Season 2!
Level: 59 - Jonin
TFFA Village
Genjutsu: 19 (+8)
Strength: +6 Range: 1-16
Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 20 (+13)
Strength: +5 Range: 1-14
Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 20 (+8)
Strength: +6 Range: 1-14
Successes: 2

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Character Description

Pudding is a kunoichi of the TFFA Village.
She stands about 5'9", has bold hot pink hair that she wears in a whirled sunflower-like ponytail, and possesses a well-reputed bust. Being from an off-set branch of the WhiteEye clan, her eyes are not naturally white. Normally, they appear to be a deep brown or hazel, depending on how bright the sunlight is; it is only when she activates her innate jutsu that her eyes become white.
Pudding generally goes by the alias, "The Pink Ninja" due to her hair color and insistence on wearing clothing to match. She favors fishnet bodysuits and low-cut vests or pretty much anything that would show off her chest. Like many other kunoichi, Pudding prefers to wear her headband around her neck; as one of her instructors once put it, "A blow to the head may kill you, but having your throat slit is a worse death."
Pudding is well known for hiding kunai and shuriken on her person, a former teammate once joked that if she were only wearing a square inch of fabric, she could still be considered an armed opponent.


Becoming a ninja

From a young age, Pudding had always wanted to be a famous kunoichi. Born into a diluted branch of the infamous WhiteEye clan, one could say greatness was in her blood. But a huge obstacle soon became apparent: Pudding had no talent for Genjutsu.
After months of practice, she finally managed to pass the exam, but this early hurdle would continue to stagger the kunoichi's progress.

Genin experience

Finally accepted as a full ninja, Pudding set it upon herself to make as many friends as possible. One of her first allies was Lil' Ro, a skilled Genjutsu-using kunoichi; the petite blond soon revealed her plans to one day become Emosuke's partner and Pudding agreed to help out in exchange for her Genjutsu skills.
Over her next few missions, Pudding would soon make many new friends and forge rivalries with her fellow Genin. One day, while studying the latest issue of Ninja Centerfold, Pudding discovered the hyperactive knucklehead ninja Billy. Thinking quickly, the Pink Ninja bribed him with the magazine. The two formed a fast friendship and the one-eyed ninja shared his patented Sexy Jutsu with Pudding. She took a liking to the lewd jutsu and was surprised to learn it was a Genjutsu given how easy it was for her to perform.
Over time, Pudding's group of friends continued to grow, she even befriended fellow members of the WhiteEye clan: Lil' Whitey and Stalkergirl. With her confidence in her abilites growing, Pudding had a new task to face: it was time for the Chunin Exam.

The Chunin Exam

With the difficult test looming over her head, Pudding began studying and practicing her jutsu night and day. The day of the test, she was nervous, but ready. The questions were quite difficult, but with her preparation and a few cheating techniques learned from her friend Lil' Ro; Pudding breezed right through the written exam.
Next was the Forest Exam- a grueling survival trial, but with her friends Lil' Ro and Meatballs at her side, the Pink Ninja made it past the dangers, all the way to the tower. After a somewhat pointless tournament battle and a test of skills and jutsu, Pudding was greeted by a scarecrow-like Jonin named K-Dog. "Yo! Congratulations, you pass."

Training for the Top

Jonin Days

Reaper Training

For quite sometime, Pudding had been working in the shadows, secretly assisting the Soul Reapers in their fights against the Hollow. One day, after witnessing another of Strawberry and Shorty's spats, the three of them were summoned upon by the Reaper's Council. Not wanting to get into a lengthy argument with men in pajamas, Pudding showed them the funny-looking sword she'd somehow willed into existence. This only pissed them off more and fight ensued; somehow, Pudding managed to defeat a tattooed Captain with her unnamed sword and took his cool jacket as a trophy. As Pudding left, she overheard some talk about a big guy with an eyepatch and funny hair, but Pudding didn't pay attention to their pirate rumors.

The Pursuit

After many weeks of investigating the stories of the mysterious SNAKEMAN, Pudding decided she must confront this Sannin herself. Her longtime friend Lil' Ro volunteered her team to accompany the Pink Ninja on her journey. In order to pursue this threat, Pudding decided she must abandon the village she had grown up in.
Within a short time, Pudding came upon a lead- as she investigated it, the Pink Ninja found herself approached by the hissing Sannin. She listened close to his dark offer, giving her teammates time to close in. SNAKEMAN knew that Pudding wouldn't accept and he sprung in to attack, but the combined forces of Ro-Sham-Bo and the Rogue Jonin were too much for him.
He was now the Pink Ninja's prisoner…

A New Village

Impossibly far from home, Pudding found her way into a new village. The locals seemed hospitable and the surroundings were more peaceful than her homeland. Pudding quickly put in an application to the village's Kage and was accepted.


WhiteEye (Season 1)

Legacy of the Hero (Season 2)

RedEye (Season 3)

True Blood of the Reaper

The Trade

Wasteland Disease


Favorite Ally


Lil' Ro Lv. 2

As one of Pudding's earliest allies, Lil' Ro has been helping the Pink Ninja with Genjutsu missions ever since she was a Genin. Recently, Pudding helped Lil' Ro grow as a kunoichi, making her an indispensable ally.

Other Allies


Billy Lvl. 2


Bruce Jr.

Bruce Sr.

Emosuke Lvl. 2




Lil' Bo Lvl. 2

Lil' Shammy Lvl. 2

Master P


Mr. Sandman

Mr. Smith


Pinky Lvl. 2

Red Rover


Rover's Mom



Smokey the Bear


Stalkergirl Lvl. 2


The Hoclaus

The Scar


Timmy Lvl. 2


Triple H


Techniques and Jutsu

Favorite Jutsu

Gentle Fist

Sexy Jutsu

Ninja Art: Poison Fog

Bringing Down the House Jutsu

Super Heel Drop

Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch

Favorite Reaper Techniques

Soul Reaper Style: Bounce, Tsukiboin!

Kido: Nightfall

Kido: Metalocalypse

Kido: Slayer

Kido: Iron Maiden

Other Known Jutsu:


Mind Body Switch Technique

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

Projectile Weapons: Kunai

Projectile Weapons: Shuriken

Exploding Tags: Activate

Puppet: Salamander

Puppet: Crow

Puppet: Black Ant

Twin Rising Dragons

Welcome to Good Burger

Disguise Jutsu

Clone Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu

Eight Trigrams Whirlwind

Eight Trigrams One Million Palms

Eight Trigrams Eleventy Billion Palms

Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration

Water Clone Technique

Water Prison Technique

Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu

Water Style: Water Dragon Missile

Stalker Style: Freaking Laser Beams

Attack on the Nervous System

Epic Dog Urination Technique

Mind Destruction

Shadow Strangulation

Great Expansion

Crunk Fu

Escape Jutsu


None as of yet.


Life-saving Items for Wasteland exploration

Wasteland Dustcloak

Basic Blueprints

Tools of a Reaper

Heck Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Blue Flower Hairpin

Soul Glove

Soul Candy

Substitute Soul Reaper Badge

Sword of the Reaper - Tsukiboin

Captain's Jacket

Reaper Blood - Dormant

Reaper Blood - Shikai

Reaper Blood - Bankai

Essential Ninja Equipment

Sannin's Premium

Chakra Armor

Ninja Dog -

Ninja Puppet - Kuriio

Giant Fan

Desert Robes

Letter of Marque


Officer's Pay

Thrill of Battle

Streamlined Focus

Basic Ninja Gear


Hollow Leg

Trench Knife

Utility Belt

Counterfeit Permit

Other Stuff

Bear Coat

Carapace Armor


Power Over 9000

Soul of Steel


Silver Hairpin

Monster Mask


Training Sash

Fireworks Launcher

Goo Stabilization Recipe

Creepy Love Letter

Gothic Album

Sevens Trophy

Professor's Hat

11DBHK's Birthday Hat

Helper Pin

Coolness Badge

Aura of Gratitude

K-Dog's Headband

Love Love Paradise

Necklace of the First Hocage

Stealth Suit





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