Season 7!
Level: 111 - Sannin
Gryphon Village
- The Village Hidden in the Skies -
Doujutsu: 25 (+1)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-21
Genjutsu: 0 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-0 Successes: 0
Ninjutsu: 0 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-0 Successes: 0
Taijutsu: 0 (+0)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-0 Successes: 0

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Character Description

Always in progress.


A friend of mine seemed obsessed with this game. Through her talking about it constantly, I eventually gave in and made an account to make her happy and to give me something to do. What I didn't consider… Was how addictive it is and how quickly you can be absorbed into everything! At that point, it wasn't just for her that I was playing…
Season 1
I wanted to do everything I could. As my levels grew, I enjoyed beating missions. My biggest frustration was Wasteland… I actually got pretty far without having StI. But as Raiven was having a problem with some pesky Zombjas… I went over to her village to help. These were insanely difficult ones, and as a last resort to destroy them, Raiven exploded her village! So I received Survived the Impossible.
Big moments of frustration: Trying to get a bloody stupid sharpening stone. Ended up buying 10 in the marketplace, and 6 of them were appraised as sharpening stones… after all the searching… *twitch*
V A moment of complete D'oh! Sannin Run V
Season 2
Yep, I made it. Ended up doing Monochrome (Catgirls was the drop I got), and Wasteland again.
Seasons 3-6
Finished the Sannin themes, finished Wasteland & Monochrome.
Keira blew up DeathNote, and I made my village. Spot Village, Hidden in the Sun. Started April 11th. Blew up on July 1st.
Season 7
I became the Kaiju Kage of Gryphon Village. Kaiju #227


Like I'm going to tell you now?

Awesome Abilities

Limitless Focus 2
Overwhelming Efficiency 1


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