Season 23!
Level: 222 - Vice-Kage
Kaiju Isle Village
- The Village Hidden in the Legend -
Doujutsu: 48 (+9)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-27
Genjutsu: 74 (+48)
Strength:+15 Range: 1-58 Successes: 3
Ninjutsu: 74 (+48)
Strength:+15 Range: 1-58 Successes: 3
Taijutsu: 74 (+48)
Strength:+15 Range: 1-58 Successes: 3

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Character Description

With long, flowing roan red hair, dark, hazel-coloured eyes, and a fit, though not quite firm body (I really do need to do a little more exercise than I do…), Rika Covenant stands towards the fore of the powerful Kaiju Isle village, working alongside her fellow Vice-Kage Jordan18, Icechicken, Seriitha, Shrimpy, Tanj and Technus under the illustrious Shin Goji, he of the Mighty Rocket Fistâ„¢. She does try her best to deal with the ebb and flow of new aspiring villagers, trying to give advice as best she can, but often she ends up not knowing exactly where her place in the bigger picture is, other than serving in whatever capacity that Shin asks of her, which usually isn't much. Still, she's intensely loyal to him, to the point of refusing to even consider leaving the village for more than a short period of time- Mostly because she thinks if she isn't around to make sure Shin's not goofing off, he'd never get ANYTHING done!


The following section is written in a very quick, simple, yet neat style of calligraphy; one trained through many years of self-taught penmanship and necessity for quick writing in the field.

My Little Kunoichi Edition: The Beginning
So I've been asked to write a bit about myself for the Akashic Records… Well, better start at the beginning, then. I'm known informally as "RikaCovena" mostly thanks to a screw-up at the Ninja Naming Ward in Shoukyaku Village, where I was born 26 long years ago. This was partially due to my father, Kime, having overly-large handwriting (what can you expect from a lime-hat-wearing cat?), but mostly it was because the clerk on duty that day was too lazy to bother reading the sheet properly and just fed it into the computer to record the information listed, chopping off the last few lines of text because it didn't quite fit inside the box (thanks Dad and nameless-bum-of-a-most-likely-failed Genin). Anyways, after I graduated from Basic Training, they kicked me out into the Worldwide Ninja World (I should speak to the Redundancy Department of Redundancy about that…). It didn't take long for me to start looking for a place to base operations out of… But it did take quite some time to get to where I am now.

My Little Kunoichi Edition: My First Missions!
My first village was a ramshackle little dinghy of a village, barely more than twenty buildings clustered together, huddled almost, with a kage that sadly didn't know how to run a village properly- What one would expect from an unreliable guy like Tsuna from Vongola Village, right? I hear that he since really started to buckle up and grow as both a leader and Vongola isn't doing too badly, now… Maybe some kid with an attitude came over and whipped him into shape, who am I to say? Though I do hear tales that one of his villagers is like, twice as strong as he is…

It was a pretty quiet, slow village, and it was the exactly WRONG kinda village for a new, young, hot-blooded go-getter (Boy, was I ever a teenager in mindset back then… Everything black and white, never a shade of grey…) I needed more than I ever found there, so with a quick goodbye to Tsuna (and telling him to grow a bit of a spine) I picked up my hobundle and started looking for a new place to settle down in. It didn't take me long at all to find what I was looking for.

My Little Kunoichi Edition: Elementary, My Dear Watson!
My second village was Party Van, and after the fallout cleared, Enigma Village; Apparently Mac ate too much Cheese and the resulting gastrointestinal sludgebomb flattened the village, and it took some time to rebuild… Thankfully, though, Mac had gone through some sort of transcendant merchanting experience when he let that one rip (I never did trust those yellow food pellets he suddenly had an overstock of… Now I know I was right to suspect them!) so it was cheaper than building fresh in a new location.

Mac was a great guy, ran the village well, and we had a lot of nice people; But for whatever reason he started getting really distant from us villagers, and finally there came a time that I just couldn't stay around anymore, because nothing was getting done and the SWATBU annoyingly refused to let any of us into the office just to do the damn paperwork that none of the Vice-Kage seemed willing to do in Mac's absence. Since the village was slowly collapsing due to neglect and disrepair (I later heard from Mac; Apparently some demon named IRL had sunk its claws into him and dragged him to a cubicle… A fate worse than Kage, that's for sure. *shudder*) a lot of us said our goodbyes, paid our respects at the door to Mac's office, and picked up our luggage and started looking for a new home.

Thankfully I'd started preparing for this eventuality before most (Being in Vongola, for however short a time, had honed my rat-sense. You know the one- that tells you you're on a sinking ship. Yeah, that one) and I'd been making small conversation with Shin Goji before it became known that Enigma was starting to fall to pieces (PUZZLE pieces. Get it?). It didn't take long for him to extend an invitation, and so I hopped aboard the Goji Express and he tore through the village, blowing Atomic… 'Breath' (I've since told him to lay off the Atomic Fire Chili Beanbusters, mostly because of the heartburn; We got tired of waking up in the middle of the night to the searing light of a flaming Shin Goji, and having to put out the fires he left everywhere…) and stomping the buildings- You know, traditional Kaiju stuff.

My Little Kunoichi Edition: Baby's All Grown Up, and how!
Anyways, when we got back to Alpha Dog, I was stunned. The place was HUGE, and I don't mean just the number of buildings- of which there were tons- but mostly the sheer number of people. I don't think I've ever seen it go below a membership total of forty people without it being because we were hopping over to some village to hold back the Portal of Awesome for some young kage. And that's just the active ninja- there were literally thousands of Nonja hawking their wares, or cleaning, or building… The place was just ALIVE. And Shin was the heart beating at the pulse of the town.

Now, I'd originally started chatting with Shin because he was a cool guy, and he made these funny little comic strips that, while they sometimes revelled in toilet humour (literally, sometimes) were well done, being photos taken with his (worryingly) huge collection of dolls

The Loremaster who originally catalogued these scrolls noted that in the margins, written in what appears to be… crayon? are the words, "THEY ARE MODELS AND ACTION FIGURES, NOT DOLLS!" in an almost unintelligible scribble. Apparently, Kaiju have trouble holding writing utensils. Fascinating.

…posed around and photomanipulated with I think MSPaint, or something. The editing job never looked very professional, but it was still entertaining. Once I was properly initiated into Alpha Dog, there wasn't really much for me to do there, so I did what I'd been learning to do best- Be self-supportive. Sure, sometimes I snagged something I needed from the Storehouse, but I always replaced it, or gave something or multiple somethings of equal value to the item(s) I took. It didn't take long for me trying to do my best to help in the village while sticking close to Shin (I wanted to keep him interested in continuing his job, and not planning any extraplanar summonings of strange, otherworldly demons like poor Mac) for him to slap me with the label of Vice-Kage (Apparently he was tired of me hanging onto him and making sure he ate his Wheaties when he so desperately wanted Corn Pops).

After almost a year after I'd joined Alpha Dog, Shin got a crazy idea; Raze Alpha Dog to the ground, carry as many resources as we could, distilled down into SNAKE Oils and SNAKE Oil Lites, off to an one of the islands in the Ogasawara Archipelago, near Monster Island. I think he still has his web-journal entries up somewhere; It was a grueling time, especially before we managed to get the public washroom facilities up. Have you ever been near a Portajohn after Shin's used it? Don't. Just… Don't.

Anyways… That's where I am now. It took us all of four days, drinking, eating, sliming, or otherwise ingesting those nasty little Oils to pay for the building costs of every place we could buy. Of course they refused to build any of the Kaiju upgrades, but it didn't take long before Shin started inviting them over for tea and a good old-fashioned kick in the behind. We're almost back up to snuff, new village name, location, same old (and awesome) people. Stilla Vice, but now I get this cute little bungalo on top of bamboo stilts near Shin's place. I swear though, he's gotta stop pacing outside my door…

It is at this point that the scrolls enter into personal information that the Loremaster has deemed to be considered too personal for public consumption and, as such, ended the public recording here, to bee updated and added to as further information is obtained.


Basic Bloodlines
Red Eye (Only when I'm rushing through my seasons do i bother with Red Eye. I HATE jabbing myself in the eye. It always hurts… But so long as I'm doing it to one eye, might as well get the Doujutsu Ring Eye straw in the other, to equalize the pain, eh?)
Legacy (When I sit in a season, I decide to wear eyepatches. I mean, why not wear a patch that blocks out the sun when you lay down on a nice grassy knoll? It's love.)

Standard Bloodlines
Blood of the Reaper / True Blood of the Reaper (Intermittantly; I don't always have time to be dealing with Hollows.)
The Trade (Intermittantly; As with Hollows, sometimes dealing with Shinigami and their minions just is more trouble than it's worth.)
Wasteland Disease / Not Wasteland Disease (Intermittantly; I mean, who likes being JABBED BY A NEEDLE all the time? Not me. Especially not to just keep up with being diseased, nothankyou.)
Drift Style (Usually Racer's Edge. Feeling that sudden slip into Bullet-Time to get the Edge up on my workload is always a benefit.)
Eye of the Storm
The Power of Greass
Mister Roboto Bloodline
Mysterious Power Bloodline


You name 'em, I've got 'em at one time or another. Usually for fun, too. Except the end allies from Mahjong and Hanafuda... So... Many... Levels... @_@ And Dora just doesn't want to join me :(

Techniques and Jutsu

Gotta Learn 'Em All, Jutsu...mon. Okay, so the reference was lame, but I've gotten them all.


I rarely bother with any summon beyond the two Frogs from Billy, or the appropriate Wkai summon.


The list is so long, I'll just list what I DON'T have.

Any Special item that is either not in circulation or is an item like the Secret Tech or Ninja Tortoise.
Tiny Bee 2.0 and Rifle
Emosuke and Stalkergirl Bromides
11DBHK's Head-Sized Cookie
Anything from Hero's Quest


If it's there, I have it.


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