Level: 19 - Chunin
The Wiki Village
Genjutsu: 6 (+4)
Strength: +2 Range: 1-12 Free Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 7 (+4)
Strength: +1 Range: 1-12 Free Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 6 (+4)
Strength: +2 Range: 1-12 Free Successes: 1

Character Description

Usually found exhibiting his bad gambling habit in the Party House, Captain is as much as an enigma to everyone else as he is to himself. Now, out of his armor which was like a shell, Captain is a cocky, arrogant and powerful ninja, though still not very good at doing anything besides missions.

With no other name besides 'Captain', he is no longer the short, younger shinobi he once was but now a tall, lean, young man. He has managed to overcome over his difficulties and no longer has to rely on armor to live, simply doning a singlet and baggy pants. He also has managed to relieve himself of the clear white eyes, now reverting to plain, yellow eyes. He also has an eyepatch which he occasionally dons, that gives him a boost in powers from the combined spirits of ninja he killed in battle.

Usually accompanying him on missions are his pets - his ninja dog and two exotic butterflies - and his most trusted allies. On his back is his long, black sword, his Sword of Reaper - Zankyuuten, and usually in his hands is his favorite book - Love Love Paradise, which also hides a hidden compartment for his Trench Knives.

All in all, Captain likes gambling, reading Love Love Paradise, playing with his dog, training and taking missions.



Captain was born with two significant features. The first of which was his white eyes, which turned out to be the bloodline WhiteEye which resulted from a birth defect in which he got something nasty in his eye, and it stayed that way. The second was that he was born as a cripple, with a disease that rendered all of his bones frail and weak. Lucky for him, he belonged to a rich, noble family who built him the armor to help him survive on his own. His family though later died in a freak accident involving hundreds of exploding tags.

The explosion caused Captain to suffer from amnesia, as his body was protected by his armor but his head unfortunately was not. All he remembers was being saved by a Captain that seemed to have descended from the heavens and rescued him - which is where he got his name from. The Captain did not leave anything behind, except for two butterflies that had been with him ever since.

Deciding he needed money to survive, not knowing that he had a rather sizeable bank account lying around some where, he snuck into another village and passed their Genin Exam, stealing a headband along the way. After doing a few odd missions here and there for different villages, along with gaining different allies and learning different jutsu, the homeless shinobi soon rose to the rank of Chunin and found a village that hadn't rejected him already - the Caravan Village.

Whilst at the Caravan Village, he was trained by two very proficient Jonins – Bruce Sr. and K-Dog -, who helped Captain and his best friend – Stalkergirl – learn many new jutsu.

Journey Up Above

It wasn't long until the two butterflies he had found as a child led him to find a glove, which led him to a girl who was desperately fighting off a giant skull-faced monster. Using a combination of jutsus with his pet dog, his giant fan and his white eyes, he managed to help her to defeat the monster.

That was when he was offered the opportunity to go over to the Other Side with her, which he immediately accepted.

After leaving the ninja world behind for some time, he explored the Other Side, acting as a Reaper and helping out when needed. After a strange Reaper mission involving a robot girl and a talking stuffed lion, he returned to his Village for a break, but what he discovered was unbelievable.

Seeing his village being raided and under attack, he quickly set to work, using a vast array of multiple jutsus, his Kido skills and general all out brawling, he managed to overcome the horde of enemy ninjas to find the man behind it was none other than a hypnotized Ol' Whitey. After literally knocking some sense into him with his specialized bloodline jutsu, he overcame the entire squadron of enemy shinobi.

For his efforts in helping the village he was awarded the title of Jonin which he gratefully accepted. Though once again, he felt the Other Side calling him, and when he arrived he found that it wasn't the Other Side calling him, but his own sword. After intense concentration his fan disappeared, and reappeared in front of him as a long, slender, black katana, one he intended to master.

Realizing that he had to find a new teacher who could teach him the ways of the Reaper and find his sword’s name, he realized the man he had been bitching to the whole time, MC Stripeypants the local shopkeeper, was a former disgraced Reaper himself. His training requirement for Captain was to spend three days in a hole to fully master himself.

Captain failed, eleven minutes short.

MC Stripeypants told Captain he needed to be more dedicated, and had to sacrifice and actually want the sword to tell him his name with every fiber of his body. Captain decided to sacrifice everything he had earned up to that point, leaving his beloved village which had been good to him, and returning for the three days.

Completing them, he proved to MC Stripeypants that he could be a Reaper, and he instantly demonstrated the powers of his new sword – Zankyuuten, the Sky Cutter.

He further proved his worth by beating a Captain-level Reaper, gaining himself his own Captain’s jacket and one of his new allies, Tats. Knowing he had to leave the Other Side soon, as the Ninja World was calling him back for some strange reason, he explored as much as he could, and found an extreme liking for the Archer Style jutsus, befriending Fletch, and then leaving.

A New Home

When Captain returned home, he was challenged by the notorious SNAKEMAN. He had been told that SNAKEMAN had encountered almost every Rogue Jonin, like himself, and had managed to defeat them most of the time.

Though he fought valiantly, Captain was quickly defeated, with SNAKEMAN leaving him and requesting that he fight him again when he grew much stronger and was an actual challenge.

Surprised that Zankyuuten had been defeated by a Ninja, Captain left in search of a new home, mostly because he was suffering withdrawal symptoms from not having gambled for so long, and the fact that he had a lot of loose change.

It was by accident that he stumbled across a newly started village that was well on its way – The Wiki Village – and knowing that this was to be his new home, he immediately signed up to become an Information Nin.

Rescue Arc

Captain's new found peace was shortlived though, as he was confronted by a Reaper from the otherside, who kidnapped Shorty.

Banding together his closest Reaper allies, Captain pursued the kidnappers. Upon arriving at the Other Side, it seemed all odds were against him, as he fought battle after battle, even losing to the kidnapper himself.

Still, he got up, and after a long workout, in which he realised his sword's true power, Captain headed for a rematch, and managed to defeat him with his Sword's special Bankai release - Hakaisha Zankyuuten, the Destroying Sky Cutter.

After proving his bonds of friendship with Shorty, he and the kidnapper - Shorty's weird brother-but-not - became allies. When the whole crazy commotion was over, Captain returned to the normal world once again.

Only to find vampires attacking his village.

Everything was normal, sort of…

Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper

Captain, also a main ninja on the frontlines of the Ninja World War gained a reputation for his battle prowess and skill. Because of this, he was assigned a special mission by the former Annaikage of the Wiki - clear out a large enough territory for the building of the Epic Monument. Though it seemed like it wasn't much of a task, the area that the Annaikage pointed out for the building of the monument was right in the area in which monsters frequently attacked, and where other enemy shinobi flocked into.

Captain of course, knowingthat this task was not to be dealt lightly with, walked straight into the hordes of enemy ninja, Vampires, Storm Riders, Super Saiyans and even Cockroaches, eventually wiping out enough area for the monument to be built, serving as a reminder to whoever wanted to enter the village as to who they were dealing with.

When Captain came back from his mission, he was exhausted, bruised, battered and on the verge of death. A large majority of his items were destroyed, his armor was shattered, his cloak was in tatters, his weapons were blunted, dented and damaged and even his pets looked like they could use the rest. Yet, he still had a smile on his face - he had done a good duty to his village.

The Annaikage, noting his bravery, bestowed onto him a 'Letter of Marque', more honorable than any medal, badge or ring he would have recieved from bravery in the war. He was later taken to SNAKEMAN, who, to save his life from the many poisons, stab wounds, vampire bites and the like, had to seal a majority of his powers, to later be reclaimed when he was powerful enough again. His allies, one by one, left him to recover and to wait till he found them again, with only Shorty, Stalkergirl and Flipper staying with him.

When SNAKEMAN was done with all the seals and operating on him, Captain emerged back into the Wiki as a new ninja. He was older, taller, wiser, yet he still had to reclaim his former power and status - due to his inability to currently function as a Jonin, the Annaikage had no choice but to demote him to Genin. Captain, determined to be a better ninja than he used to be began redoing what he knew how to do best - fight, and now with a theme song!


Whilst training with Shorty and Stalkergirl, Captain came to a stunning revelation - he had lost his ability to use his WhiteEyes, and would probably be unable to attain it ever again. Realizing this, he fell into depression, as he began to have recurring nightmares of the countless ninja and even monsters that he killed during the one mission.

Haunted, and depressed, he stopped training, until one day, when both Shorty and Stalkergirl decided to snap him out of it. After a surprisingly good pep-talk with well drawn diagrams and bunnies, Captain decided to resume training once again. On the one night the dream with the faces of the many he had killed came to him once again, he decided to face them. He spoke out inside his own dream, and all the faces of his once enemies laughed at him. Looking to each other while still laughing, they eventually all jumped straight towards him, and Captain began feeling unbearable pain. All the faces began pouring into his right eye, until finally, they all disappeared. He woke up straight away, after the dream had ended, and found an eyepatch in his hand. Placing the eyepatch on, he winced in pain as he was given a short snippet of the memory of how it felt in his dream, along with a sudden rush of images of the faces of his fallen enemies.

He realized what this meant though. Whenever he had the eyepatch on, the spirits of his fallen enemies were with him - and were lending him their power.


Legacy of the Hero



The girl who introduced Captain to the Other Side, Shorty is one of Captain's most loyal and trusted allies. Shorty chooses to accompany Captain on all his Reaper Missions where he performs out his new duties, simply because of the reason that he sucks at them. She's often there to give him that Genjutsu boost he needs, and is usually forcing him to learn new Kido techniques.


Captain and Stalkergirl have a lot of history together – her being one of his first allies, he being one of her only friends. They’ve trained together and she’s helped him master the WhiteEyes bloodline and the Gentle Fist style along with other WhiteEyes jutsu. He in turned also help her break her limits and grow into a stronger ‘Level 2’ version of herself – who also happens to have a machine gun.

Other Allies

Lil' Ro
Lil' Shammy
Lil' Whitey
Red Rover

Techniques and Jutsu

Captain, after losing most of his powers, has also lost knowledge of almost all of his jutsu, minus the most basic ones and his own signature sword jutsu.

Soul Reaper Style: Obliterate, Zankyuuten

Captain’s signature jutsu, one he created after spending three days in a hole with his sword. The jutsu itself destroys his sword, turning the black blade into just a hilt. The reason for this is that the jutsu gives Captain control of all the wind and air in place of where his blade would be. This controlled amount of wind could be used to form an unblockable, invisible blade, or just be fired as a powerful, ranged, wind attack.

Other Jutsu

Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Disguise Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Escape Jutsu



Swallowtail Butterfly, Heck Butterfly and Ninja Dog

If anything, Captain loves his pets. His pets are always with him, and he has a very strong bond with the two butterflies he’s had with him since childhood, and his Ninja Dog is one of his best friends, always there with him to pull of powerful techniques and give him the extra boost when he needs it.


Soul Glove

Captain wears dual Soul Gloves. As he likes to say, 'right fist is for Taijutsu, left hand is for Ninjutsu, and mind is for Genjutsu'.

Sword of the Reaper: Zankyuuten (Sky Cutter)

Captain’s prized possession is his Sword of the Reaper, a long black katana that bears the spirit of the sarcastic, giant Eagle – Zankyuuten.

Other Items

Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Professor's Hat
Soul Candy
Creepy Love Letter
Love Love Paradise
Letter of Marque
Trench Knife
Blue Flower Hairpin


Somebody's Watching You!
Welcome to the Other Side!


Opening Themes

Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!

Battle Themes

Stand By Your Ninja
Teacher's Pet
Flip Out

Ending Themes

All Together Now
Good Night, Ninja
Season's Don't Fear


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