Avatar of Awesome
Season 26!
422nd R00t Finisher
Level: 225 - Protagonist
Reikoku Village
- The Village Hidden in the Storm -
Doujutsu: 59 (+9)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-28 Successes: 0
Genjutsu: 75 (+48)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-59 Successes: 3
Ninjutsu: 75 (+48)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-59 Successes: 3
Taijutsu: 75 (+48)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-59 Successes: 3
Missions Completed
D Missions: 766
C Missions: 2300
B Missions: 1416
A Missions: 16238
AA Missions: 135377
S Missions: 195
Reaper Missions: 1272
Monochrome Missions: 467
Outskirts Missions: 2381
Wasteland Missions: 1466
Burger Missions: 3870
R00t Missions: 6567
PizzaWitch Missions: 2478
Witching Missions: 10
Jungle Missions: 5514

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Updated: 13 Nov 2011

Subject's Description

Young girl, around 21, with long purple hair and bright red eyes. Her most distinctive feature would be the rabbit-like ears that sprout from her head, and are supposedly natural. Her eyes have the power to strip one's sanity away temporarily, and many have been found on the verge of collapse after facing her in battle. Minyako usually has a calm and relaxed nature, but she's been known to snap when faced with particularly tough challenges, and use her eyes' power without restraint.

Background Information

Minyako's origins are unknown, though she claims to have spent her childhood on Bamboo Village and started her ninja training there. After abandoning Bamboo, she was invited to join Relentless Village, which would later on be destroyed after the Kaijufication of their leader (giving birth to the Immortal Realm of Reikoku, where she still is to this day). Nowadays, she's a Vice-Kage on the Immortal Realm of Reikoku.

Recompiled Field Data

LVL: +4
RNG: +3
STR: +1
SUC: +1
LVL: +12
RNG: +4
STR: +5
SUC: +1
LVL: +9
RNG: +3
STR: +5
SUC: +1
LVL: +0
RNG: +0
STR: +0
SUC: +0


Careful: 5
Cleave: 5
Digger: 5
Engineer: 5
Gardener: 5
Healthy: 5
Immune: 5
Jumpy: 5
Medic: 5
Perceptive: 5
Runner: 5
Sniper: 5
Speedy: 5
Thorough: 5
Toughness: 5

BillyCon Stats

Alpha Cancel L20 Antidrama L4 Artsiness L4
Bluff L0 Chillaxing L4 Combat Sewing L3
Cosplay L4 Crossplay L2 Crowdswimming L3
Dance L41 Detect Traps L0 Drama L4
Flipping Out L25 Frame Advantage L20 GeoSense L4
Glomping L2 Glowsticking L20 Guard Crush L20
Hide L0 Knowledge L4 Macking L4
Photography L3 Posing L4 Reputation L1
Rocking L3 Schmoozing L4 Search L0
Sense Motive L0 Shopping L6 Silence L3
Spot L0 Staring L3 Tech Punish L20
The Angles L2 Use Rope L0 Veteran L4
Videogaming L4 Wake-Up Reversal L20 Wrangling L3
Permanent Effects: Backstage Pass, Extra Suitcase, Fateful Meeting, Fond Memories, Glissando, Glowslinger, Master of Disguise, Prime Target, Rising Star, Semiquaver, The Light Fantastic
Stuffs: Arcade Stick, BOX O' HEDZ, Blankie, Case of Energy Drinks, Case of Glowsticks, Credit Card, DJ Tables, 3 Extra Clothes, 3 Extra Noms, Fighting Headband, Giant Foam Hand, Import Rig, Low-Cut Kimono, Nice Boat, Perfect-Grade Ride, Personal Translator, Portable Juice Bar, Robot Butler, Sunglasses


Drift Style
Eye of the Storm
Heart of the Cards
Mister Roboto
Mysterious Power
Not Wasteland Disease
The Power of Greass
The Trade
True Blood of the Reaper

Awesome Abilities

Bottomless Appetite (Level 3)
Dramatic Battler (Level 3)
Initial Drifter (Level 1)
Intent Observation (Level 1)
Limitless Focus (Level 3)
Perfect Rhythm (Level 3)


Ninja Kitty (Lv. 1)
Cave Puppy (Lv. 25)

Known Allies

More than 90 subjects are rumored to have allied with Minyako.
A few have been confirmed, as follows:

Known Summoning Pacts

Although it is rumored that the subject has forged several pacts, we have confirmed the following ones:

Techniques and Jutsu

Ninja, Reaper, and Trade techniques confirmed, as well as the ability to wander in the Fields. Her eyes can wreck the minds of her foes, leading insane anyone who stares directly into them for long enough. Extreme caution is advised when approaching.

Permanent Items

Name Bonus Provided Loops
Basic Ninja Gear +1 Levels Yes
Blue Flower Hairpin +2 Stamina when you charge Chakra Yes
Glowing Mood Ring +30 Stamina if you Hang with at least one Ally at dayroll. Yes
Goo Stabilization Recipe A strange recipe.. Yes
Gothic Album +20 Stamina if you have Emosuke in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare Jackpot Yes
Monster Mask +1 Levels, +10 Stamina per day Yes
Pink Hair Dye +20 Stamina if you have Pinky in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare Jackpot Yes
Pirate Hat +1 Strength Yes
Restraining Order +20 Stamina if Stalkergirl is in your team overnight, and unlocks a rare jackpot Yes
Sandwich Dispenser +5 Stamina per day, +4 Tai Levels, -1 Nin / Gen Levels Yes
Sannin's Premium +15% Ryo on Missions Yes
Sascha +1 Tai Range Yes
Stripe of Honor +1 Gen Level, +10% Ally Find Yes
Survived The Impossible +20 Stamina per day, +1 Max Crank, Immune to Wasteland Stamina loss Yes
The Five Rings +10 Stamina per day, may start a Village Yes
The Glow +1 Levels, +1 Successes, +1 Range, +1 Strength Yes
The Note Gives the Note Rush on a successful Bingo No
The Tote If Bingo a village leader with a Note Page, their Invasion Defense doesn't work on you No

Field Keys

Tier Alpha Keys Beta Keys Theta Keys
Tier 1 Simple Training Aqua Field
Tier 2 Dimly Lit Crumbling Dealer's Room
Tier 3 Blaring Hairy Parking Lot
Tier 4 Pulsating Worst Core
Tier 5 Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground
Tier 6 Raging Passionate Melody
Tier 7 Cursed Filthy Noodle Shop
Tier 8 Chosen Hopeless Nothingness
Tier 9 Brilliant Delicious Dance Floor
Tier 10 Beautiful Passed Over Touchstone
Tier 11 Corrupted Despaired Paradise
Tier 12 Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel




Pilot Rank: S
Raw Piloting Bonus: +4
Name Bonus Provided Rank
Foam Helmet +3 Levels, +1 Success E
Tinfoil Helmet +1 Level, +1 Range F
Corrugated Visor +1 Level G
Knightmare Head +1 Range G


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