Anthony (a.k.a. MageAJ)
Season 1!
Level: 50 - Jonin
Twlight Village
- The Village Hidden in Heavens -
Doujutsu: {$doulevel} (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: 16 (+1)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-12 Successes: 0
Ninjutsu: 17 (+1)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-13 Successes: 0
Taijutsu: 17 (+1)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-12 Successes: 0

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Character Description

Really spikey Blonde hair with Blue eyes and one covered with my eyepatch, also kinda short and the smart one of the group but sometimes has a short fuse due to either people asking unnessary questions that lead to time being wasted and other people who act like idiots to poorly cover up their attempt at annoying me but I can easily see throught that, plus who needs depth perseption when you look totally awsome.


Warning, this story is losely based on my character in Billy Vs Snakeman. I may make up something like my own characters or jutsu. Do not use this for info to help you on BvS, that is what the rest of this website is for.


I was born in the U.S. in the state of Michigan when "IT" happened. I was 14 when it happened, I was out in the forest hunting with my double barrel, over under, 20 gauge, Browing citiory, when I found a cave which peaked my intrests when I was almost at my camping spot. So I went into the cavern, deeper and deeper with each step, and along with that it got darker and darker in the cave. Then suddenly, when I stepped, I felt nothing under my foot and I fell down into this hole where I was unable to stop myself, while falling a rock sticking out of the wall of the hole hit my shotgun out of my hand and it disapeared from my view. After about 10 minutes of free falling, I hit the bottom fo the hole where I saw a light from one side of the hole, so I decided to get out of here, so I slowly crawled towards the light, my shotgun that was knocked from my hand finaly came down, unfortunally it came down on my head and knocked me out.

Then I woke up from my unfortunate (and humilating) accident and found myself in a wodden shack, then I noticed that I had some weird eyepatch on my right eye, I tried to take it off, but it stayed there and I was unabel to take it off. So I started to look around, to my left was my backpack full of ammo and food rations, and to my right I found my shotgun, which was really messed up, the barrels were all bent in different dirrections, the stock was split in half, and the trigger and trigger guard were gone, plus I had a throbbing headache due to the shotgun hitting me. Then I checked my backpack to see if everything was there, I noticed that half of the ammo I had dissapeared, all of my food rations also were gone,and the knife I had in there was also gone, so in my situtation, I have no food, no weapons, and I don't even have a clue where I am.

So I decided to get up and search the place, but my legs still hurt from the fall. Then a kid peaked into the shack, I was about to great him but then he ran off, so I decided to wait here until someone else appered here. About a few minutes passed and no one appered. After a while I herd some talking from the window of tha shack and I think I heard them talking about a stranger, and I was easily able to figure out that they were talking about me. After another few minutes, a tall woman came in and noticed that I have woken up, apperentally I was found in a smal cave by that kid that looked it this shack eariler, his name was Kitaro. this lovely young lady who took me in goes by the name of Kikiyo, she is a priestis who is also the town doctor.

I asked her about where I was, but I just couldn't belive her when she told me. Apperentally I was in small village, in the land of flame. The reasons that I couldn't belive this is, first There is not a country called The land of Flame, second I was just in the country of America, living in the state of Michigan. So I came up with two ideas, one, I am dreaming, or, two, I saw somehow teleported to another deminson. So I decided to go with my second idea because my head is still throbbing, and everything here looks real.

So due to my posistion I decided to just agree to what she says and stay here until I get better.After a week, I was finally able to work around the village. It was around 11:26A.M. when my life changed again, but for justice. I was working with the local blacksmith on a sword for myself so I wouldn't be completely defenseless, and a bit before that I put up a few defenses so incase some enemenies of this village pick up wind of my entrance and use this as a chance to attack the village.

It was about 4:52 when the village was attacked by mysterious demons, luckly my sword was ready by then. It was just me and Kikiyo fighting off the demons, but we were overwhelmened and many other demons got past us, then I noticed a demon that looked much stronger that the others so I decided to attack him. When I swung my sword at him, it shattered into hrundreds of tiny shards. As the demon comander attacked me, I was able to doge his lunge, but he knocked off my eyepatch. Too bad for him because him knocking off my eyepatch just caused his own demise, I think because I was only able to see the aftermath of what happens when I have my eyepatch knocked off.

After my eyepatch was removed, I passed out. It has to be at least several hours until I woke up. After waking up, I looked around and noticed that Kikiyo was laying on the ground, wounded so i went over to help her." It is too late for me so as least let me tel me about your power. You have the blood of the hero of legacy." spoke Kikiyo.
"Who is this hero of legacy guy that you are talking about." said Anthony.
" The hero of lagecy was a hero to all, and he defeated all of the evil that stood before him, and you are him as he is you."said Kikiyo.
"What are you talking about," as Anthony was starting to get confused.
"I am saying that you are the reincarnation of him, the Hero of Legacy" yelled Kikiyo
"W-W-W-W-Wait just one minute, what the heck are you saying, I am just some 14 year old middle schooler who has lived an average life so far." explanied Anthony.
"The first thing that told me about you is that you are the stunning image of him when he was young, and the second thing that told me that you were him was that the Hero of Legacy prounced on the day before he died that "I may not be with the living in the near future, But do not worry, 10 years from now, a 14 year old boy who looks like me shal be found in the cave of Onigumo on this very day, and when this happens, give him my eyepatch, because when he will arive here, In our world, his hidden powers will be realsed so the eyeptch will need to be used to seal that power so he does not destroy everything." And all of that has come true so far, the day that you were found was the exact day, 10 years fronback then, and I noticed the emense charka flowing from your body, so while you were first asleep, I put the eyepatch on you so you would not die from the emense amount of charka flowing from your body." spoke Kikiyo.
"Wow, just wow" sais Anthony in amazement.
Just as I was finishing explaining how amazed I was, Kikiyo started to cough up blood."Kikiyo, whats wrong!"worring Anthony
"My time has come, now I must leave you, you must become a great ninja to save this world from the evils it hides…."
Just as she muttered that last sentance, Kikiyo passed away.
"Kikiyo? Kikiyo? Come on, I know your fine, come on Kikiyo get up, get up, please…." cried Anthony

Chapter 1: The Beginning

(from now on I am refering to the Hero of legacy as HOL)
It had to be at least a week before I had left the small village where I was first taken in, and where I first unleashed my powers. At that time I thought that my power was that when my eyepatch was removed, it killed all of the demons around me but caused me to passout, man was I wrong.

Since I had to become a ninja, I decided to train every morning but after a while I noticed that it was getting me no where fast so I decided to meditate ( or at least take a nap) then I got some weird vision of someone who looks like me but was much older. He started talking to be and at first I couldn't belive it, so I opened my eyes and saw no one, but then I closed my left eye and noticed that the image and voice of the unknown person was comming from my eyepatch(and no not like a visor, or like a projector) the image and voice only were able to activate hen I was either closing my left eye, or sleeping.

So I decided to lisen to the mysterious guy and he explaned to me some basic ninjutsu like the clone jutsu and the disgusie jutsu. After a bit of learning from the man in my eyepatch, he explaned who he was, he was the spirit of the Hero of Legacy, apperently upon his death, he channeled his spirit into his eyepatch which explains alot about things.So overall my eyepatch is used to seal things, like chakra, to spirits and he would teach me more as I become more experienced.

So after about a month of training with my disembodied tutor, I was at the level of a chunin and for me to adavnce my skills any further, I would have to join a village. Due to my previous experiences at the village of Kikiyo I thought that I would be able to slay demons easily so I joined a kinda small village that goes by the name of the Hellsing village, which specialised in killing any demons, vampires, or any other kind of supernatural beasts. It was just me and a few other people at this village so I decided to use my intellgence to start building defences for our village.

It was probably 2 months after I joined the Hellsing village when we had a major problem. We were being attacked by a demon that was 35 meters tall. We through all we had at it so I deciede to remove my eyepatch. Just before removing my eyepatch, I saw a flashback to the time my epepatch was removed, this time I saw what happened when I lost awareness, I did end up kiling all of the demons, but I ended up being the person who killed Kikiyo. So I stoped , tightened my eyepatch, and asked the Hero of Legacy what to do. "you will not beable to win this fight by yourself," said HOL
" If I can't win this by myself, I just need more of me," said Anthony.
So I decided to use the shadow clone jutsu to make more of me but cut my charaka evenly between them. I made about 25 of them because that is my max amount I can make but still have chakra left over, pus I know that I have only 1 jutsu that would work. So I used about 5 of my clones to distract the demon while I search for a weak point.Then suddenly I found a diamond shape mark on the top of the demon's head. So I went to action and started my clime up the demon's back. As I was on the demon's head with my other 20 clones, I was starting to focus my charka to perform my most powerful jutisu. "Now! Take this you fowl demon, take my sarrow from my defeated friends, my love for the now late Kikiyo, and all of my anger with all of the crap I had to take from you, HOLY PUNCH OF THE ANCHIENTS!!!" Bellows Anthony. Now as my attack hit the mark on the demon, the demon let out a scream so loud, it echoed through out the lands for several days and several nights. Even thought all of my friends died I could at least was give them a proper burial and have a few drinks in the deserted party house to celebrate my victory.

Chapter 2: The Comeback of The New Hero

Time: 12:54 P.M.
5 weeks after the fall of the Hellsing village

"Damn man, how much longer is it going o be untill we reach the next sign of civilation." Moaned Anthony
I had been taveling for a while, just with me and my disembodied teacher, and it has been a while since I have seen a town, or have done any work to get some cash. Basically all I had on me was my eyepatch, the backpack from my own world with nothing inside, and just the metal studded bracelet that I had on when I entered this world of monsters and ninjas.

Then I started to hear some talking, and as I walked closer it got louder, and eventually I saw a village that was at least twice the size of the Hellsing village. As I walked closer to the village, people started noticing me (and I was about to learn why that was not a good thing if you are a stranger and that village had alot of ninja) Then suddenly I heard a loud bell ringing from the village and all of the villagers sarted to run into there houses. Suddenly 4 ninja, all in black (like thats orignal) jumped out, each ith a katana, and all I have is my wits. Then all four lunged at me so I usde a smoke bomb to hide my presence, then I use my shadow clone jutsu to make it even, four verses four, and I, being as smart as I am hid in the bushes while my clones fought then, and I threw shuriken at them and changed my possion often to evade ther countering throws of kunai and other items that they threw at me. after a bit, my clones defeated the four basic every day ninja that you see as basic guards.

Then another ninja appered, but he was much different, he had an unusual aura about him, the kind of aura of some one with alot of experience. "You have proven yourself worthy to join this village, the village of the twilight."


I have the blood ot the Hero of legacy which gives me increased stamina and charka, but I have a Blood Red eyepatch to seal most of my charka to prevent me on going on a bloody rampage, killing everything in my path.


I have a lot but I am not going to reveal my info about that

Techniques and Jutsu



Don't have any




also none


just stalker girl


You can teleport me from Michigan, But you can't stop me from going fast.


Future goals

Become a kage
Get the note
Become a reaper
Complete the Impossible Mission.

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