Level: 51 - Jonin
Serene Village
- The Village Hidden in the Mists -
Genjutsu: 17 (+3)
Strength: +4 Range: 1-12
Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 16 (+3)
Strength: +2 Range: 1-13
Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 18(+3)
Strength: +2 Range: 1-12
Successes: 1

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Character Description

Rudha is currently a Jonin, and the Kage of Serene Village, the village hidden in the Mists.

Rudha's physical appearance can vary greatly from time to time, due to her auspicious use of Mind Body Switch Technique to evade enemy ninjas who try to track and Bingo her.

In her own true form, usually kept safe within the deepest, most secure reaches of her village, she is a pinkish, anthromorphic cat-woman, of imposing height, usually robed in all black and carrying a fifth-degree black belt (which actually is white, go figure), but otherwise bereft of any of the normal ninja marking except for her village headband. For those that are "into" anthromorphic figures, she could almost be said to be beautiful - except for her single bloodied eye. In her youth she would keep it covered with an eyepatch, as the others of her bloodline. When she became more active in the Trade, however, she would go without it, to intimidate her opponents.

Those who catch her outside of her martial artist's robes, or in otherwise more revealing outfits, would note that she has a single, very deep wound, crossing diagonally from her collarbone down to her hip.

A few other forms have been publicly noted as used by her frequently with her Mind Body Switch Technique, the most notable of them are a tall, red-headed woman with strangely pointed ears, and of a short, dirty-blonde woman of athletic build. In the latter form she is usually seen wearing glasses, though it is uncertain whether they are needed, or simply for appearances.


Not much is known of Rudha's early life, for she will speak little of it. What is known is told not by her, but rather by Billy, who will relate how he and she grew up in Genin training together when they were found and taken in by Flipper. They took Genin classes together in Nerd Fury village's Genin training academy where she would learn the arts of the ninja. It is rumoured some sort of accident happened there, but nothing more can be garnered of it.

Humble Beginnings (Ep. 1)

Rudha struggled with the Genin test at first, and was generally regarded as lacking in potential as a shinobi. Naturally this only drove her to become more and more determined to pass the test. When Billy noticed that she was struggling he had a brilliant idea: he could use the Mind Body Switch Technique to write the test for her. She agreed - and this marked the first in a long line of uses of this jutsu to Rudha's benefit. She passed with that help, and became a genin.

"Feel the Power Within!" (Ep. 2)

After passing her genin exam, Rudha continued her training in the arts of the ninja at the Nerd Nury village ninja school. It was there that she would come across one of the more enigmatic instructors - a young man by the name of "Bruce Jr." He goaded Rudha into a spar where he humiliated her quite handily and speedily. Rudha sought out the aide of one of the Chunin who helped watch the younger shinobi, Pinky, who taught her how to use Exploding Tags with the Blizzard Jutsu. Even when Bruce upped the ante by making the fight blindfolded, Rudha managed to use the jutsu to defeat him at the critical moment.


Notable Allies / Long-time friends

Pinky_Lvl._2.gif Pinky

Long associated with Rudha has been the unassuming jonin by the name of Pinky. When one gets more than a stoic stare out of Rudha, it is usually some form of endearment towards Pinky. It is speculated often that the two are in a relationship. Rudha does not confirm nor deny the allegation, while Pinky usually just punches whoever questions her about the topic, so the answer is unknown.

Billy.gif Billy

Another long-time ally of Rudha's is the famous (or infamous, if you prefer) Billy. He seems to have become a sort of foil for Rudha in many respects, his cheerful and talkative personality a stark contrast to Rudha's reserved and quiet self. It is believed that they both come from the same village in their youth, but this has not been confirmed…

Stalkergirl_Lvl._2.gif Stalkergirl

More recent to Rudha's retinue is a strange, shifty white-eye jonin known only as "Stalkergirl". Despite the rumoured affair between Rudha and Pinky, Stalkergirl has been almost obsessively following and catering to Rudha, trying to gain her affections, thus earning her the name by which she is known.

Shorty.gif Shorty

Shorty met Rudha much further in her life than her other shinobi allies, and yet for all that, she is just as much if not more of an influence on her than any of them. Being Rudha's guide to the strange otherworld of the Reapers, Shorty has been an invaluable mentor and friend to her.

Full Ally List



Each of the bodies that Rudha inhabits with the Mind Body Switch Technique seems to be tailored towards certain strengths, and each has certain weaknesses (though the weaknesses of some of them are not known).

  • bvs-rudha-50by56.jpg Rudha Takashi (normal form)
  • bvs-rudha-gen-small.jpg Malakai
  • bvs-rudha-tai-small.jpg Kuritas


Techniques and Jutsu



Monsters defeated

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