Season 2!
Level: 59 - Jonin
The Epic Village Village
- The Village Hidden in Awesomeness -
Doujutsu: 5 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 20 (+11)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 19 (+11)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 20 (+13)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1

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Character Description


I used to run Defender village for a short while. The village was given to a friend who gave it to Lafiel. Lafiel took the village to new heights and blew it up. Now it is The Epic Village.


White Eye, True Blood of the Reaper, Wasteland Disease


Annie, Big Ro, Big Bo, Big Shammy, Billy Lvl. 3, Bruce Jr., Bruce Sr., Cato, CiCi, Emosuke Lvl 3, Fletch, Flipper, Flutie, Haro, Haus, Hermano, Hyuk, J-Diddy, K-dog, K.Y., Lil' Bo Lvl 2, Lil' Shammy Lvl 2, Lil' Whitey, Master P, MC Stripeypants, Meatballs, Mr. Six, Mr. Sandman, Mr. Smith, Ol' Whitey, Olmek, Pandabear, Pinky Lvl 2, Red Rover Lvl 2, Robogirl, Rover's Mom, Shorty Lvl 2, Sicko, Smokey the Bear, SNAKEMAN, Spot Lvl 2, Stalkergirl Lvl 2, Sticky, Strawberry, Tats, Terri Lvl 2, The Rack, The Scar, The Twins, TicTac, Timmy Lvl 2, Trapchan, Tubby, Yuri, and Z-Dog.

Techniques and Jutsu

  1. WhiteEye
  2. Soul Reaper Style: Rockin, Rudolph!
  3. Clone Jutsu
  4. Disguise Jutsu
  5. Exploding Tags: Activate
  6. Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
  7. Projectile Weapons: Kunai
  8. Escape Jutsu
  9. Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
  10. Eight Trigrams Eleventy Billion Palms
  11. Eight Trigrams Whirlwind
  12. Mind Body Switch Technique
  13. Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
  14. Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
  15. Kido: Iron Maiden
  16. Kido: Slayer
  17. Kido: Metalocalypse
  18. Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
  19. Gentle Fist
  20. Inner Monologue
  21. Epic Dog Urination Technique









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