Shinkutear, The Crimson Boundary
Season 18!
Level: 192 - Protagonist
Hakurei Village
- The Village Hidden in The Border -
Doujutsu: 49 (+14)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-30
Genjutsu: 64 (+52)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-59 Successes: 3
Ninjutsu: 64 (+52)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-59 Successes: 3
Taijutsu: 64 (+52)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-59 Successes: 3

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Character Description

Height: 6'01
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown, likely earlier 20s

Likes: Relaxation, Mi'Lady, good music, clear victory, learning about interesting things, flying around enjoying the breeze, writing. Earthquake Super Shock.
Dislikes: Annoying fools, people who can't take a hint, evil jerks.

Was an ordinary human until meeting 'Mi'Lady', at which point ShinkuTear's latent powers began to quickly awaken and grow. One such power allows for incredible storage capability, and another nigh-instantaneous movement that can move between the Fields. Also goes by the name Shinku Yakumo. When asked about that name, she responded "It's the name Mi'Lady gave me. I owe her everything, and then some, she saved me from a fate worse then death."

Attacker Warning: All attempts at slaying, capturing, and otherwise harming beyond a simple Bingo has resulted in the attacker being obliterated, leaving only possessions behind(they were not looted at all~). Bingo'ers all return alive and relatively unharmed, win or lose.


ShinkuTear seemed to never even exist before she joined Hakurei. All attempts to learn anything of before she joined Hakurei were met with "Go ask Mi'Lady" Identity of "Mi'Lady" is unknown. ShinkuTear seems to be a human, but claims lineage from a clan of Fox Youkai. Apparently born with powers comparable to those gained along with R00t Rank. See Techniques and Jutsu for further information.

Techniques and Jutsu

ShinkuTear possesses the ability to open up strange holes, that she calls Gaps, wherever she pleases. She seems to be able to travel great distances instantly using them, store things in them, and use them as a means to ranged attack.

Shinku can manipulate Water, Earth and Darkness to any extent, from stealing all the heat in an object, freezing it in an instant with Water, to generating magnetic forces for mobility using Earth, and being able to power up by absorbing negative emotions, to reversing dark energies into light so as to heal wounds, or even alter perception, using Darkness. Shinku is also capable of summoning various beings. All of these abilities can also be combined for further effectiveness and capability.

Gen/Nin/Tai skill:
Taijutsu: Yes, I *did* just punch out a deity.
Ninjutsu: Like Magic, but better, no MP needed.
Genjutsu: Can you tell Reality, from my Illusions~?

Reaper Powers:
Sword Call: Arise, Crimson Maiden!
Shikai: Unknown.
Bankai: Unknown.


Frozen Life ~ Absolute Blade
Earth Sign "Self Propelled Rocket"
Water Sign "Undine's Dance"
Summoning Sign "Bahamut"
Eternal Darkness ~ Majin Ultimatus
Duality Sign "Calamitous Miracle of Light and Dark"


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