Season 1!
Level: 3 - Jonin
TFF Village
- The Village Hidden in Fanfiction -
Doujutsu: 1 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 1 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0
Ninjutsu: 1 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0
Taijutsu: 1 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0

Notice: Information on this is solely the responsibility of the most-Awesome RurGo.

Character Description

RurGo, lit. R.U.R V is an the Fifth experimental Homunculous created for a feasibility study on the possibility immortality. Currently also believed to be the ONLY survivor of the experimental process.

Creating a body through a mixture of Hitokugutsu and a soul implant through a modified Edo Tensei, RurGo's creators even went as far as having the then-manmade-corpse blessed by priests of Jashin to help prolong it's durability.

During his time within a Village, RurGo has managed to help defeat an attacking Bishounen, ripping off some of it's silky locks of hair in the titanic battle. These days, RurGo now uses the Kaijuu's Perfect Hair as his own, being more durable and sturdier than his previous hair substitute.

It also gently, yet dramatically, wafts through the air even when there is no breeze.


The Librarian

Skill Level

B-Rank Note Writer


RurGo is a fairly laid-back, accommodating and casual ninja.
Having almost no ambition and terrible LUK at most gambling endeavors, he has difficulty acquiring the tools that would boost him into the A-Rank level of lethality. He tends to compensate using a Notebook and a pair of Jazz Hands as his primary weapon of choice.

Dreams for the Future

RurGo's dreams lean towards the esoteric.

Having acquired the ability of Death Perception through great personal sacrifice of many enemies. He came upon the realization that everything has a set time. This has spurred him on to seek the Perfect Timing to achieve the best results possible at any given task. From gambling to finding Items in missions, RurGo believes there is a perfect time that overrides even the 'random numbers' generated by the world.

Knowledge is also another one of RurGo's interests. His acquisition of knowledge is almost obsessive and it leads him to search for the mythical Kongen no Uzu.

With his focus on Timing of Possibilities and Acquisition of Knowledge, it is no surprise that finding the Akashic Records is his life goal.

Scrying to the Past

Though unconfirmed, it is suspected that RurGo has a way to contact the MODs of the World itself. Possibly even The Creator.
(Also known as the 11DBHK, M-Sama, Lord of Late-NightBugs and He Who Shines Like Gold upon the Sea of BAWWING.)

Through misconceptions, misinformation and blatant lies, the actual act of communication is steeped in rumor but it is widely believed that RurGo, upon sacrificing Bugs to the MODs, gains blessings in return for his service. Blessings generally translating into "Shinies" or Items that are hard (or even impossible) to acquire from any other source.

In addition to this, RurGo has been said to have ascended beyond mortality as a Demi-MOD and according to popular legend was anointed as Macro10 by the Powers That Be.

Some of the most insane of ninjas even believe RurGo's images bring change upon the pillars of creation. (…Freaks)



The Trade

True Blood of the Reaper


Techniques and Jutsu

Shape Fate, Kaileena!



Kaileena (Sword of the Reaper)

A blade made of Ebony Sand (tbc)




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