Cana Hatake the Wolf Cub

Character Description

A Hot blooded, red silver tipped haired, cobalt blue crimson silted and onyx outlined wolf eyed, quick-witted, level headed, midget wolf cub


A young very loyal wolf cub that is and always has been curious to learn,
Has always planned her moves carefully,
gets hyper a lot (she is a cub after all)
And has an almost psychotic protective tendency to her ohana (family) (most of which reside in her village, not all do though)

An adept young wolf cub from birth, who decided to expand her knowledge of the ninja world
She met a vast number of valuable friends at Narutofan one of which became her sensei (t-pad)

He introduced her to the ninja academy from which she has been evolving into a fine young kunoichi showing promise in all ninja abilities.

She then joined the newly formed Nightmare village where she met and care for her new ohana, pack, family
Along with Walms, DjangoDX, chinchilla, skip08, the village leader White Wing and all of the new recruits of the Nightmare Village She learnt all of the valuable basic skills of a shinobi

She was greatful for her time in the Nightmare Village and moved to the LoneWolf Village where she coninues to write her story.
Untill Nighmare's leader needed to leave for a while passing leadership of the village over to Cana till exploding time.
Now Nightmare is no more Cana's Current stomping ground is Void Redux village so pop on over and have a blast

Cana Spars a lot, enters the arena frequently and is a Daily player (pm her and she'll add you to her spar list or bingo you if you need anon)


I am currently Cana of Void Redux


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