Season 25!
Level: 225 - Root
Apotheosis Village
- The Village Hidden in the Beyond -
Doujutsu: 61 (+14)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-32
Genjutsu: 75 (+56)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-64 Successes: 4
Ninjutsu: 75 (+53)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-65 Successes: 4
Taijutsu: 75 (+53)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-65 Successes: 4

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Character Description

Nyamia has gray hair, wearing a headband through it. Above her rests a black mist in which energy is siphoned from the nether-realms to her. The twin swords she carries are created from the force of black energy that she is being fed. Red eyes that get accentuated by the purple aura that surrounds her. The dress she wears is simple but strong, meant to keep her from frightening those around her since she is no longer human.


Through her evolution into the Immortal Kaiju that she is, she has transformed as her life as a ninja progressed to what she is today. Nyamia originally was a blonde haired red eyed girl of a now lost to history village. After her birth village was destroyed she wandered and was eventually picked up by an excellent village known as Poisson, led my the great Millennium and was taught various things that she would use later in life. During her training and learning about the ways of the world, she noticed that her hair turned lighter and lighter in color, eventually into white, along with that she felt her power grow inside her as well as she was becoming a more powerful ninja. It wasn't long after this she felt the longing to go out into the world and explore more, she brought her ideas to Millennium, and with his consent (along with a few allies from the village to aid her) she started her own village in a distant land. That village was Paragon.

With Paragon newly formed and her strength increasing, due to a very large part thanks to dedicated allies, her fledgling village grew to be a force that shouldn't be overlooked. It wasn't long before the power they were holding couldn't be contained in the confines of the village, no matter how much they tried to expand. It wasn't long before other forces, in the other world, thought this would be a prime time to attack. Through the Portal of Awesome, waves upon waves of deadly enemies, including a horrific kaiju the likes of which few have seen attacked. It was with this that Nyamia decided she would sacrifice herself, and her village, to save as many as she could. In the end it was defeated, the portal closed, with nothing but ruins around.

But it wasn't over for her. She awoke, with feelings and powers she never thought possible, her body changed into its current form. Long and slender, hair gray with a black and purple aura about her. Holding twin blades that come from her force of will alone, a black mist above her head that acts as a conduit in which to feed her energy from. She had changed, but her will had not. From the ashes of her once great village arose a new one, with her allies returning to aid her again. Nyamia created Apotheosis.

There she is to this day, looking to the future, her ideals still set. Wanting to change the world.


Racer's Edge
Heart of the Cards
Eye of the Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
Mister Roboto
The Power of Greass
Mysterious Power
The Trade
Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper


Techniques and Jutsu

Nearly every available jutsu, with very few exceptions, to many to list


All currently available summons in game.
Notable summons:




Awesome Abilities


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