Nei Tomoe
Nei Tomoe
Season 5!
Level: 81 - Sanin
Hyougen Village
- The Village Hidden in the Blizzard -
Doujutsu: 12 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-17
Genjutsu: 26 (+17)
Strength:+13 Range: 1-35 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 26 (+22)
Strength:+13 Range: 1-33 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 29 (+17)
Strength:+13 Range: 1-34 Successes: 1

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Character Description


Sunagakure Village (Exploded)
Hyougen Village (Immortal Realm)


Missions Completed

D Missions: 854
C Missions: 1369
B Missions: 2889
A Missions: 4286
AA Missions: 3108
S Missions: 39
Reaper Missions: 466
Monochrome Missions: 152
Outskirts Missions: 611
Wasteland Missions: 502
Burger Missions: 210


Redeye (Seasons 1-2)
Legacy of the Hero (Season 3,5)
White Eye (Season 5)
Eye of the Strom
The Trade
True Blood of the Reaper
Not Wasteland Disease
The Power of Greass

Permanent Items

Name Bonus Provided Loops Tradeable
Basic Ninja Gear +1 Levels Yes No
Banana Sticker +1 Gen Level No No
Pretty Rainbow Sticker +1 Gen Level, +1 Nin Level No No
Monster Mask +1 Levels, +10 Stamina per day Yes No
Professor's Hat +10 Stamina per day, +2% collection bonus Yes No
Utility Belt 5% chance to recoup items used in Jutsu on regular missions Yes No
Sascha +1 Tai Range Yes No
Sannin's Premium +15% Ryo on Missions Yes No
Glowing Mood Ring +30 Stamina if you Hang with at least one Ally at dayroll. Yes Yes
Silver Hairpin +100 Stamina for hanging out with Shorty via Friend Levels Yes Yes
Blue Flower Hairpin +2 Stamina when you charge Chakra Yes No
Season 2+
Goo Stabilization Recipe Allows you to make Super Potion Yes No
Gothic Album +20 Stamina if you have Emosuke in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare Jackpot Yes No
Pink Hair Dye +20 Stamina if you have Pinky in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare Jackpot Yes No
Restraining Order +20 Stamina if Stalkergirl is in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare jackpot Yes No
The Trade
The Note Gives the Note Rush on a successful Bingo No No
The Tote If you Bingo a Leader with a Note Page, you have +10 Range to Attack that Village No No
Flash Ring -10 Stamina per day No No
Pika-Bike +1 Hotness (what? that won't work here!) and +20 Stamina per day Yes No
Ninpo Mask 20% chance of a Dodging a Bingo on Defense, hides Items during Bingo No Yes
Survived The Impossible +20 Stamina per day, +1 Max Crank, Immune to Wasteland Stamina loss, -5% Upkeep for Village (Does not stack) Yes No
The Final Countdown The human embodiment of the Tailed Beasts. +3 Strength, +50 Daily Stamina Yes No
Key of the Twilight Unlocks a single Immortal Realm. Yes No
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