldier after extreme testing. Yuki was murdered for helping him, and the other 249 units were sent out to find the child after 3 days. Unfortunately for #245, the others, being linked as they were, saw and heard everything that any of the others did. This allowed them to easily search massive amounts of areas in impossibly short lengths of time. Luckily, the others lacked the capacity for creativity or the ability to formulate plans on ones own.


Eye Of The Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
True Blood Of The Reaper
The Trade



Techniques and Jutsu




Name Bonus Provided Loops Tradeable
Basic Ninja Gear +1 Levels Yes No
Monster Mask +1 Levels, +10 Stamina per day Yes No
Sascha +1 Tai Range Yes No
Sannin's Premium +15% Ryo on Missions Yes No
Silver Hairpin +100 Stamina for hanging out with Shorty via Friend Levels Yes Yes
Blue Flower Hairpin +2 Stamina when you charge Chakra Yes No
Season 2+
Goo Stabilization Recipe Allows you to make Super Potion Yes No
Gothic Album +20 Stamina if you have Emosuke in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare Jackpot Yes No
Restraining Order +20 Stamina if Stalkergirl is in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare jackpot Yes No
Flash Ring -10 Stamina per day No No
Survived The Impossible +20 Stamina per day, +1 Max Crank, Immune to Wasteland Stamina loss, -5% Upkeep for Village (Does not stack) Yes No


Name Bonus
Ascension If you are Village Leader, you cannot Attack or Spy, and Ninjas attempting to attack your Village automatically fail unless you are Bingo'd and that Ninja Bingo'd you in the past hour
Floating on Air Hang Out with all current Team members, but all Ryo and Ally Friend Points are set to 1
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja! +20 Stamina
Killer Montage +50 Stamina
The Flash Find Legacy-related Special Items in regular missions
What The Crap -50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content


Name How to Unlock
Into The Loop Complete Season 1
Loop The Loop Complete Season 2
Monster Hunter Loop after winning a Monster Drop from a Defeated Kaiju
Ninja World Warrior Obtain the Letter of Marque
True Blood Get True Blood of the Reaper

Awesome Abilities

Awesome Abilities:
Choose your Awesome Abilities here!
You must buy each level for full price in order, and Levels do not stack - so, if you buy Level 1 Unflagging Endurance (+20 Stamina per day), then Level 2 (+50 Stamina per day), that will cost you 10 points, then 30 more points, and you will receive 50 Stamina per day total.
(NOTE: It costs a LOT to restat. Choose your abilities carefully)
Awesome Remaining: 5

Level Bonus Awesome
1 +1 to All Ranges 20


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