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Character Description

VERY HYPER!!!Don't give a damn about people that don't believe…in what I know not,just believe.I Especially hat those damn scientists…they could have kept their"the world is ending in 2012"to themselves!IDIOTS!!!Now everyone's in a frenzy to hurry their life up till 2012.


Why think of the past,hm?


Power of Greass
White Eye
Mister Roboto
Blood of the Reaper



Techniques and Jutsu

Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Escape Jutsu
Disguise Jutsu
Clone Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Gentle Fist
Piercing Fang
Mind Body Switch Technique
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Shadow Imitation Technique
Kido: Iron Maiden
Kido: Slayer
Kido: Metalocalypse
Eight Trigrams One Million Palms
Eight Trigrams Whirlwind
Soul Reaper Style: Crash Down, Axellynx!




Enough..just jokin:
Shuriken: 3
Bag of Chips: 13
Exploding Tags: 29
Silver Petals: 22
Filter Wrappings: 1
Smoke Bombs: 2
Medicinal Herbs: 1
Hot Picture of Emosuke: 2
Potion Base: 3
Kunai: 5
Dog Treats: 2
'Diet' Soda: 1
Greassy Nuggets: 4
Greassy Burger: 3
Wooden Tile: 3
Sham Rock: 2
Malted Pill: 1
Ceramic Tile: 2
Ninja Puppet: 1
Monster Mask: 1
Professor's Hat: 1
Giant Fan: 1
Badge of Courage: 1
Badge of Power: 1
Swallowtail Butterfly: 1
Heck Butterfly: 1
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge: 1
Badge of Wisdom: 1
Love Love Paradise: 1
Codec: 1
Stealth Suit: 1
Ring of Power: 1
Soul Candy: 1
Sword of the Reaper: 1
Ring of Courage: 1
X-Ray Specs: 1
K-Dog's Headband: 1
Ring of Wisdom: 1
RingEye: 1
Ninja Dog: 1
Trench Knife: 1
Knapsack: 1
Desert Robes: 1
Soul Glove: 1
Medal of Courage: 1
Dog Collar: 1
Chakra Armor: 1
Sevens Trophy: 1
Medal of Wisdom: 1
Reaper Blood - Dormant: 1
Blue Flower Hairpin: 1
Necklace of the First HoCage: 1
Basic Ninja Gear: 1





Awesome Abilities

NONE(Gettin fed up of this..)


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