Don Poleeon
Season 2!
Level: 47 - Jounin
Dreamcast Village Village
- The Village Hidden in Hidden in the Spiral -
Doujutsu: 14 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 17 (+14)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 17 (+11)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 17 (+11)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1

Notice: Information on this is solely the responsibility of the player.

Character Description

A Goof of a ninja walks over to you. His backwards Cap covers his headband, while his sunglasses ooze cool.
"Hey! Looks like you're cool enough to join me."
You hate him, but he seems like he's not leaving.


Day 1-
The Sunrise broke dusk. James "The Don" Poleeon had woken up to his first day as a ninja to his instructor Flipper. "W-wah-What! A talking fish? The Fish or Flipper,what he introduced himself as, invited James to see the area.
"Man, I hope this was as awkward, as it was with the other ninjas." James muttered under the slosh of his sensei's fins. He packed his bags and set off with the ninja fish.
"Sooooooooooo…" the blue ninja started. James already knew he was going to try to start a conversation.
"What!", he yelled abruptly.
"You in a village?" Flipper asked in a quick vexing tone.
"Yes…", James groaned.
"Cool, cool", Flipper said back "done your chores?".
"No, Mom!" The young ninja was frustrated. He ran back to patrol the village, when suddenly James had a thought. Why was he running back to moby headache? Flipper had no control over him. So James had a plan, He constructed a clever disguise, and walked out the village gates to find Flipper waiting for him.
As James walked by the dolphin-looking jonin he gave a, "Good day to you sir." to him, and walked on into the forest. James removed his disguise, and celebrated with an arm pump. Then suddenly a white cloud appeared in front of him.
As the cloud cleared, James's happiness was diminished from his face and his jaw dropped, as he cried, "No. No. Noooo!". Flipper stepped out. His smile picked at James like a taunt from a enemy ninja. Chills ran down James' neck as Flipper told some information to James that surprised and confused him.
"Good Job!"
"Here's your reward." With lightning speed he pulled out a Banana-Shaped sticker and planted it on James's forehead.
"AH! Wait is this stuck permanently stuck to my head?"
He walked away as he said, "That's besides the point, let go we're losing time."

Day 2-
James awoke from a knock on his door. He rose up from his bed, wiping his eyes clean of crust. He angrily opened the door to a goofy-smiled Flipper.
"Morning Sunshine." James slammed the door close in disgust, and walked back to his room. Flipper knocked once more, and again James opened the door.
"Hey, that wasn't nice."
James gave a blank stare, "You didn't come to my door for a nice person, now what do you want?" Flipper continued,
"Today, we'll be taking a trip with your Allies - like me-"
James interrupted, "Wait. Wait. Wait. I don't want anymore yous running around, so can we skip this lesson?" Flipper ignored him
"They'll help you through some tough spots, and are necessary to become the Ultimate Ninja!"
"Yay…" James spouted sarcastically. "Wait here, I'm so excited I gotta hurry and get dressed." He slammed the door once again this time locking it and dashed into his bed. "CRASH" James ignored the sound and fell asleep. He again awoke and opened his eyes.
"AHHHHH!!" Flipper dragged him out of the house as James whined,
"Drop me, you Red Lobster special!" "If you don't stop pulling me I cook you, and dip you in cocktail sauce!" "Go back to Sea World, you beast." Flipper let go in front of a vast field.
"Your village needs the resources out there to get all the cool upgrades that you can benefit from. It'll cost you stamina, but it's worth it in the long run, trust me." James gave a blizzard of a glare to Flipper.
"I'd beat into a seafood dinner right now if I wasn't so sleepy." He collected resources and reported quickly back to Flipper. "Done." Flipper smiled and walked off.
"Follow meeeee!!!" James followed unenthusiastically. Flipper stopped at a big boulder.
"Oh noes! A big boulder is in our way I guess we're gonna need a crack squad of ninjas' to move this." Flipper badly acted
"Or walk around" James nonchalantly put.
"Oooor a crack squad of ninjas."
"Okay, whatever man." so James took off to find some allies.

"Man, I don't need no more annoying ninjas with me. I need cool material." He walked by the village wall and suddenly stopped. "Oh snap' that is the biggest crack I've ever seen. I gotta tell the HK." He dashed over to the HoKage's Meeting, and busted the door in. "Hey Double T, you gotta big ol' hole up in this piece."
She stood up from her desk, "You shall address me as HoKage or Lady-"
James interrupted, "Yeah, your mouth's movin', but all I can see is your chest."
"You improper little brat…send a group to repair the wall." James turn and walked out of her office,
"My jobs done. See ya' mambo numba' five." As he walked out an excited blonde haired Ninja with Whiskers and an eyepatch follows James.
"Wow! Dude, that was SO COOL, it was like you were a superhero!" James continued to walk. "Hi, my name is Billy, and I'm gonna be the next HoKage! Trust me!" James stopped then turned towards Billy's direction.
"Trust me? That your catchphrase or something?"
Billy looked confused, "What do you mean? Trust me!"
"Right There!"
"I don't know what you're talking about. Trust me!"
James grabbed Billy by his eyepatch. "Shut up, and you can join my team."
Billy's face lit up, "YAY!!"

"So you can teach me The Shadow Clone Jutsu?" James asked.
"Sure I can. Trust me!" Billy grinned dimwittedly "All you got to do is learn the handsigns."
James laughed, "Handsigns? Ah I'm an expert at handsigns." Billy showed him the jutsu and a gigantic cloud covered the area. Out of the cloud revealed millions of billy's.
"AHHHHH!!!" James screamed "Too many Billy's…" He quickly curled into beetle position.
"Are you alright?" The Billys simultaneously sang. The clones disappeared, and James speedily got up.
"Okay, my turn." James stumbled over the handsigns and a smaller cloud appeared. The cloud revealed half a clone of James. "Okay, maybe I'm a little rusty, with my handsigns." James sighed.
-A Rocky Montage Later-
"Ha-Ha! I can use Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!"
An equally cool guy smirked at James.
"I think we've got a new ally, Billy." Billy's grinned ear to ear, "Yay! NEW FRIEND!!!"
James sighed, "I think I want to lose one."

"So all I gotta do is babysit?" James laughed.
"Yes, if you can handle it?" The HoKage grinned slyly.
"No prob, for the don and his J-Team." James laid back in his chair. "Poleeon, Billy, and Emosuke. We finna finish this like that" As he snapped his fingers.
"Okay then, if you can handle it." She chuckled. James dashed to the academy.
"Okay, guys, who's ready for some babysitting?"
Billy jumped up, "I AMMMM!!!!"
Emosuke gave a blank stare, "Sure." The guys walked into find the class in disarray. Small shinobi destroyed the room, and soon the J-Team were tied-up.
"Okay, maybe we weren't ready." James nervously laughed.
"Kinda hard, isn't it?" A Pink-haired ninja walks in, gives order to the room, and sets the team free.
"Woah…" James' mouth hung, "You. Join. Please." The girl laughed,
"Okay I'll join, I'm Pinky." Billy gawked as Emosuke walked out the room.
"James, let's report back." He said before he left. Pinky gazed at Emosuke,
"He's so cool." Billy's face turned to shock. James patted him on the back.
"Give her some time she'll warm up to you in a level or 2."

Wow, I'm still not done?-
"Fishface!" James finally had his team, and was ready to complete his objective. "Let's move that boulder." Flipper looked at James' team.
"Nic- What? Who's that?" The porpoise ninja stared at a trenched coat figure
"Oh, that's Bugman, he came for moral support." The boulder moves easily.
"Great Job, Now-"
James interrupted him "Wait. I'm NOT done?"
"Nope" Billy chimed in.
"Ah…Two idiots, I gotta get rid of one of them." James thought to himself.
"Continue" He sighed.
"Okay! I'm gonna teach you about team bonuses!" The Jonin smiled.
Billy went crazy, "Ooo! Team bonuses!"
"See, this guy has the spirit." Flipper said acknowledging Billy's eagerness.
"He'll be the perfect teammate for me. Try it out."
Bonus Received: Learn to Excel- One strength
"Wow, two dummies are better than one."
-Several Boring things later-
James finishes the boring tour with his friends and like lightning, Flip rips off James' Banana Sticker and replaces it.
"Ow! What did you put on my head now, you demented fish?"
James pulled out a kunai to look at his face. "Gah! A rainbow?!?" "See ya, tomorrow." flipper ran off.

Day 3-
James once again wakes up to a panicked banging on the door. James hops out the bed and once again it's Flipper. "Wake up, wake up!" Flipper yells. "A.. um.. Monster is attacking!" James lifts his sunglasses, and looks outside to see
Flip is standing next to some loser in a fake monster suit, who is kicking over trashcans and going "Grr… I am a monster!" James lazily glared at the fake.
"Man, If you don't stop, I'm gonna have to mess you up."
The cheaply made monster continued. "Grr… What are you going to do about it?" James jumped up, and beats the guy into a coma.
Flip gave a worried look at the fake monster and yelled, "What the crap?!This was supposed to be just for fun! The HoCage will have my hide for this! Serves me right for taking this psycho on a tour!" The disoriented fish looked at James. "The tour is over! Oh man oh man oh man.."
James face filled with happiness, "He's gone?" He ripped off the sticker, and grabbed the bloody monster mask from the limp form of the loser. "I'll take this." He grinned. "Let's time to be a ninja."

Welcome to Billy vs SNAKEMAN!

The Power of Blood-
As James completed his latest mission, he flashed back to a time long ago - when he were just a young, impressionable Ninja kid, and James made a choice that defines his existence..
"I got something nasty in my eye, and it stayed that way - lets me analyze my surroundings fully, and doubles my chance for finding rare items and ninjas - also, I can learn bloodline-specific jutsu, and be more adept at day-to-day missions."
The Bloodline Abilities flow into James. It is the power of the WhiteEye.

James walking back from a mission saw a bummish genin looking for something.
"Stupid Smokey.." he muttered. What is he looking for? James pondered. The ninja looked up a James and said "Hey, don't mind this, wanna play some Shogi?"
James grinned, "I'm the master OF Shogi, but cause I'm a nice person I'll go-"
"I win." James eyes stretched over his glasses in disbelief. He couldn't believe in one turn he'd been beaten. Quickly, he changed the subject.
"Yo, your missing a piece."
Shammy sighed, "Okay, I'll come clean. There was a crazy Jonin party last night, and they all got wasted and played Shogi. I think Smokey threw the board out the window, because a piece is still missing - that's why I was crawling around." James smiled as a glare went across his glasses. He happened to find one on a mission.
He pulled it out. "Here you go." He said tossing it to Shammy.
His face brightened, "Hey! sweet!" He patted James on the shoulder and said,
"I'm Lil' Shammy,and dude, if you need some help, give me a call. I'm going to go skip class - want to join me?"
James looks over his shoulder and looks at Shammy. "Man, you know it!"

While walking through the woods, James noticed a frail-looking girl with white, white eyes is giving him the eye. He looked back and walked in her direction to find out what was wrong.
"Hello, my name is James Poleeon. They call me "The Don" because someday, I'm gonna run this world. I heard you needed some help.
She smiled, "I'm-uh-Stalkergirl." Her voice was quiet, but her name set off alarms. James ignored these alerts and continued to help her. Time pasted quickly, and the moon shined bright.
"Looks like it's getting late." James said wiping the sweat from his forehead. A rustling is heard in the grass, followed by a loud growl. "I'm thinking that's not good." He nervously looked out.
Stalkergirl dropped her basket in shock. "Wolves!!!"

To Be Continued…


Red Eye
The Trade
Wasteland Disease
True Blood of the Reaper


Billy lvl. 2
Emosuke lvl. 3
Pinky lvl. 2
Stalkergirl lvl. 2
Lil' Shammy lvl. 2
Lil' Bo
Shorty lvl. 2
Bruce Jr
Red Rover lvl. 2
Lil' Ro lvl. 2
Bruce Jr.
Master P
Terri lvl. 2
Spot lvl. 2
Meatballs lvl. 2
Mr. Sandman
Tic Tac
Lil' Whitey
Timmy lvl. 2
Mc Stripeypants
Yuri lvl. 2
The HoClaus
The Scar
Rovers Mom
Pandabear lvl. 2
Smokey the Bear
Mr. Six
Big Bo
Big Ro
The Twins

Techniques and Jutsu

Soul Reaper Style: Fresh, Nosehair!
Projectile Weapons: Kunai


Permanent Items

Monster Mask: 1
Swallowtail Butterfly: 4
Heck Butterfly: 4
Professor's Hat: 1
Soul Glove: 2
Ninja Dog: 5
Sascha: 1
Sword of the Reaper: 1
Ninja Puppet: 3
Glowing Mood Ring: 1
Chakra Armor: 1
Stripe of Honor: 1
Stealth Suit: 1
Giant Fan: 6
Trench Knife: 2
The Mark of Eleventy Billion: 1
Silver Hairpin: 1
Love Love Paradise: 1
Basic Blueprints: 1
Basic Dustcloak: 1
Makeshift Pistol: 1
Book of Follet: 1
Utility Belt: 1
Matrix of Leadership: 1
Letter of Marque: 1
Silver Scythe: 1
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge: 1
Arena Favorite: 1
Soul Candy: 1
Captain's Jacket: 1
RingEye: 1
Blue Flower Hairpin: 1
Reaper Blood - Bankai: 1
Basic Ninja Gear: 1


Shuriken: 7
Smoke Bombs: 11
Exploding Tags: 32
Medicinal Herbs: 11
Potion Base: 7
Boring Bulb: 43
Blackened Dust: 9
Tasty Twig: 72
Smokeblossom: 27
Power Flower: 38
Mystery Meat: 7
Green Potatoes: 14
Curdled Powder: 11
Malted Pill: 1
Twigpile: 1
Pigeon Chunks: 3
Powerpack: 1
Wooden Tile: 11
Metal Scraps: 14
Acid Vial: 15
Cracked Gear: 13
Metal Rivets: 3
Reflector Shard: 6
Sharpening Stone: 1
Cobalt Shaft: 1
Ceramic Tile: 7
Copper Shaft: 4
Perfect Gear: 1
Crystal Lens: 2
Holy Arrow: 2
Crumbling Minerals: 15
Broken Machinery: 3
Threadbare Robes: 5
Silver Petals: 15
Cracked Vial: 10
Tangled Metal: 7
Burnt Scroll: 3
Roll of Tickets: 9
Emo Rock CDs: 16
Hot Picture of Emosuke: 18
Dog Treats: 15
Powerful Potion: 4
FailPotion: 1
Hairpin Piece: 1
Monochrome Pheromone: 1
Kunai: 8
The Right Stuff: 1
Food Pills: 3
Bag of Chips: 2
Super Potion: 1
Razor Blades: 12
Wasteland Rebreather: 6
Hot Picture of Terri: 13
Ash-Covered Shaft: 3
Ash-Covered Tile: 5
Broken Spyglass: 3
Ash-Covered Gem: 1
Ash-Covered Ring: 2
Dustpile: 1
Filter Wrappings: 6
Greassy Nuggets: 3
Ash-Covered Coin: 1
'Diet' Soda: 2

Trophies Awesome Abilities Jutsu Themes
True Blood Thorough Collection lvl. 1 Red Eye Floating on Air
Groovy Shattered Limits lvl. 1 Reaper Style: Boss, Closer! Battle of Champions
Marked Projectile Weapons: Kunai Flip Out
Ninja World Warrior Stand By Your Ninja
Into the Loop Warstruck
All Together Now
Good Night, Ninja
Seasons Don't Fear

Awesome Abilities

Thorough Collection
Level 1: +1 Ingredients when Collecting (10 Awesome) (Purchased)

Shattered Limits
Level 1: +1 to All Ranges (20 Awesome) (Purchased)

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