Looped stats
Season 2!
Level: 6 - Genin
3rd Eye Village
- The Village Hidden in the Ki -
Doujutsu: {$doulevel} (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: 2 (+4)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-12 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 2 (+4)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-13 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 2 (+4)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-12 Successes: 1
Season 2!
Level: 68 - Jonin
3rd Eye Village
- The Village Hidden in the Ki -
Doujutsu: {$doulevel} (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: 22 (+5)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 24 (+5)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-15 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 22 (+5)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1
Season 1!
Level: 53 - Jonin
Otaku Village
- The Village Hidden in the Anime -
Doujutsu: {$doulevel} (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: 18 (+4)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 17 (+4)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-15 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 18 (+4)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1

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Character Description

A blue-haired kunoichi.


A Chunin without a village for a long time before joining Otaku Village with a lot of ryo to buy items. Sp. Jonin in Taijutsu and then at level 52 Jonin had 14 days to loop. She did The Voice of the Soul and no longer had to loop. She struggled through Reaper Missions achieving no allies until she followed BvS Wiki. She considers herself unlucky on the Prize Wheel but has plenty of ryo as she keeps selling Blue Flower Hairpin and redoing special mission. She pities other bloodlines as she get few permanent drops using WhiteEye and a cheat sheet from almost the beginning. She named her Sword of the Reaper Demonbane. She wishes to thank Otaku Village (for all the upgrades that sell permanent items & NWW points), DeMoNHuNt (wealth of info he shared from his village) and BvS Wiki. She has mixed an Ultra Elixir but mixes Malted Pills the most. She has helped defend the village from rampaging Bishonen, Cardcaptors and Pro Wrestlers.

Stephie left Otaku Village to become kage of 3rd Eye Village. She looped with 46 allies, True Blood of the Reaper, Bruce Jr. Lvl. 2 & Letter of Marque (see Looped stats, includes Ninja Dog, Ninja Puppet & Giant Fan).


Blood of the Reaper
WhiteEyeSeason 1
True Blood of the ReaperSeason 1

Favourite Teams

Lil' Bo 2+Lil' Ro 2+Lil' Shammy 2 Ro-Sham-Bo Redux Bonus!
Red Rover+Spot Let the Dogs Out Bonus!

Favourite Techniques and Jutsu

Gentle FistSeason 1
Escape Jutsu
Eight Trigrams Eleventy Billion PalmsSeason 1
Welcome to Good Burger
Soul Reaper Style: <secret>, Demonbane!


Mini FrogSeason 1
Bone DaddySeason 1
Monkey ButlerSeason 1


Soul GloveLooped
Heck ButterflyLooped
Swallowtail ButterflyLooped
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Sword of the ReaperLooped
Trench Knife
Ring of PowerSeason 1 only
Chakra ArmorSeason 1
Ninja Dog
Beat-Up TeddyLooped
Medal of CourageSeason 1 only
KnapsackSeason 1
Medal of WisdomSeason 1 only
Professor's HatLooped
Medal of PowerSeason 1 only
Ninja Puppet
Giant Fan
Dog CollarSeason 1
Blue Flower HairpinLooped
Ring of WisdomSeason 1 only
Ring of CourageSeason 1 only
Soul Candy
Badge of CourageSeason 1 only
Sword of the ReaperLooped
Badge of WisdomSeason 1 only
Badge of PowerSeason 1 only
Captain's Jacket
Desert RobesSeason 1
K-Dog's HeadbandLooped
Aura of FortuneSeason 1 only
Necklace of the First HoCageLooped
Glowing Mood RingLooped
Letter of MarqueLooped
Love Love Paradise
Stealth Suit
Banana Sticker Season 2 only
Pretty Rainbow Sticker Season 2 only
Monster Mask
Training Sash
Streamlined Focus
Silver Hairpin
Goo Stabilization Recipe
Officer's Pay
Thrill of Battle
Basic Ninja Gear


Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja! Opening Theme
Stand By Your Ninja Battle Theme
Teacher's Pet Battle Theme
Warstruck Battle Theme
Drunken Fist Battle Theme
Flip Out Battle Theme
All Together Now Ending Theme
Good Night, Ninja Ending Theme
Seasons Don't Fear Ending Theme


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