Season 10!
Level: 28 - Chunin
Dai Gurren Village
- The Village Hidden in Hidden in Manly Tears -
Doujutsu: 22 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-1-17
Genjutsu: 9 (+(+14))
Strength:+9 Range: 1-1-30 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 8 (+(+22))
Strength:++8 Range: 1-1-34 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 11 (+(+14))
Strength:++8 Range: 1-1-31 Successes: 2

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Character Description

I am the mighty SekaiKaeru! I bingo'd CTSUN once! Ha! I am the greatest! In the Village of Manly Tears! I am also doing commisions for SNE's, I'm good! To contact me, just go to the PHC chant, Party Rocking i this chat tonight everybody just have a good time! Everyday I'm crankin it! Rank #1701, as of 1/20/12



White Eye
Eye of The Storm
The Power Of Greass
The Trade


63 allies as of yet

Techniques and Jutsu

as many needed to to do what I need to do.


Bone Daddy
Princess Frog


•Huggly Teddybear (+3 perm count)
•11DBHK's Birthday Hat
•Ancestor Spirit
•Ancient Blueprints
•Arena Favorite
•Basic Blueprints
•Basic Ninja Gear
•Blue Flower Hairpin
•Book of Follet
•Book of Spoilers
•Captain's Jacket
•Chakra Armor
•Cheeky Stop Sign
•Creepy Love Letter
•Dark Band
•Driving Music
•Duelist's Aura
•Dustcloak of Sneaking
•Eye of the Tiger
•Fireworks Launcher
•Giant Fan
•Golden Band of Courage
•Golden Band of Wisdom
•Golden Collar of Courage
•Golden Collar of Power
•Golden Collar of Wisdom
•Golden Star of Courage
•Golden Star of Power
•Golden Star of Wisdom
•Goo Stabilization Recipe
•Gothic Album
•Heck Butterfly
•Hollow Leg
•Jazz Hands
•K-Dog's Headband
•Knightmare Frame
•Letter of Marque
•Love Love Paradise
•Loyal Sacrifice
•M Ball
•Matrix of Leadership
•Monster Mask
•Necklace of the First HoCage
•Ninja Dog
•Ninja Puppet
•Nonja Sidekick
•Officer's Pay
•Party Animal
•Pet License
•Pink Hair Dye
•Pirate Hat
•Polar Star
•Polyester Delivery Jacket
•Power Over 9000
•Professor's Hat
•R00t Password
•Restraining Order
•Risky Badge
•Rocket Punch
•Sandwich Dispenser
•Sannin's Premium
•Scuffed Delivery Hat
•Sevens Trophy
•Shadow Warrior
•Sight Beyond Sight
•Silver Hairpin
•Soul Candy
•Soul Glove
•Stealth Suit
•Storm's Embrace
•Storm's Fury
•Storm's Path
•Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
•Survived the Impossible
•Swallowtail Butterfly
•Sword of the Reaper
•Tacky Keychain
•Tattered Driving Gloves
•The Cote
•The Five Rings
•The Mark of Eleventy Billion
•Thrill of Battle
•Tiny Bear Pistols
•Trench Knife
•Utility Belt
•Warrior of Courage
•Warrior of Power
•Warrior of Wisdom
•Whip of Rosa
•X-Ray Specs
•Average Pistol (does not count towards perm count)
•Basic Cowl (does not count towards perm count)
•Dark Cowl (does not count towards perm count)
•Desert Shades (does not count towards perm count)
•Makeshift Scythe (does not count towards perm count)
•Quality Boots (does not count towards perm count)
•Silver Scythe (does not count towards perm count)
•Stripe of Honor (does not count towards perm count)
•Wasteland Cowl (does not count towards perm count)
•Wasteland Dustcloak (does not count towards perm count)
- 2011/09/28 09:25 -
•Awesome Pants
•Hall Pass
•Reaper Blood - Bankai
•Fur-Lined Boots (does not count towards perm count)
- 2011/07/21 03:08 -
•PizzaWitch Uniform
- 2011/02/09 00:25 -
•The Note
- 2010/12/16 04:30 -
•KnightFrame A
•KnightFrame B
•KnightFrame C
•KnightFrame D
•KnightFrame E
•Badge of Courage (does not count towards perm count)
•Badge of Power (does not count towards perm count)
•Medal of Power (does not count towards perm count)
•Ring of Courage (does not count towards perm count)
•Ring of Wisdom (does not count towards perm count)


Reach for the Sky (Currently Active!)

+2 Range on Regular Missions


If you are Village Leader, you cannot Attack or Spy, and most Ninjas attempting to attack your Village automatically fail unless you are Bingo'd and that Ninja Bingo'd you in the past hour

Floating on Air

Hang Out with all current Team members, but all Ryo / Market Ryo is lost and Ally Friend Points are set to 1

Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!

+20 Stamina

Killer Montage

+50 Stamina

The Flash

Find Legacy-related Special Items in regular missions

What The Crap

-50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content

You See Right Through Me

Find WhiteEye-related Special Items in regular missions

You Spin Me Right 'Round
Flip Out (Currently Active!)

+25% XP/AP on regular missions

28 Dayrolls Later

No Stamina Cost on Zombja Maps

Battle of Champions

+100% Friend Points on regular missions

Drunken Fist

Double XP/AP while Sparring, +2 Tolerance

Lucky Sevens

Automatically Find Allies in D-AA Missions

Nothing Is Happening

-50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content

Stand By Your Ninja

+100% Allies, Items, Ally Drop Chance

Teacher's Pet

+100% Jutsu XP in Regular Missions

The Road to Womanhood

Girl Power Team Bonus is +2 Str, +2 Range

Warstruck Money for Nothing (Currently Active!)

+25% Ryo on regular Missions

All Together Now

+100% Ally Level Chance

Good Night, Ninja

+1250 Friend Points to each teammate at the end of the day

My Name Is

Immune to The Note

Phoning It In

-50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content

Seasons Don't Fear

+100% HP on Bingos

Write it Down

+20 Stamina the next day


Aim For The Top : 5 Points
Bingo 5 Leaders in one day
Achieved: 19:14 5/22/11

Big Three : 5 Points
Become Sannin
Achieved: 15:50 11/5/10

Bottoms Up : 5 Points
Get the Drunken Fist Theme
Achieved: 14:42 8/12/11

Goth Goth Loli Loli : 5 Points
Get The Road to Womanhood Theme
Achieved: 20:03 2/14/11

Head of the Class : 5 Points
Received a score of 10 on the Chunin Exam
Achieved: 16:14 3/9/11

Holy Ground : 5 Points
Visit Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground
Achieved: 14:03 8/26/11

Into The Loop : 5 Points
Complete Season 1
Achieved: 20:03 2/14/11

Knightmare : 5 Points
Obtain the Knightmare Frame
Achieved: 12:04 12/23/10

Loop The Loop : 5 Points
Complete Season 2
Achieved: 15:12 3/8/11

Marked : 5 Points
Received The Mark of Eleventy Billion
Achieved: 18:20 12/19/10

Monster Hunter : 5 Points
Loop after winning a Monster Drop from a Defeated Kaiju
Achieved: 20:03 2/14/11

Ninja World Warrior : 5 Points
Obtain the Letter of Marque
Achieved: 16:45 12/23/10

No Sleep 'Til : 5 Points
Obtain 'Up All Night' Effect twice in a single BillyCon
Achieved: 20:24 10/2/10

True Blood : 5 Points
Get True Blood of the Reaper
Achieved: 17:28 7/9/10

Wheel Winner : 5 Points
Loop with the Necklace of the First HoCage, Stealth Suit, Codec, K-Dog's Headband, and Love Love Paradise
Achieved: 20:03 2/14/11

Avid Reader : 10 Points
Get an Item from Proof Reader in a Quest
Achieved: 01:09 7/17/11

Chillin' With 11 : 10 Points
Loop with Level 50 or greater in Tsukiball
Achieved: 15:49 6/1/11

Groovy : 10 Points
Received Z-Rewards
Achieved: 05:12 1/2/11

It's a Trick : 10 Points
Achieved Level 5 in at least one Z-Skill
Achieved: 18:36 8/1/11

Man Purse : 10 Points
Obtain The Tote
Achieved: 09:35 5/30/11

Mo' Money : 10 Points
Loop with at least 1 Million Ryo
Achieved: 14:42 8/12/11

Rune Encrusted : 10 Points
Loop with Boots of Walking, Cowl of the Second HoCage, Dustcloak of Sneaking, Pistol of Repeating, Solid Shades, and Scythe of Razing
Achieved: 14:22 12/28/11

Shadowboxing : 10 Points
Obtain Shadow Warrior
Achieved: 15:15 12/3/10

Shoop The Loop : 10 Points
Complete Season 4
Achieved: 14:42 8/12/11

Spin to Win : 10 Points
Obtain the Lucky Sevens theme while Looping
Achieved: 20:03 2/14/11

Super Arena Wars : 10 Points
Loop with the Warrior of Wisdom, Warrior of Courage, and Warrior of Power
Achieved: 15:28 10/9/11

The First Loser : 10 Points
Get the Consolation Prize in The First Loser
Achieved: 18:01 3/2/11

Threepeat : 10 Points
Obtain the Themes You Spin Me Right 'Round, You See Right Through Me, The Flash
Achieved: 15:49 6/1/11

28 Dayrolls Later : 20 Points
Received the 28 Dayrolls Later Theme
Achieved: 05:12 2/2/11

Do a Barrel Roll : 20 Points
Complete Season 9
Achieved: 22:04 1/19/12

Full of It : 20 Points
Loop with Eclipsed
Achieved: 14:22 12/28/11

Golden : 20 Points
Loop with all nine Golden Items
Achieved: 21:44 1/6/12

Stormy : 20 Points
Loop with Storm's Fury, Storm's Embrace, and Storm's Path
Achieved: 15:28 10/9/11

Awesome Abilities

Bottomless appetite
Past Connections


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