Season 2!
Level: 23 - Chuunin
Niijiro Village Village
- The Village Hidden in Hidden in the Rainbow -
Doujutsu: 3 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-10
Genjutsu: 8 (+7)
Strength:+6 Range: 1-13 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 7 (+7)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 8 (+5)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1

Character Description

A very quiet type of person, but really strong. He likes to make people angry for the fun of it sometimes or to know more about their weaknesses


Red Eye & Reaper


10 Less Stamina Cost for Genin on Special Missions, and +20% D-Rank AP!

+1 Level in Genjutsu, and Jutsu Chakra costs are 10% less!

+1 Taijutsu Level, and 5% chance of automatically winning a regular mission!

+1 Ninjutsu strength!

Jutsu Chakra Costs are 15% less!

+1 Level in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu!

+1 Genjutsu Strength, +3 on Reaper Missions!

50% chance of getting one free success!

Get one stamina back per mission!

+1 Success on all Gen missions!

+2 Strength in Taijutsu!

Bruce Sr.
+1 Success on all Tai missions!

Techniques and Jutsu

RedEye: Copy Jutsus used on you during missions to learn later - 100 C
Soul Reaper Style: Kill, Espada Negra!: -2 Levels, +2 Success - 0 C
Clone Jutsu: +1 to all Levels - 50 C
Disguise Jutsu: +1 Gen Level - 25 C
Exploding Tags: Activate: +2 Nin Levels (Exploding Tags needed) - 40 C
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken: +1 Tai Strength (Shuriken needed) - 0 C
Projectile Weapons: Kunai: +1 Tai Level (Kunai needed) - 0 C
Escape Jutsu: Automatically lose a regular mission and regain stamina lost (Smoke Bombs needed) - 0 C


Smoke Bombs: 13
Powerful Potion: 3
Potion Base: 24
Food Pills: 11
Smokeblossom: 3
Stark Moonlight: 1
Exploding Tags: 18
Tasty Twig: 13
Boring Bulb: 30
Smokestack: 1
Kunai: 13
Mystery Meat: 37
Curdled Powder: 4
Green Potatoes: 9
Pigeon Chunks: 3
Shuriken: 16
Power Flower: 8
Medicinal Herbs: 4
Tasty Burger: 18
Double Double: 4
Tasty Tonic: 3
Silver Petals: 4
Snake Rune: 1
Filtered Thread: 3
Wasteland Dust: 7
Broken Spyglass: 8
Tangled Metal: 1
Burnt Scroll: 2
Crumbling Minerals: 2
Malted Pill: 20
Copper Coin: 2
Ceramic Tile: 3
Silver Shaft: 1
Copper Shaft: 3
Wooden Tile: 6
Copper Ring: 1
Wooden Plating: 1
Blackened Dust: 1
Reflector Shard: 2
Acid Vial: 3
Cracked Gear: 2
Metal Scraps: 5
Small Emerald: 1
Small Pearl: 1
Doublestacker: 1
Hot Picture of Emosuke: 1
Emo Rock CDs: 1

Permanent Items

Heck Butterfly
Basic Ninja Gear
Ninja Dog
Soul Glove
Ninja Puppet
Soul Glove
Ninja Puppet
Blue Flower Hairpin
Stealth Suit
Ninja Dog
Monster Mask
Ninja Puppet
Dog Collar
Trench Knife
Giant Fan
Desert Robes
Chakra Armor
Letter of Marque
Sword of the Reaper
Necklace of the First HoCage
Glowing Mood Ring
Professor's Hat
Utility Belt
Helper Pin
Basic Blueprints
Average Pistol
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge


All Together Now - Double chances of levelling Allies
Battle of Champions - Double Friend Points on Regular Missions
Flip Out - +10% XP/AP on Regular Missions
Good Night, Ninja - +250 Friends Points to each teammate at the end of the day
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja! - +20 Stamina
Seasons Don't Fear - +100% HP on Bingos
Stand By Your Ninja - Double chance to find Allies, Items, and Ally Drops
Teacher's Pet - Double Jutsu XP in Regular Missions
Warstruck - Double NWW Points


Stalk, Kill, Listen to music, and Kill some more.

Music Genre

Metal, Alternative, and Rock


Currently in Nijiiro Village and I seem to be in this village until the Kage decides to end the village.


Complete All The Themes
Complete All The Bloodline

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