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This scroll of kawaii13 is a relic and many duplicates have already been released. But what you are holding right now is a key of knowledge to be passed on to generations since kawaii13 has long died and known to have looped into a new season but still we have to reminisce this Jonin's awe inspiring tale of heroism and declining the position of Sannin for a reason.

(NOTE: The story is based on many anime shows and stories. Have fun reading!)
"The Blood WhiteEye"
Season 1!
Level: 60 - Jonin
Oniwaban Village Village
- The Village Hidden in Kyoto -
Doujutsu: 2 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-11
Genjutsu: 30 (+11)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-12 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 30 (+11)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-12 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 30 (+11)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-11 Successes: 1

Character Description

Ryuzaki Kawaii The 13th is a 17 year old shinobi that is about 170 centimeters in height and is thinner that lean but has hidden strength from his small, weak muscles. He is a nerd turned gangster turned emo turned ninja turned emo-ninja. He wears his hair one-sided alternating left to right everyday and dresses simply with his long-sleeved shirt and pants without any footwear. Occasionally, he puts on a thick eyeliner to enhance his emo look and for his WhiteEye to sense objects around him because of the lessened eyebags. He is mostly seen above treetops writing in his The Note Diary, listening to his Emo Rock CDs, munching on some Soul Candies, drinking Milkshakes and smoking his Ashen Film cigarettes he created himself.

Before he engages with his ninja missions and village duties, he often steals a Razor Blade from Emosuke and cuts his wrists then puts the blood in his eyes, making them red, hence the name "The Blood WhiteEye". This ritual he does has no proof of added power to his WhiteEye. When he is in this state, he becomes enrage thus, having increased attack speed, chakra regeneration and justu strength.

His weapon of choice is his self-named Sword of the Reaper, "Kawaii". In his pockets are SmokeBombs that he smokes, not throw and some Soul Candies.

His techniques are mostly common jutsus learned from his allies but the most used was his trademark skill, Omnislash, where with this technique, he will surely hit the target two times but he will have two lesser chances to have a hit. The origin of this slash was from samurais. He will fix his eyes unto one target, then dash forward and hit this targets several times according to his levels. He will not stop slashing his target even if he tries to escape. He will follow his target with black and white aura where ever he passes because of the excess energy of his blade. That skill is only in Shikai, but in Bankai, he opens up his WhiteEye combined with his blood to perform "The Blood WhiteEye" state then uses his Sword of the Reaper and releases his Kidos according to what type of target he is up with.

Before he had mysteriously disappeared, he was seen in his "The Blood WhiteEye", smoking his cigars, standing over a bingo'd ninja. He then gave the battered ninja a Cure Right Wounds and his Emo Rock CD collection.

His last words were:

" I don't really know,

why are you hating me so?

let's just be EMO… "


The Painful Past

When Ryu was still young, he enjoyed staying at home, playing his video games, and reading his books all about science and math. His parents always argued about everything, even Ryu's dream to be a Sannin.

"He shouldn't go out there and become a ninja! He will die trying!"

"No he won't! It will make him more independent and enhance his skills! My son will be a ninja and that's final!"

"It doesn't mean that your father, grandfather and brothers are ninjas, Ryu should be a ninja. I know your the only woman in your family and you want our son to fulfill your dream for you. That's just plain selfish!"

"There you go again! Don't you talk about my family and my dream again! Is it because I stay at home and you go out there with your business? Does that make me worthless?!"

"I don't know what your talking about!"

Their fights continued for hours and hours with few pauses to drink water because they have been releasing their saliva continuously while arguing. His parents eventually divorced and he stayed with his father in their Manor while his mother went far away. Heart-broken for what happened to his family, Ryu thought about running away. He packed his things and stole some money from his father and also his Average Pistol. He traversed the forests, mountains and fields until he reached a welcoming village hidden in the Astral Plane, Ragnarok Village.

He submitted an application to village leader and he was happily accepted by this small village. One day while collecting resources in the village, he met Flipper, a kind teacher that was very friendly and decided to be allies with him. Flip decided to give Ryu a 3 day tour around their village. After 3 days, he earns a Monster Mask that gives him extra stamina.

Several days have passed and he was able to pass the Chunin exams and also be a Special Jonin in Genjutsu in a week and also have his very first bloodline, WhiteEye. His first practice with it involve looking far away and try to view anything out there. He fixed his sight where he knew the Kawaii Manor was. Instead of seeing a Manor, he instead saw a gang of ninjas running towards the village. He immediately alerted Flipper whom sent the news to Foxtail, the village leader.

They set up defenses against the enemy ninjas and even Ryu participated in defending it. Being a proctor in Genjutsu, he used his mind and willpower to overthrow his enemies. He also consulted his Average Pistol when his chakra was low. He had his WhiteEye activated to search his surroundings because it was already dark and to have dead on accuracy. Firing his gun sent him to a adrenaline rush. He kept on firing at his enemies until a kunai was thrown by the enemy ninjas and he was cut in the forehead sending blood to his eyes. As we all know, WhiteEye was never meant to be red. When blood mixed with his eyes, he become enrage and red, white and black chakra surrounded his body. His speed of firing and body heat increased also his visibility lessened.

On a bloodbath, Ryu fired his pistol wildly and hit all his targets, all were dead and some were injured. His firing was so great that he hadn't notice that he also shot one of his allies, Flip. Flipper was on critical condition losing a lot of blood. Ryu came back to his senses and fear enveloped his mind sending him to run faraway from the village.

The Rogue Adventures

Now a rogue ninja, Ryukazi Kawaii The 13th was a shameful person. He turned his back on his first ally. His remaining allies were namely The Original Trio, Ro-Sham-Bo Redux, Eight Ball Team, Team Bruce and Team Sandy but he hadn't talked to them lately. He searched for a new home far away from the Astral Plane so he traveled where ever there was light until he reached Kyoto. A place were a legendary samurai, often named as "The Battousai" lived in peace. He thought to himself that if he met this man he would learn how to live peacefully even though he had a dark past from him and maybe teach him a technique or two. He met him during a period where Kenshin Himura, "The Battousai", was with a battle with Shinomori Aoshi also known as Dave. After the battle, Dave was defeated and finally found enlightenment and became a good friend of Himura. Ryu asked Kenshin if he could stay with them in their dojo and teach him something.

"Kenshin-sensei, would you please teach me a technique to defeat and kill my enemies?"

"I don't know… I don't know any sword techniques that can KILL…"

"Well… How 'bout skills that I can defend myself?"

"I guess I can teach you an ancient way of defense slash called 'The OMNISLASH', but to actually perfect this technique, you must have self-realization and know your purpose in life"

"Okay, I guess I will do as you say"

Himura draws his blade and demonstrates a quick set of slashes onto one of the target dummies in the dojo while its sheath was still on. It was very basic.

"That was it?? Isn't it to simple and to weak?"

"Simplicity is Beauty, and besides it wasn't THAT weak…"

The dummy suddenly splits into hundreds of pieces. Ryu, left in awe, was speechless. He then practices this technique over and over with a bamboo stick but couldn't quite get it. With his hard work and perseverance he was able to cut the dummy in half. Now, he must figure out how to increase the slashing power and speed to cut it into smaller pieces. Exhausted from practicing, he enters the dojo to find Dave talking to Kenshin about Dave's village hidden in Kyoto. Overhearing this, Ryu quickly joins the conversation.

"Dave-san, you have a VILLAGE?!"

"Why, of course. Well, actually it was just a gang, a clan before in the Shogunate Period and I decided to make it a Hidden Village here in Kyoto."

"You mean, you made the Oni Gang a village, Aoshi?"

"Yes, and its called the Oniwaban Village now, Himura. And it is included in the Ninja World War 'cause I thought if I couldn't be the best samurai warrior, then maybe the best Village leader and the best ninja too."

"Good for you, I hear that Ryu hear doesn't have a village to go to. Would you enter him into your clan?"

"Gladly, I heard of his skill and power. Sure, he could start tomorrow, just go to the Statue in the village square and wait for me there and we will send you a map to our village. Agreed?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Whoa, Aoshi. Your village must be really hidden huh? Because I think I wouldn't find it near your house and your Oni Gang Headquarters, right?"

"Idiot! That's why it was called hidden, you fool! Why did you say it's location, Kenshin?"

They laughed maniacally and Dave bid goodbye to our hero and Himura. Next day, Ryu went to the village square Statue and a ninja gave a map to him. He followed it until he reached a dark cave leading to the village. A great big crowd welcomed Ryu. It was the start of his new life.

The New Life

(To Be Continued)


True Blood of the Reaper
Wasteland Disease


Big Bo
Big Ro
Big Shammy
Billy Lvl. 3
Bruce Jr.
Bruce Sr.
Emosuke Lvl. 3
Lil' Bo Lvl. 2
Lil' Ro Lvl. 2
Lil' Shammy Lvl. 2
Lil' Whitey
Master P
MC StripeyPants
Mister Six
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Smith
Ol' Whitey
Pinky Lvl. 2
The Rack
Red Rover
Rover's Mom
The Scar
Shorty Lvl. 2
Smokey the Bear
Stalkergirl Lvl. 2
Timmy Lvl. 2

Techniques and Jutsu

Clone Jutsu
Disguise Jutsu
Eight Trigrams Whirlwind
Escape Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Gentle Fist
Inner Monologue
Kido: Metalocalypse
Kido: Iron Maiden
Kido: Slayer
The Gates
Mind Body Switch Technique
Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
Sexy Jutsu
Soul Reaper Style: Kawaii, Omnislash!
Striking Snake Sacrifice
Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
Welcome to Good Burger


Bone Daddy
Mini Frog
Princess Slug


Monster Mask
Professor's Hat
Swallowtail Butterfly
Heck Butterfly
Dog Collar
Stealth Suit
Necklace of the First HoCage
Desert Robes
Sword of the Reaper
Basic Ninja Gear
Soul Glove
Ninja Dog
Giant Fan
Ring of Power
Aura of Fortune
Utility Belt
Aura of Experience
Glowing Mood Ring
Medal of Wisdom
Badge of Wisdom
Badge of Courage
Badge of Power
Blue Flower Hairpin
Ring of Wisdom
Ring of Courage
Chakra Armor
Trench Knife
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Soul Candy
Giant Fan


Somebody's Watching You!
Welcome to the Other Side



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