Season 117!
Level: 117 - R00t
Blight Village
- The Village Hidden in Desolation -
Doujutsu: 17 (+17)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-17
Genjutsu: 17 (+17)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-17 Successes: 17
Ninjutsu: 17 (+17)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-17 Successes: 17
Taijutsu: 17 (+17)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-17 Successes: 17

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Character Description

richie17 is a dark haired and muscular, and wears a dark necklace, black coat, and a sword, which he calls Xtec. He also has a resemblance of the legendary Rikudou sennin. He is believed to be around 25 to 28 years old now.


From the distant galaxy, a stroke of light flared throughout the remnants of the Billy Universe.
Soon crackling came through the wastelands. A figure of shadow appeared from the light of the sun, the glance of the shadow was terrifying at the least, but the figure looked so small like a little child. At the slight instance that the Andromeda War, the shadow fell into the village of aDDicT, the village hidden in addiction. Soon after the leader of aDDicT came to breed this shadow child in the arts of ninjustu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. After the years of the Andromeda War this shadow was just a speckle in the world, not know from anyone but his friends in the village. From the depths of corruption and destruction of aDDicT, richie17, had to wander through out the world seeking new help from other villages watching the strongest ninja at the time EvilTaxi to blow up his own village becoming a kaiju, soon after he had wandered in The Wiki, Waterfall, Godaiyou, then Threatdown where he was soon to discover his potentials of his powers. After being in desolation and despair for so long and being only a mere jonin, after joining Threatdown, richie17 reached the potential of becoming one of the legendary sannins.

Soon after the rise of power he had obtained came the billy-pocalypse, ReCode, which not only changed the face of the Billy Universe it surprisingly gave power to this ninja. With such great powers and have survived the impossible from his former kage, Shikageru of Godaiyou, he began to reign his power to lead his own village with help from his allies Colbert, Fax, and Quetz. Then he had formed the Nova Village to resemble where he had originated. After many harsh years of serving his ninjas, nonjas, and creating balance throughout his village, richie17 had started the Impossible Mission then soon after he had vanquished the almighty powerful Portal of Awesome with the help of the RNG. After being the 145th person to become an immortal, he soon created his new village, SuperNova. With the power of an immortal he had created his Nova Style Jutsus and mastered it all. With a powerful reign and struggling, the destruction and disbanding of SuperNova had occurred, rendering the immortal to mortal but with no strains of regrets. As the story goes on, this kaiju still walks this world.


Legacy of the Hero
Eye of the Storm
True Blood of the Reaper
The Power of Greass
Mister Roboto
The Trade
Wasteland Disease


Techniques and Jutsu

Nova Style : Complete Super Nova Evaporation Jutsu! (Creates a blast so powerful it renders his opponents to evaporate.)
Nova Style : Demon Within Corruption Jutsu! (Allows him to become the demon within himself, the 17 Tailed Demon.)


17 Tailed Demon


All of his items are Classified to the Ninja Eye, only the wielder of the Nova bloodline may see them.


Out on Top


Awesome Abilities

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