Shady Neo

Character Description

Vice-Kage of Spartan Village, Working under the command of gruslen. Little is known about his personality. His skill is average for a Jonin but he is renown for his intelligence and use of real time tactics.People who have fought him advise to finnish the battle quickly or else he may break out in song and dance.


Little is known about Shady Neo's past, exept that he walked away from the Taiga Slaughter completely unharmed at the age of 4. Some beleive he posseses a powerful secret Bloodline, others say he carries a weapon that even the Flash fears. But truthfully no one really knows what happened that day when enemy ninja attacked. All enemy ninjas were also butchered exept for one kunoichi about Shady's own age, who escaped and hid for years, resurfacing only recently. Shady is said to be in a relationship with her.


Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper
The Power of Greass
The Trade
Not Wasteland Disease



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