Season 3!
Level: 87 - Sannin
Ero Hermit Village
- The Village Hidden in MyoubokuZan -
Doujutsu: 29 (+5)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-21
Genjutsu: 31 (+27)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-42 Successes: 2
Ninjutsu: 31 (+27)
Strength:+15 Range: 1-41 Successes: 2
Taijutsu: 31 (+29)
Strength:+17 Range: 1-41 Successes: 2
Missions Completed
D Missions: 712
C Missions: 1342
B Missions: 1442
A Missions: 10137
AA Missions: 25803
S Missions: 61
Reaper Missions: 1083
Monochrome Missions: 167
Outskirts Missions: 1862
Wasteland Missions: 596
Burger Missions: 1650
R00t Missions: 1565
PizzaWitch Missions: 101

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Total Number of Allies: 87

Season 1 Lvl. 1 Allies

Big_Bo.gif Big_Ro.gif Big_Shammy.gif Bruce_Sr..gif Bugman.gif Flipper.gif J-Diddy.gif Kagamin.gif K-Dog.gif K.Y..gif Kona-chan.gif Lil'_Whitey.gif Master_P.gif Mr._Smith.gif Ol'_Whitey.gif Nadeshiko.gif Pandabear.gif Rover's_Mom.gif Sicko.gif SNAKEMAN.gif The_HoClaus.gif The_Rack.gif The_Scar.gif Trapchan.gif Triple_H.gif Z-Dog.gif

Season 1 Lvl. 2 Allies

Emosuke_Lvl._2.gif Bruce_Jr._Lvl._2.gif Lil'_Bo_Lvl._2.gif Lil'_Ro_Lvl._2.gif Lil'_Shammy_Lvl._2.gif Pinky_Lvl._2.gif Stalkergirl_Lvl._2.gif

Season 1 Lvl. 3 Allies

Billy_Lvl._3.gif Emosuke_Lvl._3.gif

Season 2+ Lvl. 1 Allies

Cato.gif Doughman.gif Olmek.gif

Season 2+ Lvl. 2 Allies

Annie_Lvl._2.gif Meatballs_Lvl._2.gif Mr._Sandman_Lvl._2.gif Red_Rover_Lvl._2.gif Spot_Lvl._2.gif Terri_Lvl._2.gif Yuri_Lvl._2.gif

Reaper Lvl. 1 Allies

Fletch.gif Hermano.gif Mister_Six.gif Tats.gif TicTac.gif

Reaper Lvl. 2 Allies

MC_Stripeypants_Lvl._2.gif Miss_Kitty_Lvl._2.gif Robogirl_Lvl._2.gif Shorty_Lvl._2.gif Strawberry_Lvl._2.gif Timmy_Lvl._2.gif

Reaper Lvl. 3 Allies


Trade Lvl. 1 Allies


Trade Lvl. 2 Allies

Anonymous_Lvl._2.gif LisaLisa_Lvl._2.gif

Monochrome Allies

Blind_Fury.gif Hotsumoto.gif Scary.gif Smiley.gif Vanilla.gif

Wasteland Allies

Bones.gif Chunks.gif Flutie.gif Good_Boy_Lvl._2.gif Haro.gif Haus.gif Jaws.gif Larry.gif Palmface.gif Sticky.gif The_Paper.gif The_Twins.gif Threads.gif Tubby.gif Venus.gif

BurgerNinja Allies Lvl. 1 Allies

Cici.gif Karen.gif

BurgerNinja Allies Lvl. 2 Allies

Lulu_Lvl._2.gif Su-chan_Lvl._2.gif

R00t Allies Lvl. 1 Allies


R00t Lvl. 2 Allies

Smokey_the_Bear_Lvl._2.gif Sporty_Lvl._2.gif

Sparring Partners*

Total Number of Sparring Partners: 30

Techniques and Jutsu*

Techniques Known: 59

Bloodline Jutsu

Regular Jutsu

Reaper Jutsu

The Trade Jutsu

Wasteland Jutsu


Mini_Frog.gif Monkey_Butler.gif Twilight_Guardian.gif Princess_Slug.gif Sickle_Weasel.jpg Wolfpack.gif Bone_Daddy.gif


Total Number of Permanent Items: 147

Shop/Special Items

Reaper Items

Wasteland Items

R00t Items

Monster Drops

Arena Items


Opening Themes

Battle Themes

Ending Themes


Current Trophy Count: 20
Awesome Awarded: 160

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