Level: 55 - Sannin
The Wiki Village
Genjutsu: 19 (+3)
Strength: +3 Range: 1-12
Ninjutsu: 17 (+3)
Strength: +2 Range: 1-13
Taijutsu: 19 (+6)
Strength: +3 Range: 1-12

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KakashiHMF is a proud member of the The Wiki Village!



Character Description

KakashiHMF is similar to the already famous Ninja K-Dog and he posses the strength of the Red Eye too. He is not know as the Copy Ninja or something beacuse he is a great Taijutsu Ninja. He trains very hard to make his Taijutsu stronger and sometimes he trains Ninjutsu and Genjutsu too. KakashiHMF has also a scar on the left eye and always wears a mask similar to K-Dog's.


KakashiHMF was born in the villege hidden in the Nightsounds also known as Houls village. Right from his birth he has been a great Ninja and has showed great potential in Taijutsu. Already in the level of 12 he became a Chunin and at the level of 22 he became a Sp. Jonin (Taijutsu) He has a long way to become a Jonin and his real goal is to become a respected Sannin one day. KakashiHMF had some near friends when he was a kid and one of them was ShadowHMF and TobiHMF but they grow from each other. ShadowHMF and KakashiHMF still lives in the same village but TobiHMF has left their village and is now known as a Traitor. With his mighty powers KakashiHMF got a new road to follow. He wanted more and more power and now he is a Rogue Ninja. Together with Uzuki he is building a new village. The new villages name is "The Wiki" and even when KakashiHMF doesn't help so much to it Uzuki and some other friends has managed to make it one of the biggest villages in no time. KakashiHMF dreams came true and he is now a Sannin but again not the only one in his village.


Red Eye


KakashiHMF has a few Team Mates he cares about. They are really a big help to him when he is doing his Taijutsu missions. They are Billy, Lil' Whitey and Terri
After ShadowHMF left his village only his loyal mate Billy followed him but with time he got two new allies who helps him more than the two olds. They are The Rack and Yuri

KakashiHMF's allies:

Lil' Ro
Lil' Shammy
Lil' Whitey
The Rack

Techniques and Jutsu

KakashiHMF doesn't have a big arsenal of Jutsus but he knows some that are very helpful for him.

Full list of KakashiHMf's Jutsus: (not complete)

Clone Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Disguise Jutsu
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Escape Jutsu
Leaf Hurricane


KakashiHMF is not the one who caries too much items but he has few ones that are useful for him in his missions.

Full list of KakashiHMF's (permanent) items:

Emo Valentine
Professor's Hat
Trench Knife
Ninja Dog
Ninja Puppet


Cooming Soon


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