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<3 Dragonforce
<33 Ram It Down (song by judas priest)
<333 Fire Emblem

Genji is a name used in final fantasy games usually. The name always hit a note for me, and I was tired of using my same alias. The character is a mirror of me: Compulsive gambler when its not real money, vengeful, loves cookies, and rare items (TREASURE!) 2 of my friends IRL are Kagir, and Squiggy. treat us nicely, it has benefits. We're all semi-nice or generous at one point or another

Still season 1, currently hording the Legacy Bloodline for extra stamina. Every newbies dream. Sharingan is my favorite from the show though.

Name - Zantetsuken
[Reference to Odin's final strike in the Final Fantasy series. Instant Kill usually]

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