Season N/A!
Level: N/A - Ninja
- The Village Hidden in LOCATION -
Doujutsu: 0 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-10
Genjutsu: 2 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0
Ninjutsu: 2 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0
Taijutsu: 2 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0

Kidou-Rarely Used
Reiatsu-Above Average
Speed-Above Average

(the above atributes are based on comparison to the other 5th seated members of the other 13 Divisions, they do not reflect a comparison to any of the other members of my own division, for example to the members with lower seat numbers, these values would seem normal or low, for the members with higher seat numbers they would seem higher.)

Zanpakutou-Koe No Ryu(loosely, Voice of the Dragon)
This appears as a normal Zanpakutou, with the exception, of the handle being shaped like a dragon, the tail coiling into the handguard.

Shi-Kai- Hoegoe(Roar)

While very effective, this is a mere shadow of the capabilities of this particular Zanpakutou. Unleashed in this form, the blade takes on the shape of a dragons torso. The guard unleashes the front legs, while the handle forms the torso, and the rear legs, tail, and wings surround and protect it's wielder, the neck and head forming the blade. The protection caused by such a transformation, and power emitted from the "blade", are usually enough to almost eliminate all need for BanKai, but hey, a little insurance never hurt anybody. While most physical attacks come from the front legs, and their piercing claws, the concentrated reiatsu discharged from the dragons mouth is where many a foe has met his/her end. This beam of energy is extremely powerful, and concentrated to avoid over-expendature of reiatsu. It will gather the majority of reiatsu from it's wielder, but can, and will absorb reiatsu that it comes in contact with.

Ban-Kai- Mugon(speechless)

This is when the fun really starts! In this form the Zanpakutou reverts to it's original form, giving the enemy a false sense of security. Unfortunately for those "lucky" enough to witness this transformation, it spells the beginning of the end. A small dragon appears, perched gently on the left shoulder of the bearer of said weapon. Its #1 priority being defense, it first administers first aid to its master. From there it moves on to the task at hand. Like a flash, it appears on my opponents shoulder, next to impossible to be seen by the enemy. In that very brief instance that he lands on my opponents shoulder, he has struck them a most devastating blow. Although not harming them physically, they would surely wish he had done so instead. This brief contact has now rendered the opponent completely incapable of speech. This limits the opponent to purely physical attacks. The small dragon will then disappear to a safe distance to watch the insuing battle. Upon my enemy being rendered speechless, my Zanpakutou transforms into it's true Bankai form, it now appears as a dragons head, seeming to be one with my arm. It's powerful jaws will clamp around opponents, tightening furthermore around them the more they struggle, it's teeth will pierce flesh, and the strength of it's jaws will constrict enemies into submission, only upon unconciousness will it release it's grasp. It has also been known to perform a strong headbutting attack, knocking opponents around like rag-dolls. Though the attacks are quite powerful, it seems to do this for pure enjoyment, until it's had it's fill, and goes for the kill. In this form it can absorb, concentrate, and re-release reiatsu just like in shikai, however it is able to absorb much stronger reiatsu, and release it at more powerful levels.

Side-note on Bankai- The little dragon, who remains nameless at this time, is also a little trickier than first imagined. Being able to use the healing abilities by absorbing spirit particles, he will sit on the sidelines and store this power. If he sees his master is in trouble, he will move in to heal him. Appearing and disappearing as fast as light, he is untouchable to even the most skilled opponents.

Ability- Apparently, the one in possesion of this particular Zanpakutou has the extraordinary ability to possess a great deal more PM's than his fellow squad members.

Not much is known of this very mercurial member of Squad 14. Even the name remains a mystery, rma316, hell you can't even pronounce it, with the numbers and all. Though not his given name, there are reasons behind it noone, not even himself, will fully understand. Growing up was a rough ordeal, to say the least, many saw his potential, and in attempts to make names for themselves, decided to pick fights with him. To this day, they still remain nameless. Try as they might, they all grossly under-estimated him. Throughout his teenage years he quickly learned that brute force & ignorance would only get him so far. In turn, he set off on the streets to study, not classroom material, but the lessons only the streets can teach you. He soon learned to telegraph opponents movements, to use against them. He became obsessed with patterns, seeing them everywhere. His capacity for learning was matched only by his curiosity & strength. Though a dangerous combination, curiosity & strength, he seemed to control them effortlessly. Although relying mostly on his strength, he is a calculated fighter, which the competition learned on his way through the ranks of Soul Society. His strength only matched by his loyalty to his division. Always one to "fight the good fight" he will stand by his comerades to the end. Which if you ask him, will never come, so it's the long haul for him. He is not without fault though, relying more on the pipe and Sake than he should, he has known to be "in the wrong place at the wrong time" a little more than he should. As the oldest member of his squad, he feels a slight pressure to be the "older brother" to his fellow members. Never one to shy away from giving advice, this seems to please him. Knowing however, that his seniors do not need this, he concentrates mostly on helping those who are trying to get ahead, or are completely new. Helping these people grow and flourish into their full potential drives him. He also thinks he has a pretty fair sense of humor, and likes to joke around, he seems to like a lighter atmosphere around him. One last thing, DO NOT mistake his overwhelming size for lethargy! This very nimble, very agile fighter has lulled very many enemies into that oh so referenced "false sense of security". Surely a force to be reckoned with, as many have found out, and countless more will!!

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