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Season 24!
Level: ?? - Jonin
Rehive Village
- The Village Hidden in the Afterswarm -
Doujutsu: ?? (+?)
Strength:+? Range: 1-??
Genjutsu: ?? (+?)
Strength:+? Range: 1-?? Successes: ?
Ninjutsu: ?? (+??)
Strength:+? Range: 1-? Successes: ?
Taijutsu: ?? (+?)
Strength:+? Range: 1-? Successes: ?

Character Description

Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 220 pounds
Race: White
Ancestry: Norwegian (specifically ancient Vikings) and German (specifically German nomadic barbarians)
Alignment: The Anti-Hero


Waldo was born like any other normal person. He went to elementary school and progressed and had a fairly normal life. One day though he started to notice these weird creatures that no one else did. He would tell people of these things and promptly was put in therapy and medicated. This did not help. He still saw these creatures.

Waldo awoke one night when he had heard a strange noise coming from outside. He saw his father in what seemed to be black garments of some sort. He was extremely confused. Waldo flung his bedroom window up and shouted down to his father. His father quickly turned to his son. In that moment, his father was struck with a Cero beam from the hollow. Waldo quickly saw his mother, who was dressed in the strange black garment, run to his father. She was crying. She raised her sword to the hollow. Then suddenly the hollow leaped over his mother and went straight for the window where Waldo was looking out of. The hollow then promptly grabbed Waldo from his perch. His mother screamed.

The hollow then ran….

A little while passed…

Waldo regained consciousness. He awoke to his mother fighting for her life and his to stop the hollow. His mother turned to him and smiled one last time. She then lunged forward glowing with a strange aura at the hollow. The hollow release his tentacles at her. In that moment, what appeared to be a tear in the dimensional wall appeared. Waldo's mother had created with her reiastu a tear into Hueco Mundo. She then used the last bit of her strength to tackle into the hollows main body and force them both into the tear. In that instance the hollow had gotten one tentacle to attack Waldo. Even though the hollow was sent to Hueco Mundo, Waldo was mortally wounded. Even though a late night jogger had noticed a bleeding 12 year old in the park. By time the ambulance came Waldo had been killed.

In the Soul Society….

Jediwaldo regains his consciousness. He begins to wonder where he is. He realizes that he is no longer in the world he used to know. Here it is a village of some sort. Very plain with no technology that he was so used to you. It was simplicity at its fullest. He knew that this was a different place, dimension, or something. He came to the conclusion that this has to be heaven or as close to it as it was possible. There were a lot of people.

Then, a stranger came and knelt down.
The stranger said, "Howdy, welcome to the Soul Society's Rukongai. This is where we all live and we are all souls of the living."
Jediwaldo replied, "So I'm dead then?" The stranger nodded. "Well sonny I think we best get you off the floor and I should probably explain to you what is going on."

Years later….

Waldo realized that he was unlike most others in Rukongai. He is able to remember his past life. What happened to both his parents. He soon also realized that he was able to stand up against some of the most feared souls in Rukongai. He had gained a name for himself from standing up for the those in his "family". He was called Waldo the Jedi (this was reference to a story told those Rukongai about a battle between good and evil where lightsabers were used to control the fate of the universe). This was especially given to him for the sole fact that when he would fight against any opponent his reiastu would leech out and almost portray those told in the story of the jedi and sith, that and combined was when he first learned to "find" his sword he reiastu formed around it and shone like a beam of energy on a hilt. He was then noticed by those inside gates of Seireitei. He was then promptly asked to join the Shinigami training academy.

In the academy, he excelled at sword combat and use of his reiastu. He however lacked in his ability to use his kido. His kido would sometimes back fire releasing too much reiastu at one time. Not only hitting his mark but sometimes knocking him back and backlashing and injuring other students. He also realized that even unlike most Shinigami he was able to withstand more pain and cuts than most. It was like most attacks where not even noticed by him.

After graduating the Shingami academy he was asked to join the 11th Division. Jediwaldo's Zanpakto is also quite unique. It is a also a 6 feet long and a double blade with a single hilt sword that his reiastu surrounds making it appear to be a lightsaber. What Jediwaldo soon realized that this zanpakto actually feeds off the massive reiastu that he "leaks" out without control. The teachers of the Shinigami Academy had seen this once before over 1000 years ago. He was promptly instructed to wear an eyepatch over his right eye. This was a special seal that limited his reiastu and allowed for a slightly better control of his reiastu and in turn his zanpakto.

He quickly progressed up to 10th highest ranked officer in the 11th Division under Kenpachi. Even after this promotion he started to promptly decline all offers from any other division or even his division for advancement. He was looking for the big one. He dreamed that one day he would be a captain of his own squad. He still had to either best Kenpachi in a match to even stand up to another for the position of captain or he needed to unleash his Bankai.

He quickly became friends with a low ranked shinigami in the 12th division who had access to all the records kept within their squad. He soon found out that the hollow that had killed his parents has actually been killed not to long ago by a Shinigami substitute. It was a relief, but he felt that his revenge was unfinished. He thought their had to be a higher power that was controlling that hollow. He was also told by his friend in the 12th division of a hollow who runs Hell and that he knew of one way to get into Hell. JediWaldo decided that this hollow must be stopped. After talking with the higher ups concerning a mission of this magnitude they rejected as pure speculation and that the information is not very accurate since the gates of Hell are sealed and only appear when a soul or hollow is completely evil.

Jediwaldo then on his accord talked to his friend who he then conned into making a "doll" for him to leave Rukongai and his duties as a shingami for good and hunt this hollow who is in Hell. He was also told of forbidden techniques and methods for increasing ones power as a shinigami. Jediwaldo was given all the information concerning these unnatural techniques. Before leaving Rukongai he started his journey on the first and the most interesting method of increasing his shinigami power. That was to unlock and and embrace his inner hollow. He had successfully unlocked his inner hollow, but has only temporary suppressed his inner hollow for a short time. He decided that this kind of training was best to be done in the real world.

What came next after getting his doll for a body and leaving Rukongai he would of never been prepared for. He found himself in a world unlike the one he had left from or was born into. He is now in a world controlled and fought over by Ninjas. He quickly found that all his shinigami training allowed him to easily sneak into a village and become a Jonin in the village very quickly almost unnoticed. Soon, every major ninja in that village just treated him with respect and admired his unconventional but very effective fighting style.

And so Jediwaldo continues to find out how to get into hell while being a ninja in the Gold Village.

In his travels Jediwaldo eventually became a rogue ninja after realizing that his dream of killing the hollow that killed his parents was not obtainable he left Gold Village. During his travels he became good friends with two villages. Alt village taught him even more abilities that he previously did not have. This brought him even closer to his ultimate goal, until one day Alt Village exploded into flames due to Jkeezer's awesomeness. Jediwaldo's friends from Nijiro village let him in for a time being. Shortly after joining Jkeezer built is Immortal Realm called Hokage Village. Realizing that his true potential can only come out in such a realm jediwaldo left Nijiro for Hokage village.

Little did jediwaldo know that his evil twin brother Sithwaldo was born and has been following him since just a few weeks ago. Sithwaldo even joined Nijiro village.

Now the story unfolds even more as jediwaldo trys to find his true calling in the WASTELAND!

Long trek through the Wastelands

Jediwaldo continued his long trek through the wasteland. Even though he had mastered only 2/3 thirds of it he is now revered as an expert. His mastering will not take much longer. While in the the wasteland he learned many valuable skills that he now uses in the ultimate test of hit metal.

The Re-release form of his Zanpaktou

While traversing the Wastelands jediwaldo ran into a HUGE problem. His sword Nakashin went into remission and was uncallable. After seeking out a hermit he had learned that his Zanpaktou was put into remission and that somehow Jediwaldo was being put to a test by Nakashin in an attempt to increase his own resolve. After a stuggling time for him he realized what he had to do and what he had lost. He finally forced his Zanpaktou back into its normal form and was able to call upon it again, but to his surprise Nakashin had changed. Nakashin changed into a new style of sword called "Thunder Fangs". Not only was the sword a souba style sword still but it has the ability to be split into two swords. When jediwaldo first used this he realized something very impertinent. Even though Nakashin used to channel his reiatsu into a usable souba lightning rod the seperation allowed him to release his reiatsu into an almost uncontrollable increase in his speed, strength, and stamina. He decided it was time to test his metal out on some free-lance village protection and get a name for himself in the ninja world.

Test of his metal

With the powers of his new allies from the wasteland he has been able to stand up and test his metal against some of the toughest kaiju's in the realm. None have been able to stand up to him as of it. His trophy case has even been expanding with their defeats. By protecting the village of Seraphim as a free-lance kaiju muncher and a high level sannin he has been able to stand up to both the Nine Tailed Fox and the Demon of the Sand and their superior kaiju abilities. He has been in constant struggle with keeping the Demon of the Sand restrained since he was defeated once by the village he has decided to take it out on the village already once but has been kept at bay.

He has not lost sight on his eventual return of his nemesis the King of Hell. While being still elulsive and the technique for summoning the gates to hell is still out of his grasp and ability he hopes one day he will settle the score.

Stumbling on more info…

During his research on finding on how strong the hollows truly are in Hueco Mundo, he has came to realization that even in his new state of having full control over his Zanpaktou and releasing his inner ninja is still not going to be enough. That hollow that killed his father and his mother is far stronger than he first anticipated. He must go into a deep training cycle that will push him beyond his very limits. He must even undertake a very risky transformation of bringing out his inner hollow to further increase his power.

Even completing all this training it may not be enough. Even with access to the phase gate he may still have no chance on revenge. The story will no unfold as he completes the most rigorous training he has ever done and take his own power to the next level.

Continual training

After an exhausting length of training, jediwaldo soon found out that his zanpaktou did not tell him its real name (as it was sleeping). He found out that it's real name was Kaminari. After finding out its name he soon came to realize that he was only using its bankai at about 50% of total potential. To fully release its power he must give up complete usage of his zanpaktou to defend himself. After realizing this, he decided he must find a replacement style of combat.

Banryuu Quest

After a few duels with other shinigamis, he realized that being without a weapon during bankai and forced to just use kido/jutsu based attacks that he obviously at a disadvantage. He decided to research up on ancient weapons. As luck had it, he stumbled across an ancient weapon that was used during a battle between a human that was resurrected and a half-demon. This claymore weapon was called the banryuu. After reading about the story, he went in pursuit of this claymore. It was easy to find this weapon but with it being broken in 3 pieces he had to find a blacksmith to fix it. After finding a blacksmith willing to fix it, he found out that he must 1.5 million ryo to fix it. As luck had it, after all his mission he had completed he actually had 1.5million ryo saved up and got it repaired. After receiving it, he decided to go train with it

Training complete

After 2 months straight of training, jediwaldo was finally able to enter the chaos gate. Upon entering he realized the he was close to fighting the hollow that killed his parents. Finally learning that the RNG is currently in control of the 11tailed Demon. He decided he must go after him! Soon however he realized that he must face the 11tailed Demon's 9 guards. The protectors of the Lost Weapons.

Into the Chaos

to be continued

Description of Zanpaktou, including Shikai and Bankai states


Name: Kaminari (lightning god)
Shikai state: Two katanas, one with no guard/souba and one with a guard/souba.
Bankai state: The two katanas disappear into the ground and create a aura that suppresses other zanpaktous (see bankai description for more info). As such either a non-zanpaktou, melee style, or kido style battle must then ensue for the user.

Bankai State Zanpaktou
It is an unusual Bankai to say the least. It's best described as a list of what it does.

Aura (30 yard bubble in all directions, invisible, and unnoticeable)

  • caused by a massive release of my reiatsu
  • effect reverts all zanpaktous to their unreleased states and jediwaldo's is released into a dual katana state as per Nakashin's new form.

Individuals with enough reiatsu have the ability to recall their zanpaktous out

  • Their reiatsu first has to over come my suppression of reiatsu caused by my bankai
  • if their reiatsu is enough to overcome my suppressive aura
  • Drawbacks insue
    • Bankai state
      • vaiable limit which is based on the amount of reiatsy or spiritual energy the user has
      • if the zanpaktou is out after the limit the user will black out and go unconscious

Drawbacks for myself

  • my reiatstu may be increasing but the aura bubble is very limited and i am unable to call my shikai state style souba katana, but may use his Banryuu claymore to do battle instead.

All Time Goals

1. Beat Root
2. Get Rehive to Beacon status
3. Get Destiny Bloodline

Notable Bloodlines

Silver Eye

Items still needed to Get

World Kai
Season Collections
Tiny Beezooka


Headband of Awesome

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