Season 1!
Level: 42 - Special Jonin (Ninjitsu)
Raven Village
- The Village Hidden in Black Bird -
Doujutsu: 0 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-10
Genjutsu: 14 (+0)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-11 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 14 (+0)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 14 (+0)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-12 Successes: 0

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Character Description

Short -

Blue haired ninja, known for his abilities of chakra manipulation and fighting. Wears an open green sleeveless vest with no undershirt. Feet are covered with dull orange pants. Feet are bare and his overall body structure is toned, yet lean

long -

A crown of chaotic bangs sweep across this ninja's forehead, various shades of blue dance across his hair as the light strikes the follicles from every angle. The main array of hair seems to sweep back from the male's crown, rising up and coming to a point, as a set of long bangs droop themselves forward, covering his forehead while dancing in the slightest breeze. Eyes as blue as the sea peer out from behind this chaotic sprawl of hair, the male's unpronounced brow not impeding the hair from entering his eyes more often than not. A low-angled nose dons the blue-haired ninja's face, ending in to lips that seem to forever be placed in a smile. Well-rounded neck muscles extend from the man's head, sprawling down to his shoulders before being concealed by his green ninja vest. An open-air vest hangs itself loosely across the man's frame, unattached by anything safe the ninja's arms that loop through the open-sleeved holes. Toned arms fall down to gloved hands - metal plates worn on the back of the gloves, but no symbol placed upon them.

The ninja's headband rest across his neck, a symbol of a raven being engraved into the headband's metal plate. His core is toned as much as his arms, ridges of ribs hidden by muscular tissue and his stomach baring his abdominal muscles. A brown belt encircles the man's waist, holding up a pair of dull orange pants. The pants cover the man's legs completely, tapering and flaring at the end to allow for non-constrictive movement. A satchel full of kunai and shurikens are placed around his right thigh, doubled as a knee brace. His feet are bare, his toes wriggling in the air.


Little is known of the blue-haired wanderer's past. Meeting friends and foe alike with a continual grin, Kiljax has been a mystery to all those who have met him. Arriving from the mist, this young ninja joined the Raven Village on a whim. His skills in resource collecting and defense have made him a valued member of the village, not to mention the four ninjas that seemed to follow him from his unknown location. His past is open to all those that would listen, but the claims of victory he has spoken of seem to range from mundane to impossible. His ability with chakra manipulation for offensive strikes seem to be his most powerful asset, though his ability to defend himself in hand to hand combat are nothing to be scoffed at. Having stormed through the ranks of chuunin and most recently, special jonin has caused people to second guess the ninja's care-free nature.

He seems to react well with Red Rover and Spot as his companions, though he has been known to work alongside the notorious Billy and Emosuke when the time arises.


Red Eye


Techniques and Jutsu

Projectile Weapons: Kunai
+2 Tai Levels - (Item needed: Kunai)
0 C

Exploding Tags: Activate
+3 Nin Levels - (Item needed: Exploding Tags)
10 C

Piercing Fang
+1 Nin Success - (Item needed: Ninja Dog)
20 C

Disguise Jutsu
+1 Gen Level
25 C

Clone Jutsu
+1 Levels
35 C

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
+2 Nin Levels
45 C

Mind Body Switch Technique
+1 Gen Success
60 C

Water Style: Water Dragon Missile
+4 Nin Levels
85 C

Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
+4 Gen Levels
90 C

Ninja Art: Poison Fog
+5 Nin Levels, -2 Stamina
90 C

Copy Jutsus used on you during missions to learn later
100 C

Attack on the Nervous System
+3 Success
150 C

Get In My Belly
+3 Nin Success
200 C

Water Prison Technique
+1 Success
80 C

Wind Scythe Jutsu
+4 Tai Levels
60 C

Kido: Iron Maiden
+2 Tai Success, +1 Tai Range
150 C

Kido: Slayer
+2 Nin Success, +1 Nin Range
150 C

The Shocker
+3 Tai Strength, +5 Damage during a Bingo attempt
250 C

All Fours Jutsu
-1 Tai, +3 Nin, -1 Gen Levels
45 C

Super Heel Drop
+3 Tai Strength
145 C

Striking Snake Technique
+8 Levels
400 C





Awesome Abilities

Attack on the nervous system - 3 Successes: 150 Chakra


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