Season 26!
Level: 225 - R00T
Kaiju Kage
Jidai Village
- The Village Hidden in Time -
Doujutsu: 46 (+9)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-28
Genjutsu: 75 (+47)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-58 Successes: 2
Ninjutsu: 75 (+47)
Strength:+15 Range: 1-57 Successes: 2
Taijutsu: 75 (+47)
Strength:+16 Range: 1-58 Successes: 2
Missions Completed
D Missions: 922
C Missions: 1,944
B Missions: 1,708
A Missions: 5,676
AA Missions: 39,792
S Missions: 412
Reaper Missions: 1,836
Monochrome Missions: 1,143
Outskirts Missions: 2,619
Wasteland Missions: 3,938
Burger Missions: 2,667
R00t Missions: 6,555
PizzaWitch Missions: 452
Witching Missions: 11

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Updated Last on: 12-17-11

Subject's Description

A young man with a striking appearance like any other. His features could be considered attractive, with slender and sharp angles like those of a Host Club. His ebon hair is cropped short and close, where his eyes are dark and masked by a pair of glasses. The glasses do not hide the cold and calculating appearance of this young man, as he is known to be savage and cruel if needed to protect what he considers part of his sphere of control. His face is often hidden by a half mask covering his mouth and nose from sight, which appears part of his full body protective gear ninja gear. His kage hat is made of white and black cloth bound tightly over a sturdy wooden and metal guard. Bearing the mark of the Kanji for beginning, matching the rune for his village.

Background Information

Although his family is well-known and powerful, he himself wished to step from under their shadow of power and claim power for himself. Originally invited to expand his Ninja training by Kiyohara, Kyoya joined the village known as ShadowFire. After some time, the village was reclaimed by the Wastelands in a great apocalypse. Kage Minato1232 went through Kaijufication, and under his guidance created a new home, Taiyou Village. Due to his lofty goal to seek out and obtain the power to shape lives around him, Kyoya left Taiyou and formed the Village known as Jidai. Jidai has since exploded, and Kyoya went through Kaijufication- forming a new Immortal Realm known as Suikoden Village, Village Hidden in the 108 Stars.

Suikoden Village has rapidly grown in upgrades, but still has a few basic members, all of them friendly and tightly knit- but they are always looking for more members.

Completed Sections of the World:

Arena, Burger Ninja, Flower Wars, Impossible Mission, Lost Weapons, Mahjong, Major Kaiju, Minor Kaiju, Monochrome, Party House, PizzaWitch, Reaper, r00t, Sannin Runs, Trade, Wasteland, Witching Hour, Zombjas

BillyCon Stats

Alpha Cancel L10 Antidrama L2 Artsiness L2
Bluff L0 Chillaxing L2 Combat Sewing L1
Cosplay L3 Crossplay L1 Crowdswimming L0
Dance L16 Detect Traps L0 Drama L3
Flipping Out L9 Frame Advantage L11 GeoSense L1
Glomping L1 Glowsticking L11 Guard Crush L10
Hide L0 Knowledge L2 Macking L2
Photography L2 Posing L2 Reputation L0
Rocking L2 Schmoozing L1 Search L0
Sense Motive L0 Shopping L5 Silence L2
Spot L0 Staring L2 Tech Punish L10
The Angles L0 Use Rope L0— Veteran L3
Videogaming L4 Wake-Up Reversal L11 Wrangling L2**
Permanent Effects: Backstage Pass, Glowslinger, Extra Suitcase, Fateful Meeting, Fond Memories, Prime Target, Master of Disguise, Rising Star, Light Fantastic
Stuffs: Arcade Stick, BOX O' HEDZ, Blankie, Case of Energy Drinks, Case of Glowsticks, Credit Card, DJ Tables, 3 Extra Clothes, 3 Extra Noms, Giant Foam Hand, 2 Portable Juice Bar, Robot Butler


Kyoya bears the weight of several non-common bloodlines, they are the following:
Racer's Edge / Shift to Drift
Eye of the Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
Heart of the Cards
The Power of Greass
Mister Roboto
Mysterious Power
The Trade
Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper


It is rumored that all summoned creatures are helping him achieve his goals.

Permanent Items

This Table is only Unobtained current items.

Name Name Name Name
Arena BurgerNinja BillyCon / Glowslinging Custom
Golden Set Halloween Heart of the Cards Kaiju
Lost Weapons Major Kaiju Monochrome Party House
Pizza Witch Ranking Kaiju Reaper Referral
r00t Shop Sponsor Wasteland
Wheel Super-Rares Zombjas

Field Keys

Has obtained all Field Keys.


The following are only the missing themes currently needed.

Opening Themes Currently Completed
Battle Themes Currently Completed
Ending Themes Currently Completed

Trophies and Awesome

Currently Unobtained Trophies


Pilot Rank: F
Raw Piloting Bonus: +2

Name Bonus Provided Rank
Knightmare Head +1 Range G


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