Iro Night
Iro Night
Season 6!
Level: 102 - Sannin
NeoLegions Village
- The Village Hidden in Tercia -
Doujutsu: 11 (+1)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-20
Genjutsu: 34 (+21)
Strength:+13 Range: 1-38 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 33 (+25)
Strength:+12 Range: 1-38 Successes: 2
Taijutsu: 35 (+28)
Strength:+11 Range: 1-38 Successes: 1

Character Description

Iro Night is a tall, lanky man with brown hair and grey eyes. His original name is not Iro Night, but Kuro Yami which meant "Black Darkness." When he was a small child, he intended to change his name to Shiro Yo when he became a ninja, meaning "White Night." A childhood friend called him "Iro the shining knight" so when he finally became a Ninja, he took the name Iro Night instead.


In Win Village, a Genin named Iro Night is being trained by Flipper. "No Iro, that's not how you do the Clone Jutsu!"

Another Genin by the name of Billy came running up. "Hey hey! I learned how to make a bunch of clones! Wanna see?" At the nod from Iro, Billy performed the hand symbols for the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu.

"Billy! That's the Shadow Clone Jutsu! You Genin aren't supposed to use that." Iro and Billy exchanged glanced and grinned, then Iro used the Shadow Clone Jutsu as well. While Flipper was chasing down the clones, the real Iro and Billy slipped away to goof around.

"Man, Flipper is a cool ninja, but he can be so boring." Billy complained, not watching where he was going and nearly stepping on a mouse in Ninja garb. When Iro say the Kunai the mouse pulled out, he pulled Billy aside.

"That was close! Thanks big guy, Billy has a habit of stepping on me. I'm Ninja Mice, a Genin."

Ninja Mice and Iro Night formed a deep friendship, taking and passing the Chunin Exam. Soon afterwards, Iro also passed the Special Jonin exam for Genjutsu. Ninja Mice looked at him with a hint of jealousy. "Just you wait, Iro! One day I'm gonna be a Jonin!"

Iro smiled and nodded to his good buddy, before heading off to meet up with Billy, Pinky and Stalkergirl for some missions. Weeks later, Ninja Mice and Iro Night had both made Jonin when Iro decided to leave the village. At the gate, Emosuke and Billy were waiting for him, arguing with Ninja Mice. A female Chunin named Aura stood shyly off to the side, glancing at Iro once or twice.

"Why are you all leaving the village? You've done so much to help this village, and now you're just going to abandon it?" Ninja Mice demanded.

"Whatever. This place sucks." Emosuke said boredly.

"I'm just going with Iro." Billy said with a shrug.

Ninja Mice turned to look at Iro Night. "Is it really true, Iro? Are you really going to leave?"

"Yeah. But I believe I'll be back someday, and I'm sure the village will be even better then." He said with a grin to his small comrade. Tapins then appeared. "I understand, Iro. I'll let you go and trust that you'll return to us."

As the three traveled together, they were ambushed by SNAKEMAN, a very evil and dangerous Rogue Ninja. "You three are impressive Ninjas. Come be my minions and I'll make you even stronger."

Iro exchanged glanced with Emosuke and Billy, before all three charged in and attacked.

Billy attacked first, using his own style. "This is Sparta!"

Snakeman stumbled under the attack before being subjected to Emosuke's technique.

"Get in the bucket!"

Falling to his knees, Snakeman looked up as Iro lifted his Reaper Sword. "Come forth, Chaos Blade!"

After the three defeated Snakeman, they forced him to teach all his techniques to Iro. "Just you wait, I'll make you pay for this." Snakeman hissed as he ran back into his hole.

Iro continued his quest with his two comrades, finding a powerful village and spending some time there learning new skills. After some time in this village, he was assaulted by SNAKEMAN once again. In his quest for Revenge, Snakeman lured Iro Night out into the Wastelands alone, where he and his minion Haus beat Iro up. He lost his memories in the fight, and wandered aimlessly for a while.

He soon was found and rescued by another village. Without memories, he became a Genin in that village, but quickly made his way back to Jonin rank. Along the way, he made five new comrades: Mister C, Puchu, Antilies, ninja8, Urgazhi. Eventually after reaching Jonin Rank, he remembered his past and left the village in search of his old home. He could not find his way back to Win Village, and after meeting up with his comrades, decided to make a new village. His comrades helped him, choosing to make Iro the Kage of Legions village. Iro has since lead his comrades in a great struggle to enter the Ninja World War, looking over and protecting his village to the best of his ability.

He occasionally leaves the village for very special training, and on one such occasion, witnessed and Survived the Impossible in Tsubasa village. He was shocked to see Tapins and Ninja Mice when he was there, and has since made a pact with the two.

After nearly a year of struggling, with many lost Ninja and failed battles, he finally created an Epic Monument for his village when disaster struck. A Portal of Awesome appeared, which he had to fight without the aide of his villagers. During the great battle, he gleaned knowledge into becoming a Kaiju him, but after he struck the finishing blow to his foes and turned back to his village, he found nothing but a wasteland.

After searching the village and finding survivors, he went to form a new village with them, an Immortal Realm with himself as a Kaiju and the leader of the village.


RedEye(seasons 1-3,6)
WhiteEye(season 4)
Eye of the Storm
True Blood of the Reaper
The Power of Greass
The Trade
Not Wasteland Disease


Missions Completed
D Missions: 1059
C Missions: 1468
B Missions: 3344
A Missions: 1576
AA Missions: 1088
S Missions: 40
Reaper Missions: 1380
Monochrome Missions: 301
Outskirts Missions: 651
Wasteland Missions: 984
Burger Missions: 400
R00t Missions: 413


Techniques and Jutsu

Permanent Items




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