Season 5!
Level: 114 - R00T
IGA Village
- The Village Hidden in Yamato -
Doujutsu: 38 (+14)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-25
Genjutsu: 38 (+52)
Strength:+14 Range: 1-56 Successes: 3
Ninjutsu: 38 (+54)
Strength:+13 Range: 1-56 Successes: 3
Taijutsu: 38 (+54)
Strength:+14 Range: 1-56 Successes: 3

Notice: Information on this is solely the responsibility of the player.

Current Mission

Build up some favors and try my hand at a Worldkai


Sardine Thief Lv.100(Ninja Kitty)
Zero Lv.100 (Cave Puppy)
Genbu Lv.100 (Ninja Tortoise)
Kurama Lv.100 (1.1 Tailed Fox)
Atsuro Lv.100 (Fanboy Sidekick)
Blue Lv.84 (Honey Badger)


D Missions: 4365
C Missions: 2398
B Missions: 2514
A Missions: 8115
AA Missions: 91907
S Missions: 614
Reaper Missions: 1289
Monochrome Missions: 1252
Outskirts Missions: 2694
Wasteland Missions: 2447
Burger Missions: 3712
R00t Missions: 11771
PizzaWitch Missions: 1071
Witching Missions: 96


Racer's Edge
Heart of the Cards
Eye of the Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
The Power of Greass
Mister Roboto
Mysterious Power
The Trade
Thousand-Yard Stare
True Blood of the Reaper

Permanent Items

'Goodbye Kitten' Pink Taser
11DBHK's Birthday Hat
11DBHK's Gold Necklace
11DBHK's Head-Sized Cookie
11DBHK's Purple Shades
Adonis DNA
Amalga Eye
Ancestor Spirit
Ancient Blueprints
Arena Favorite
Aromatic Grass
Aura of Gratitude
Aviator Goggles
Awesome Pants
B-Class Laser
Basic Blueprints
Basic Cowl
Basic Dustcloak
Basic Ninja Gear
Bat of Casper
Bear Coat
Beta Reader
Big Mouth
BillyCon Emblem
Blue Flower Hairpin
Book of Follet
Book of Spoilers
Book of the Twilight
Boots of Walking
Bow of Windia
Captain's Jacket
Carapace Armor
Catgirl Entourage
Chakra Armor
Cheeky Stop Sign
Claw Card
Cold Hard Cash
Control Rod
Coolness Badge
Counterfeit Permit
Cowl of the Second HoCage
Creepy Love Letter
Crusader's Sword
Crystal Tumblers
Dark Band
Deck Holster
Desert Robes
Dirty Shovel
Dog Collar
Dragon Tattoo
Dramatic Monologue
Driving Music
Duelist's Aura
Duelist's Eye
Dustcloak of Sneaking
Eleven Tails
Employee Nametag
Epitaph of the Twilight
Eye of the Tiger
Fierce as the Flame
Finite Spiral
Fireworks Launcher
Flaming Spit Technique
Flash Ring
Frozen Rose
Fruit Stand
Fruits Basket
Fur-Lined Boots
Giant Fan
Glowing Mood Ring
Go Piece
Golden Band of Courage
Golden Band of Power
Golden Band of Wisdom
Golden Collar of Courage
Golden Collar of Power
Golden Collar of Wisdom
Golden Star of Courage
Golden Star of Power
Golden Star of Wisdom
Goo Stabilization Recipe
Gothic Album
Granola Camouflage
Hall Pass
Hat of Sakyura
Headband of Awesome
Heck Butterfly
Helix Tattoo
Helper Pin
Hollow Leg
Holy Spur
Huggly Teddybear
Hushed as the Wood
Iron Bond
Jazz Hands
Jutsu Barrage
K-Dog's Headband
Kaiju Memento
Kimono of Shadows
Kitty Ears
Knightmare Frame
Knightmare Mark 86
Lab Coat
Late-Night Snack
Letter of Marque
License to Speed
Lightning Draw
Little Wooden Cubes
Locket of Lei
Love Love Paradise
Loyal Sacrifice
Lycoral Hanafuda Deck
M Ball
Magical Wand
Makeshift Booth
Matrix of Leadership
Merchant Sigil
Mondo Keycard
Money Printer
Monkey Cymbals
Monster Mask
Mottled Wing
Necklace of the First HoCage
Ninja Dog
Ninja Puppet
Ninja-Mas List
Ninja-Mas Star
Noble Phantasm
Nonja Chef
Nonja Sidekick
Novelty Bullcrap
Officer's Pay
Over 11000
Parting Gifts
Party Animal
Pat on the Back
Perfect Hair
Pet - Honey Badger
Pet License
Piece of the Action
Pinchy Claw
Pink Hair Dye
Pink Skull
Pinky Finger
Pirate Hat
Pistol of Repeating
PizzaWitch Cape
PizzaWitch Key
PizzaWitch Uniform
Player Pin
Plug Suit
Poisoned Daggers
Pokey Stick
Polar Star
Power Over 9000
Prancing Haze
Professor's Hat
Quality Boots
Quality Cookware
R00t Password
Reaper Blood - Bankai
Red Water
Remote Scout
Restraining Order
Risky Badge
Risky Coffee
Rocket Punch
Sad Robot
Sandwich Dispenser
Sandwich Gatari
Sannin's Premium
Scythe of Razing
Sevens Trophy
Shadow Warrior
Sharktooth Necklace
Shiny Belt
Sight Beyond Sight
Silver Hairpin
Silver Scythe
Snooty Top Hat
Solid Shades
Something Good
Soul Candy
Soul Glove
Soul of Steel
Soundless Jade
Spear of Wotan
Special Attack Uniform
Stalwart as the Mount
Stealth Suit
Steel Mahjong Set
Storm's Embrace
Storm's Fury
Storm's Path
Streamlined Focus
Stripe of Honor
Student ID
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Surplus Ordnance
Survived the Impossible
Swallowtail Butterfly
Swift as the Wind
Sword of the Reaper
Tangerine Pantsu
Ten-Ton Hammer
The Cote
The Five Rings
The Glow
The Mark of Eleventy Billion
The Mark of The RNG
The Note
Thrill of Battle
Thunderclaw Ring
Tickling Death
Time Reversal Cube
Tiny Bee 2.0
Tire Tracks
Training Montage
Trench Knife
Troll Account
Ultra Badger
Utility Belt
Vampire Cloak
Vertical Pricing Gear
Voice Enslaver
Wanton Rose
Warrior of Courage
Warrior of Power
Warrior of Wisdom
Whip of Rosa
Wooden Sword
X-Ray Specs
Zombja Survival Guide
Flask of Mist
Senjutsu Reserves
Ultra Dessert



What The Crap
Killer Montage
Floating on Air
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!
Reach for the Sky
The Flash
The Wind
You See Right Through Me
You Spin Me Right 'Round


Nothing Is Happening
28 Dayrolls Later
Battle of Champions
Drunken Fist
Emo Rock Ballad
Flip Out
Funky Techno Grind
Lucky Sevens
Stand By Your Ninja
Teacher's Pet
The Road to Womanhood
The Sun
Whiny Grrl 'Punk'


Phoning It In
Money For Nothing
All Together Now
Good Night, Ninja
My Name Is
Out on Top
Seasons Don't Fear
The Rain
Write it Down


Power of Sound


Trophy List:

The Shadow Mark (Achieved: 08:18 7/14/12)
Adelheid (Achieved: 04:07 2/14/15)
Alone at Last (Achieved: 05:54 3/11/15)
Big Fudge (Achieved: 04:56 2/9/15)
Bluff Boss (Achieved: 04:56 3/6/15)
Board Breaker (Achieved: 06:49 2/5/15)
Both Shoulders (Achieved: 05:00 2/9/15)
Checking It Twice (Achieved: 06:29 3/8/15)
Clipper (Achieved: 04:39 3/6/15)
Completionist I (Achieved: 11:28 2/11/15)
Completionist II (Achieved: 04:39 3/6/15)
Completionist III (Achieved: 06:29 3/8/15)
Conssssolation (Achieved: 05:08 3/6/15)
Counting Carbs (Achieved: 11:28 2/11/15)
Dark Victor (Achieved: 04:37 3/6/15)
Dead Man Walking (Achieved: 04:39 2/3/15)
First? (Achieved: 05:31 3/9/15)
Forever Alone (Achieved: 11:21 2/11/15)
Four Day Weekend (Achieved: 06:12 3/15/15)
Four Seasons (Achieved: 07:36 2/5/15)
High Summoner (Achieved: 03:40 2/14/15)
I Miss You Already (Achieved: 03:19 2/14/15)
Indecisive Reaper (Achieved: 11:30 2/11/15)
Independent Contractor (Achieved 11:36 2/11/15)
Low Roller (Achieved: 03:37 2/14/15)
Many Hands (Achieved: 05:55 3/10/15)
Meddling Kids (Achieved: 05:35 3/6/15)
Mercenary (Achieved: 11:37 2/11/15)
One Man Army (Achieved: 05:40 3/9/15)
Palate Cleanser (Achieved: 22:44 2/7/15)
Popular (Achieved: 05:27 2/10/15)
Sacred Hang (Achieved: 04:43 3/6/15)
Stupid Devil Machines (Achieved: 04:52 3/6/15)
Super Failure (Achieved: 20:03 3/7/15)
Surefire Strategy (Achieved: 04:56 2/9/15)
That Was Easy (Achieved: 04:50 2/9/15)
Two Weeks Notice (Achieved: 04:36 3/6/15)
Vwom (Achieved: 02:52 3/15/15)
Aim For The Top (Achieved: 11:47 10/26/11)
Big Three (Achieved: 12:33 5/30/11)
Bottoms Up (Achieved: 21:35 7/25/11)
Busted (Achieved: 10:43 6/28/12)
Cosplay Complete (Achieved: 07:06 5/4/12)
Friday Knight (Achieved: 21:01 2/21/13)
Goth Goth Loli Loli (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
Head of the Class (Achieved: 05:56 6/10/11)
Holy Ground (Achieved: 07:17 1/7/12)
Into The Loop (Achieved: 16:26 6/8/11)
Knightmare (Achieved: 11:55 5/16/11)
Loop The Loop (Achieved: 21:35 7/25/11)
Marked (Achieved: 05:27 4/15/11)
Monster Hunter (Achieved: 16:26 6/8/11)
Ninja World Warrior (Achieved: 01:12 5/8/11)
No Sleep 'Til (Achieved: 12:10 6/4/11)
Trophy Trophy (Achieved: 02:44 7/31/14)
True Blood (Achieved: 13:06 5/11/11)
Wheel Winner (Achieved: 16:26 6/8/11)
Avid Reader (Achieved: 22:39 1/15/13)
But Wait There's More (Achieved: 08:11 4/11/12)
Chillin' With 11 (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
FAILure (Achieved: 07:32 8/26/11)
Fruit Dealer (Achieved: 17:44 10/20/12)
Gift Giver (Achieved: 11:29 11/24/12)
Groovy (Achieved: 05:12 5/2/11)
Hard of Hearing (Achieved: 04:57 8/17/12)
It's a Trick (Achieved: 09:18 7/5/11)
Let It Ride (Achieved: 12:40 9/22/12)
Lightning Brigade (Achieved: 04:24 2/11/13)
Lunatic Drifter (Achieved: 13:25 2/18/13)
Man Purse (Achieved: 07:27 10/29/11)
Mo' Money (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
R00t (Achieved: 07:59 2/25/12)
Rave Master (Achieved: 11:51 7/6/13)
Rune Encrusted (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
Shadowboxing (Achieved: 13:21 4/29/11)
Shoop The Loop (Achieved: 05:35 1/7/14)
Spin to Win (Achieved: 16:26 6/8/11)
Storm's Sacrifice (Achieved: 05:21 5/18/12)
Summertime (Achieved: 13:10 7/7/11)
Super Arena Wars (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
The First Loser (Achieved: 06:01 2/1/12)
The Jaeger (Achieved: 06:45 2/8/15)
The Kunai Stands Alone (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
The Unthinkable (Achieved: 20:13 3/23/13)
The White Witch (Achieved: 14:15 3/5/12)
Threepeat (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
WonderPets (Achieved: 07:19 1/15/12)
28 Dayrolls Later (Achieved: 05:12 7/18/11)
Best In Show (Achieved: 06:21 9/30/12)
Feud-Starter (Achieved: 11:27 11/21/11)
Friendly (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
Golden (Achieved: 05:35 1/7/14)
H.A.R.O. (Achieved: 08:37 7/14/12)
Pactmaker (Achieved: 18:59 2/20/13)
Rising Sun (Achieved: 07:40 9/14/12)
Stormy (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
TACOCAT (Achieved: 00:41 10/21/12)
The Beast (Achieved: 05:26 8/5/12)
The Festival (Achieved: 06:08 2/11/13)
The Last Dragon (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)
Eleven Tails (Achieved: 12:55 9/29/12)
The Cursed Wave (Achieved: 12:29 12/28/12)

Awesome Abilities

Bottomless Appetite Lv.3
Dramatic Battler Lv.3
Overdrive Lv.3
Overwhelming Efficiency Lv.3
Perfect Rythm Lv.3

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