Season 3!
Level: 67 - Sannin
Anime Village
- The Village Hidden in Japan -
Doujutsu: 4 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 21 (+20)
Strength:+6 Range: 1-22 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 22 (+14)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-24 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 22 (+14)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-19 Successes: 1

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Character Description + History

Shikamaru Nara is a lazy but very intelligent Person. With an IQ of over 200 he is one of the cleverest characters of his village. He was the only one of his age group who became Chunin. Shikamaru is capable to catch enemies with his Shadow, so they can not move anymore. His team consists of himself, Chouji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka and the teamleader Asuma Sarutobi.
He often became the leader of his own Team. That means he had the entire responsibility of his team-members.
After his Sensei Asuma died because of Hidan, Shikamaru became more grown-up and started to smoke. Later he want to take revenge and killed Hidan after an awesome battle. He promised Kurenai to take care of the baby of Asuma and her when it is born.


Eye of the Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
True Blood of the Reaper
The Trade
Mysterious Power

Regular Allies


Reaper Allies


The Trade Allies


Outskirt Allies


Wasteland Allies


Holiday Allies


Monochrome Allies


Shop Allies


Partyhouse Allies

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Other Allies


Burger Allies


Techniques and Jutsu

* Running Man
* Advanced WhiteEye
* Soul Reaper Style: Sakabato, Kuzuryusen!
* Clone Jutsu
* Disguise Jutsu
* Exploding Tags: Activate
* Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
* Projectile Weapons: Kunai
* Escape Jutsu
* Leaf Hurricane
* Leaf Whirlwind
* Primary Lotus
* Hidden Lotus
* Sexy Jutsu
* Human Juggernaut
* All Fours Jutsu
* Piercing Fang
* Shadow Imitation Technique
* Windmill Triple Attack
* Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
* Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
* Wind Scythe Jutsu
* Great Wind Scythe Jutsu
* Wind Release: Severing Pressure
* Dust Wind Technique
* Shadow Clone Jutsu
* Shadow Shuriken Technique
* Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu
* Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu
* Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
* Mind Body Switch Technique
* Earth Style: Groundhog Technique Decapitation
* Killer Kancho
* Eight Trigrams Whirlwind
* Eight Trigrams One Million Palms
* Puppet: Crow
* Puppet: Salamander
* Puppet: Black Ant
* Human Needle Boulder
* Welcome to Good Burger
* Twin Rising Dragons
* Blizzard Jutsu
* Gentle Fist
* Fire Release: Ash Product Burning
* Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
* Prepared Needle Shot
* The Ninja-Mas Spirit
* Epic Dog Urination Technique
* Second Face Jutsu
* Water Prison Technique
* Water Clone Technique
* Get In My Belly
* Ninja Art: Poison Fog
* Hidden Mouth Needles
* Mind Destruction
* Shadow Strangulation
* Great Expansion
* Stalker Style: Freaking Laser Beams
* Morning Peacock
* Ninja Art: Needle Demon
* Dark Swamp
* Bring Down the House Jutsu
* Eight Trigrams Eleventy Billion Palms
* Dance of the Crescent Moon
* Flying Swallow
* Attack on the Nervous System
* Water Style: Water Dragon Missile
* Super Heel Drop
* Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
* Striking Snake Technique
* Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch
* Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
* The Gates
* Rich Man's World
* Kido: Slayer
* Kido: Iron Maiden
* Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness
* Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
* Kido: Metalocalypse
* Archer Style: Blind Guardian
* Archer Style: Kamelot
* Archer Style: Dragonforce
* Lucha Libre Style: Back Brain Kick
* Kido: Nightfall
* Soul Reaper Style: Fury of the Storm
* Soul Reaper Style: Cry of the Brave
* Inner Monologue
* Diagnosis
* Grim Prediction
* Lucha Libre Style: Pity the Fool
* Dark Consolidation
* Obsessive Insight
* Perfect Girl Evolution: Goth Goth
* Perfect Girl Evolution: Loli Loli
* Turn the Page
* Rock On: Double Mint
* Coup de Grace
* Saving Grace
* Rock On: Band Camp
* Rock On: Baby Got Back
* The Thrill of Victory
* Rock On: Wide Load
* Rock On: Mouth Organ
* Rock On: Double Trouble
* Rock On: Webslinger
* Rock On: Spider Man
* Rock On: Spinal Tap
* I Need This


Mini Frog
Bone Daddy
Sickle Weasel


Swallowtail Butterfly
K-Dog's Headband
Professor's Hat
Giant Fan
Helper Pin
Ninja Puppet
Soul Glove
Monster Mask
Ninja Dog
Heck Butterfly
Sword of the Reaper
Love Love Paradise
Stealth Suit
Basic Ninja Gear
Coolness Badge
Necklace of the First HoCage
Arena Favorite
Aura of Gratitude
Pirate Hat
Dog Collar
Chakra Armor
Aviator Goggles
Utility Belt
Letter of Marque
Trench Knife
Hollow Leg
Pat on the Back
Goo Stabilization Recipe
Basic Blueprints
Sannin's Premium
Piece of the Action
Streamlined Focus
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Ninja-Mas Star
Training Sash
Soul Candy
Captain's Jacket
Reaper Blood - Bankai
Catgirl Entourage
Officer's Pay
Blue Flower Hairpin
The Note
Hall Pass
Thrill of Battle
The Tote
Basic Dustcloak
Average Pistol
Silver Scythe
Glowing Mood Ring
Soul of Steel
Beat-Up Teddy
The Cote
Matrix of Leadership
X-Ray Specs
Duelist's Eye
Desert Shades
Wasteland Pistol
Makeshift Pistol
Makeshift Scythe
Warrior of Power
Dustcloak of Sneaking
Basic Cowl
Duelist's Aura
Fur-Lined Boots
Storm's Fury


Opening Themes

Floating on Air - Hang Out with all current Team members, but all Ryo and Ally Friend Points are set to 1
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja! - +20 Stamina
Killer Montage - +50 Stamina
What The Crap - -50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content
You Spin Me Right 'Round - Find RedEye-related Special Items in regular missions

Battle Themes

Battle of Champions - +100% Friend Points on regular missions
Flip Out - +10% XP/AP on regular missions
Nothing Is Happening - -50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content
Stand By Your Ninja - +100% Allies, Items, Ally Drop Chance
Teacher's Pet - +100% Jutsu XP in Regular Missions
Warstruck - +50% Arena Points

Ending Themes

All Together Now - +100% Ally Level Chance
Good Night, Ninja - +1250 Friend Points to each teammate at the end of the day
Money for Nothing - +25% Ryo on regular Missions
Phoning It In - -50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content
Seasons Don't Fear - +100% HP on Bingos


* Somebody's Watching You!
* Welcome to the Other Side!
* The Pen is Mightier!

Awesome Abilities


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