Season 2!
Level: 62 - Jounin
The Royal Village Village
- The Village Hidden in Divine -
Doujutsu: 5 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-17
Genjutsu: 20 (+7)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-19 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 21 (+6)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-19 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 21 (+11)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-19 Successes: 1

Character Description


Myusha was a mere child when he saw his first war. He lost his family in the war and became an orphan, shortly afterwards.
He was silent and ever curious, however his silence prevented the questions his curiosity had made. Eventually he deicided to leave the oprhanage at night.
Upon doing so he went to a near-by village. The Viking Village.He grew old enough to a good ninja there and proved to be quite an ally. He also got a friend of his own.
Inukotsu. A pal through and through. However desptie his wamr welcome, and friends, Myusha sought more. He left his home, in pursuit of knowledge…and found himself at the
Wiki Village. He enjoyed Uzuki and other's guidance and he learned so much from their experience and records. He sought out friends. Gather few, he eventually found himself fighting a rogue nin.
He lost against the nin and he was knocked into a deadly coma. His village cared for him during his inactiviy, but eventually left him, and replaced him understandably.
It was the way of the ninja world. However Myusha awoke months to a year later…feeling alive for the first time in his life.

Spending a few moments to look over the new villages, he learned the Wiki Village and Viking Village, had been destroyed and rebuilt stronger then ever.
The Wiki Redux, and the Obisidan Villages. Uzuki even seemed changed in soem slighlt way Myusha had seen while spying on them as a rogue. Time changes everything.
Soon Myusha undertook missions as a rogue, becoming a mere genin after forgetting all his abilties, save his WhiteEye training. The only strange thing to him was the sword he carried that seemed to charge him with energy.
Eventually he bought a dog which he named Inu after the one friend he remembered from the Vikings. He met new friends on his village and eventually joined a new village.
His third village. The Royal Village.

Shortly afterwards he was contacted by a female who was quite short. The Shorty had directed him to a monster and asked for his aid.
Fighting the monster as best as he could alongside a few other allys he had gained such as Billy, Emosuke, and Pinky to name a few, he finally unleashed a forgotten memory.
"Protect, Kaishi Eisho!" Kaishi Eisho meant Death Guard. His sword had conjured up a barrier around him which burned the enemy who had striked at the force field prior.
Seeking to unlock his past memories, and become stronger he asked for training from Shorty. As he explored her world, coming across new friends and some fun Hijinks,
Myusha heard of a resturant which served pizza, and burgers…is was quite popular. He deicided he would venture to BurgerNinja one day, the home of the cutest waiters.

Eventually a friend of Shorty's Mcstripeypants, had helped Myusha unlock his hidden potential. Myusha's memories seemed to be restored if only for a moment, and
he had conjured Shikai. His sword grew heavy, and more large, into a single greatsword with it's long black blade shimmering. Feeling stronger Myusha thanked
Mcstripeypants, and moved on in his training.

Deiciding to test his Bankai out he fought in the arena and started bingoing, shortly before his upcoming Jounin Exam, and becoming more powerful.
A ghost or shinigami by the name of Hyuk came up to him, and asked him if he remembered their deal. Lying through his teeth Myusha stated he did,
and was reblessed with his previous trade bloodline. His days in the Arena also grew interesting as he was bingoed by a ninja from a village he had targetted.
Angry, and desiring revenge a man by the name of Haus came to him, and accidently injected him with a disease. Then his test was canceled, and he had to
save his village, with the aid of local Jounin, The combined forces of Billy, Pinky and Stalkergirl, his strange bloodlines, and justus from his comrades, he confronted
a controlled WhiteEye, Ol'Whitey. defeating his leader quickly dispelled any force controlling him. Promoted to Jounin afterwards, he confronted many more foes in the Arena.
Eventually he had four strange encounters, all on the same day. Fighting quickly, he was able to conquer a foe who had the same power he had and had covered himself with
a mask. Upon removing it Myusha saw an exact replica of himself! Surprisingly, the replica disappeared, and seemed to merge into Myusha.

Then upon his Sixth Battle, he found himself fighting the Kage of the Insanity Village. Expecting a hard grueling battle, Myusha defeated him quickly, and easily dispatched him.
The insane leader then happily handed over a Matrix of Leadership before bouncing off. Finally his last fight occured that day. He had 9 wins and the person he was fighting
was eating all the time and calling him lame. Upon beating the crap out of him, Doughman popped up and said that Myusha was so awesome at fighting, that he was going to
fight alongside Myusha. Doughman and Strawberry soon grew quite attached, talking about the Arena on occassion. Myusha before leaving the Arena however, took the cereal box
and opened it. Quickly stealing the prize in side, he left the arena wearing X-Ray Specs.

Soon afterwrads after drilling a peephole into Burger Ninja when interested he had a straw poked into his eye. Gathering his fellow BurgerNinja workers, he confronted his manager/boss,
and fought him in a robot duel. Winning and ending up destroying the BurgerNinja, CiCi, was pissed. After a good day's work of cleaning, and heading home A man with the name Mister Tea,
had came up and challenged him. After an epic showdown of awesome, they deicided they were evenly matched. Mister Tea disappeared, promising to return to tell him about a secret war between
his kind and another kind. He left to go to Royal tired.

Blowing away annoying herds of idiots with his Sascha, and Sandwhich Dispenser, and fighting Zombajas might have been fun, but he was immensely interested in the fact Haus
had gave him a very useful blueprint, which he could use to further his Alchemy…and remembering that he had previously underwent a mission on the Reaper Side of the world
to help out Shorty, had unlocked his Bankai. Soon after he started brewing potions that Haus was impressed with. Oh how his Bankai's weight had increased, but the barrier it could produce was amazing,
that he would keep trying knowing his bankai might be able to aid him, despite it being it's slowest form.

A Giant Robot, a Giant Sword, Amazing Ninja Skills, a Nin Dog, a Mighty Gun, Pink Hair Dye, Pinky lent him, Amazing Allies, were only fragments of his experience now.
Starting to look more into the reaper world he and his reaper allies had started what he would like to call… the Monochrome Event. Fiding even more friends and power
here he was greatly saddened to find Mister Tea dead, only shortly before he had explained the war to him in great depth. Unlocking his hidden Awesome Pants
Myusha discovered a dark secret.

Mister Tea was alive, and lead the Pantless.

Nearing the end of a long war with even Vanilla standing behind him now Myusha must choose. To aid Strawberry, and become a hero, and be closer to peace.
Or betray his friend and side with Mister Tea, unshackling his limits, and destroy all those he fought with so long ago. Even if the power would be
the most advised path by most Ninja…Myusha was at a standstill. And Right and Annoymous, his new "Bingo" friends were bugging the hell out of him.
Perhaps he would become Sannin Soon…perhaps it was time to contact Inukotsu and reminesce about old times. Perhaps it was time to be reborn anew.



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