Eri Haku
Eri Haku
Season 15!
Level: 135 - Sannin
Happycat Village
- The Village Hidden in Cheezburgers -
Doujutsu: 27 (+??)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-24
Genjutsu: 46 (+??)
Strength:+?? Range: 1-?? Successes: ??
Ninjutsu: 39 (+??)
Strength:+?? Range: 1-?? Successes: ??
Taijutsu: 50 (+??)
Strength:+?? Range: 1-?? Successes: ??

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Character Description

  • No set physical description. Eri Haku is a metamorph and does not retain a set identity.


  • Eri Haku was born into this world like so many others. His early years were much like every other ninja would be… days of boring lectures and practice. One day however things changed and he was recruited into the world of Ninja'ing by Mr.Rigger. Most information point to the fact that he belonged to the village called TFF II for several years (*cough* months) before he went on to join a kaiju called Portwizard, hiding in another immortal realm called the Demon.
  • From there things get a bit sketchy but it is known that he grew into a much more powerful ninja in The Demon. He eventually joined up with a fellow ninja call Dopejutsu that started a village called Vedure and acted as a Vice Kage for awhile until one night his friend Dopejutsu disappeared. Called forth by his fellow ninja, Eri Haku took control of the village but with a promise that should their wayward leader return he would step aside.
  • However it was not meant to be. Battle after battle hit the village, making the ninja who lived there stronger until one day a myserious portal appeared. Much of the following battle between Eri Haku and the forces of the portal defied the mind and thus was never recorded. It is known that the leader of Vedure stood victorious before the village blew up, the explosion caused by the energy that had been release during the battle.
  • The Ninja of Vedure were scattered across the realms and the leader now a kaiju himself set forth to find a new home. Eventually, he ran into another being such as himself and was offered a new home in a realm called HappyCat.


  • Eye of the Storm
  • Not Wasteland Disease
  • The Power of Greass
  • Mysterious Power
  • The Trade
  • Legacy of the Hero
  • True Blood of the Reaper


  • Numerous Allies, Seen most often with Stalkergirl and Pinky.

Techniques and Jutsu

  • Several powerful jutsu, all knowledge of which have been lost


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