Season 4!
Level: ?? - ??
Emonds Village Village
- The Village Hidden in the Novel -
Doujutsu: {$doulevel} (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: ?? (+??)
Strength:+?? Range: 1-?? Successes: ??
Ninjutsu: ?? (+??)
Strength:+?? Range: 1-?? Successes: ??
Taijutsu: ?? (+??)
Strength:+?? Range: 1-?? Successes: ??

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Character Description

I have the appearance of a man that has a lot of experience under his belt, blessed with a smile that would make the most mistrustful person trust in me, but it is all a lie for I have a deep dark secret that will one day manifest it self, into the destruction of the BvS World


The names csmokey, csmokey comes from this, the c stands for my first initial and smokey because that was nickname I held a one time, I began playing not to long ago where with the help of the Jokers Village I was able to get established and figure out the game, I then volunteered to go over to my current village Emonds Village, I would like to thank both the Jokers Village and Emonds Village for all their help, but soon I will venture off and start my own village, where I hope they will be my allies


I have mastered all known Bloodlines


I don't have Allies, I have pawns that I use to further my goals

Techniques and Jutsu

Too numerous to count


  1. Sevens Trophy
  2. Necklace of the First HoCage
  3. Love Love Paradise
  4. Dartboard
  5. K-Dog's Headband
  6. Pinchy Claw
  7. Gothic Album
  8. Silver Hairpin
  9. Heck Butterfly
  10. Professor's Hat
  11. Creepy Love Letter
  12. Monster Mask
  13. Blue Flower Hairpin
  14. Soul Glove
  15. Utility Belt
  16. Helper PinBasic
  17. Ninja Gear
  18. Sword of the Reaper
  19. 11DBHK's Birthday Hat
  20. Swallowtail Butterfly
  21. Fireworks Launcher
  22. Survived the Impossible
  23. Restraining Order
  24. Desert Robes
  25. Chakra Armor
  26. Glowing Mood Ring
  27. Trench Knife
  28. Knapsack
  29. Ninja Dog
  30. Ninja Puppet
  31. Dog Collar
  32. Risky Badge
  33. Arena Favorite
  34. Letter of Marque
  35. Streamlined Focus
  36. Officer's Pay
  37. Thrill of Battle
  38. Warbound
  39. Shortbunny
  40. Sannin's Premium
  41. Ninja-Mas Star
  42. Hollow Leg
  43. Goo Stabilization Recipe
  44. Basic Blueprints
  45. Sascha
  46. Hat of Sakyura
  47. Stealth Suit
  48. Ancient Blueprints
  49. Boots of Walking
  50. Pistol of Repeating
  51. Cowl of the Second HoCage
  52. Dustcloak of Sneaking
  53. Solid Shades
  54. Scythe of Razing
  55. Knightmare Frame
  56. Dark Band
  57. Loyal Sacrifice
  58. X-Ray Specs
  59. Storm's Fury
  60. Storm's Embrace
  61. Golden Collar of Power
  62. Golden Star of Wisdom
  63. Catgirl Entourage
  64. Power Over 9000
  65. Big Mouth
  66. Plug Suit
  67. Regalia
  68. Groupies
  69. Firebrand
  70. Money Printer
  71. Hacksaw
  72. Vampire Cloak
  73. Troll Account
  74. Polar Star
  75. Granola Camouflage
  76. Stealth Suit
  77. Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
  78. Soul Glove
  79. Fireworks Launcher


Opening Themes

  1. Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!
  2. Killer Montage
  3. Floating on Air
  4. What The Crap
  5. You Spin Me Right 'Round
  6. Reach for the Sky
  7. Ascension
  8. You See Right Through Me

Battle Themes

  1. Teacher's Pet
  2. Stand By Your Ninja
  3. Lucky Sevens
  4. Battle of Champions
  5. Drunken Fist
  6. Warstruck
  7. Flip Out
  8. The Road to Womanhood
  9. Nothing Is Happening
  10. Nine Tails

Ending Themes

  1. All Together Now
  2. Money for Nothing
  3. Good Night, Ninja
  4. Seasons Don't Fear
  5. Phoning It In
  6. My Name Is


I have collected numerous trophies, the next will be you head


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