Season 17!
Level: 171 - Sannin
Hakurei Village
- The Village Hidden in the Border -
Doujutsu: 42 (+6)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-24
Genjutsu: 57 (+45)
Strength:+18 Range: 1-52 Successes: 4
Ninjutsu: 57 (+41)
Strength:+15 Range: 1-51 Successes: 3
Taijutsu: 57 (+43)
Strength:+14 Range: 1-51 Successes: 3

(Information roughly correct as of 11/11/2011 - at least, any inaccuracies are intentional)

Notice: Information on this is solely the responsibility of the player.

Character Description

Physically, based heavily on E.A.K.McD from Ken Akamatsu's Negima. Hopefully just shy of the extent which is legally actionable. In personality, basically that of her player, Dana Otken - which perhaps isn't quite so far removed from said character as it should be for real-world standards of mental health.


Emigrant from a higher-tech region of the Interverse (the Alien Adoption Agency, while it existed). Is not a "hot little blond schoolgirl"… but was mistaken for one so consistently over the years by the little varicoloured aliens she spent an internship resettling, serving beer to, and mediating between that it became easier and more natural to just go with the image. A later interest in manga further refined her appearance and persona to the present version. Settled into a quiet life as a metaphorical large fish in a rather small village's pond, deferring the Loop for over a year while occasionally working on Blender skills and an avatar image (for the horrible first version, traced over in Inkscape, see Photobucket folder).

Moved into Touhou Village in December 2009 while it was reforming into the Immortal Realm of Hakurei, following the dissolution of her former village at the hands of its mind-controlled and presumably account-hacked Kage (oddly, both villages' destruction occurred within ten hours of her first Loop). Having just become a new (if unusually well-equipped) genin, she was unable to finish tracing the ultimate culprit or recipients of the village assets and temporarily ill-prepared for the ronin path. Some six months earlier she'd also become aware of the presence of the Gensokyo in this universe, mostly due to being on the wrong ends of a few Master Sparks, and had been planning to apply to Touhou in a couple of years after leaving a doll behind to watch over her former home. Becoming homeless simply sped up the process - and living in a place with blood virtually on tap, mostly immortal and effectively unkillable associates, and actually blending in with the community certainly beat sleeping by the road, pursued by endless waves of bounty hunters and paladins.

Even when it means living in proximity to and having regular encounters with that smug little living cheat code the miko.

Has been mostly taking it easy since, moving very slowly through the game's content. This is partly due to not wanting to use the wiki for help with anything which doesn't seriously hurt to get wrong, partly to being noncompetitive by nature, and partly due to preferring to spend time coming up with new and imaginative ways to harass, embarass, shock or just plain ambush the miko, with results predictable to anybody familiar with Touhou lore. In fact, Dana O.'s first confirmed Kaiju kill (JKeezer, March 2010) was caused by landing face-first on it, plummeting from the sky wrapped in paper seals and tar. Despite having moved on to WorldKaiju (first S-rank was in February 2012), she still has to spend extended time by a riverside, scrubbing off new layers of seals and muttering darkly about a "Hax Sign". She claims the whole thing is part of a long-term, ridiculously convoluted plan which just happens to look exactly like a senseless, childish and amazingly petty rivalry. And this absolutely does not have any connection to her research into methods for holding a certain basic energy of the BvS-verse together past the point at which it would normally reach critical mass. (Strangely, this is true. There's no immediate connection.)

Also claims responsibility for the RNG's antipathy towards the village, due to an incident which won't be recounted here until an appropriate circumlocution for it can be devised.

With the exception of about a week ostensibly spent doing the Survived the Impossible pilgrimage, maintains a (still offline) chronicle of Hakurei's entire message history. Has written personal calculation applications in Java for anything she actually uses math to do, and still occasionally takes a stab at increased skill with Blender for a new avatar image. (Eyes, hair and clothing still present problems.) Is currently training in Glowslinging after continued dissatisfaction with the lack of stylistic variety in the later turfs, having decided to raise the bar for her final two victories.

Has an alternate universe counterpart over in the Kingdom of Loathing, with whom she regularly corresponds. The most significant crossover occurred in March 2011, during the invasion of Valhalla by an army of skeletons mounted on winged yeti. As their logistics involved running supply trains (hmm) along miles of exposed airborne tracks (running along a border), temptingly laden with tanker cars of blood (yes, just… yes) and meat (ghosts need love too), with several millions of targets (need moe dakka) around, she reached the obvious conclusion: "TOUHOU HIJACK LOL."


Red Eye (nearly always: when not, assume the Awesome ability Inherent Perception will be substituting)
Racer's Edge
Eye of the Storm (link deliberately unfilled)
Heart of the Cards
The Power of Greass
Mister Roboto
The Trade (third level; it's a no-brainer for those with an indefinite lifespan)
True Blood of the Reaper

Allies - Abridged

Sue Lvl ? (A reliable partner for covering my escapes, stylistically failing to do so, censoring this page, and many-handed card games)
Bugman (Don't ask, don't tell)
Cici Lvl 2 (No surprise there)
Doughman Lvl 1 (Semper fidelis…)
Euthanasia (Village pet. I take a turn babysitting her and Flandre's play dates)
K Dog Lvl 2 (A source of inspiration, and distributor of same)
Lil Ro Lvl 3 (We're still working on the counter to Dark Absorption)
Lvl Whitey Lvl 3 (It's not what you'd think… or that either)
LisaLisa Lvl 2 (You just have to know how to talk to her)
Nadeshiko Lvl 2 (Yes, I admit it)
Pandabear (Was that two if by sea?)
Terri Lvl 3 (Everybody knows Terri)
Touchy (Obviously)

Con Skills

6: Shopping
5: Chillaxing, Knowledge, Videogaming
4: Antidrama, Artsiness, Combat Sewing, Cosplay, Drama, GeoSense, Macking, Photography, Posing, Rocking, Schmoozing, Silence, Veteran, Wrangling
3: Crossplay, Crowdswimming, Glomping, Staring, The Angles
2: Reputation, Use Rope
1: Sense Motive, Spot
<1,>0: Bluff, Detect Traps, Hide

16: Dance
15: Glowsticking
14: Frame Advantage
12: Alpha Cancel, Guard Crush, Tech Punish, Wake Up Reversal
11: Flipping Out

Techniques and Jutsu - Selected

Advanced RedEye
The Agony of Defeat
Archer Style: Blind Guardian
Archer Style: Dragonforce
Archer Style: Fire and Flames
Blizzard Jutsu
Emosuke Style: Get In The Bucket
Emosuke Style: Right in the Eye
Escape Jutsu
FIGHTO Article 2: Jack of Diamonds
This Fist of Mine
Grim Prediction
I Need This
Kaleidoscope Eye
Kido: I Can Has Cheezburger
Kido: Nightfall
Kitsune Bakudan
Mind Destruction
Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
Ninja Art: Poison Fog
Obsessive Insight
Perfect Girl Evolution: Goth Goth
Perfect Girl Evolution: Loli Loli
Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
Rock On: Baby Got Back
Rock On: Band Camp
Rock On: Double Trouble
Rock On: Spinal Tap
Sexy no Jutsu (modified)
Shadow Doppelganger Technique
Shadow Strangulation
Soul Reaper Style: Blood Ocean
Soul Reaper Style: Can't Touch This
Soul Reaper Style: Fury of the Storm
Soul Reaper Style: Fulgurat, Aurora Austral! (Shine, Southern Lights! - feminine of the name)
Soul Reaper Style: Imperishable Night (This one's why I rarely stray from the SharinRedEye)
Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Turn the Page
Water Doppelganger Technique

Summons - Abridged

Mr. Orange
Twilight Guardian

Items - Very abridged

(Some omissions may be significant, of course.)
Perfect Hair
Duelist's Eye
Sight Beyond Sight
11DBHK's Purple Shades
Stripe of Honor
Sword of the Reaper
Whip of Rosa
Glowing Mood Ring
Pink Bouquet
Vampire Cloak
Book of the Twilight
The Note
Steel Mahjong Set
Mulberry Hanafuda Deck

Storm's Embrace
Duelist's Aura
The Glow
Dramatic Monologue
Fruit Stand
Key Signature
License to Speed
Love Love Paradise
Pet License
The Five Rings (Not that I'm even considering founding a village)
The Mark of Eleventy Billion
The Mark of The RNG
Sannin's Premium
Student ID
R00t Password

Power Over 9000
Over 11000
Soul of Steel
Survived the Impossible
Swift as the Wind

Musical Themes - …

28 Dayrolls Later
Drunken Fist
Emo Rock Ballad
The Flash
Floating on Air
Funky Techno Grind
Lucky Sevens
My Name Is Dana O.
Write It Down
Nothing Is Happening
Out on Top (Attained at the end of Season 3)
Phoning It In
Power of Sound
Say My Name
Seasons Don't Fear
Teacher's Pet
You See Right Through Me
Whiny Grrl 'Punk'

Trophies - …

Avid Reader
The Beast
Best In Show
But Wait There's More
Chillin' With 11
The First Loser
Friday Knight
Goth Goth Loli Loli
Hard of Hearing
Head of the Class
Holy Ground
It's a Trick
The Kunai Stands Alone
No Sleep 'Til
Rave Master
Rising Sun
Rune Encrusted
The White Witch

Awesome Abilities

Past Connection
Intent Observation Lvl 2
Limitless Focus Lvl 1
Perfect Rhythm Lvl 3
Unbelievable Aptitude Lvl 2
Wasteless Draws Lvl 1


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