Season 20!
Level: 130 - Root
Fansub Village
- The Village Hidden in The Village Hidden in BitTorrent -
Doujutsu: 33 (+3)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-23
Genjutsu: 52 (+37)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-49 Successes: 3
Ninjutsu: 52 (+27)
Strength:+11 Range: 1-43 Successes: 2
Taijutsu: 53 (+26)
Strength:+12 Range: 1-41 Successes: 2

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Character Description



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Eye of the Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
The Power of Greass
The Trade
Mysterious Power
Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper


Techniques and Jutsu

Soul Reaper Style: Angels, Fury!
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Clone Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Disguise Jutsu
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Escape Jutsu
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Sexy Jutsu
Mind Body Switch Technique
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu
Epic Dog Urination Technique
Flying Thunder God Technique
The Ninja-Mas Spirit
Kitsune Bakudan
Twin Rising Dragons
Blizzard Jutsu
Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch
Windmill Triple Attack
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Can of Whoopass
Billy Style: This is Sparta
Billy Style: Earth, Wind, and Fire
Earth Style: Groundhog Technique Decapitation
Killer Kancho
Kido: Slayer
Kido: Iron Maiden
Kido: Metalocalypse
Shadow Imitation Technique
All Fours Jutsu
Piercing Fang
Leaf Hurricane
Leaf Whirlwind
Primary Lotus
Hidden Lotus
Human Juggernaut
Human Needle Boulder
Welcome to Good Burger
This Hand of Mine
Puppet: Crow
Puppet: Black Ant
Puppet: Salamander
Morning Peacock
Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
Get In My Belly
Wind Scythe Jutsu
Great Wind Scythe Jutsu
Wind Release: Severing Pressure
Dust Wind Technique
Rich Man's World
Ninja Art: Needle Demon
Dark Swamp
Bring Down the House Jutsu
Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu
Flying Swallow
Fire Release: Ash Product Burning
Dance of the Crescent Moon
Inner Monologue
Ninja Art: Poison Fog
Prepared Needle Shot
Hidden Mouth Needles
Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
Attack on the Nervous System
Super Heel Drop
Striking Snake Technique
The Gates
Second Face Jutsu
Mind Destruction
Water Style: Water Dragon Missile
Water Clone Technique
Water Prison Technique
Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
Shadow Strangulation
Great Expansion
Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness
Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
Grim Prediction
Lucha Libre Style: Pity the Fool
Lucha Libre Style: Back Brain Kick
Archer Style: Blind Guardian
Archer Style: Dragonforce
Archer Style: Kamelot
Kido: Nightfall
Soul Reaper Style: Fury of the Storm
Soul Reaper Style: Cry of the Brave
Soul Reaper Style: Can't Touch This
Kido: I Can Has Cheezburger
Lucha Libre Style: Faster Stronger
Kido: Harder Better
Crunk Fu
Obsessive Insight
Dark Consolidation
Rock On: Spider Man
Rock On: Baby Got Back
I Need This
Rock On: Spinal Tap
Rock On: Double Mint
Rock On: Band Camp
Turn the Page


Mini Frog
Twilight Guardian
Princess Slug
Super Frog


11DBHK's Birthday Hat
11DBHK's Gold Necklace
11DBHK's Purple Shades
Ancient Blueprints
Arena Favorite
Aura of Gratitude
Basic Blueprints
Basic Ninja Gear
Bat of Casper
Bear Coat
Big Mouth
Blue Flower Hairpin
Book of Follet
Book of Spoilers
Boots of Walking
Bow of Windia
Piece of the Action
Pat on the Back
Carapace Armor
Aviator Goggles
Catgirl Entourage
Chakra Armor
Coolness Badge
Cowl of the Second HoCage
Dark Band
Desert Robes
Destiny Fulfilled
Destiny Warrior
Dog Collar
Duelist's Aura
Duelist's Eye
Dustcloak of Sneaking
Epitaph of the Twilight
Eye of the Tiger
Fireworks Launcher
Fruits Basket
Giant Fan
Go Piece
Golden Band of Courage
Golden Band of Power
Golden Band of Wisdom
Golden Collar of Courage
Golden Collar of Power
Golden Collar of Wisdom
Golden Star of Courage
Golden Star of Power
Golden Star of Wisdom
Goo Stabilization Recipe
Gothic Album
Granola Camouflage
Hat of Sakyura
Heck Butterfly
Helix Tattoo
Helper Pin
Hollow Leg
Jazz Hands
K-Dog's Headband
Kaiju Memento
Knightmare Frame
Late-Night Snack
Letter of Marque
Love Love Paradise
Loyal Sacrifice
Magical Wand
Matrix of Leadership
Monster Mask
Necklace of the First HoCage
Ninja Dog
Ninja Puppet
Ninja-Mas Star
Nonja Sidekick
Officer's Pay
Perfect Hair
Pink Bouquet
Pink Hair Dye
Pirate Hat
Pistol of Repeating
Plug Suit
Poisoned Daggers
Polar Star
Power Over 9000
Professor's Hat
R00t Password
Red Water
Restraining Order
Risky Badge
Sandwich Dispenser
Sannin's Premium
Scythe of Razing
Sevens Trophy
Shiny Belt
Sight Beyond Sight
Solid Shades
Soul Glove
Stealth Suit
Storm's Embrace
Storm's Fury
Storm's Path
Streamlined Focus
Stripe of Honor
Survived the Impossible
Swallowtail Butterfly
Sword of the Reaper
The Five Rings
The Mark of Eleventy Billion
Thrill of Battle
Trench Knife
Troll Account
Utility Belt
Warrior of Courage
Warrior of Power
Warrior of Wisdom
Whip of Rosa
X-Ray Specs
Counterfeit Permit
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
PizzaWitch Uniform
Dresden's File
Soul Candy
Captain's Jacket
Reaper Blood - Shikai
Hall Pass
Awesome Pants
Spear of Wotan
Prancing Haze
Claw Card
Monkey Cymbals
Silver Hairpin
Glowing Mood Ring
Party Animal
Nonja Chef
Spirit of the Demon of the Sand
Aromatic Grass
Risky Coffee
Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox
The Note
The Tote
The Cote


Killer Montage
Floating on Air
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!
Reach for the Sky
The Flash
What The Crap
You See Right Through Me
You Spin Me Right 'Round
8 Dayrolls Later
Battle of Champions
Flip Out
Lucky Sevens
Nothing Is Happening
Stand By Your Ninja
Teacher's Pet
Seasons Don't Fear
Write it Down
All Together Now
Good Night, Ninja
Money for Nothing
My Name Is
Phoning It In


Big Three
Head of the Class
Holy Ground
Into The Loop
Loop The Loop
Monster Hunter
Ninja World Warrior
True Blood
Wheel Winner
Avid Reader
Chillin' With 11
Destiny Obtained
It's a Trick
Man Purse
Rune Encrusted
Shoop The Loop
Spin to Win
Super Arena Wars
28 Dayrolls Later
Do a Barrel Roll
Full of It


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