Season 26!
Equestria Village
- The Village Hidden in Friendship -
Doujutsu: Middling
Has been poked in the eye with a straw over fifty times
Genjutsu: Strong
It's almost unbreakable.
Ninjutsu: Mediocre
Can still shoot fireballs out of her mouth, though.
Taijutsu: Kinda pathetic
Doesn't like fighting with her bare hands
Kenjutsu: Proficient
Uses four swords at once
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Likes: Fish, especially stir-fried
Dislikes: Bad grammar
Dream: To one day resurrect her tragically dead twin through illegal human experimentation

Character Description

Authority2 has dyed pink hair, which actually doesn't look as cute as she thinks it does. She wears all her Permanent Items at once all the time, so nobody knows what she actually looks like. Being really shy, she gains the courage to actually talk to people by hiding behind her anonymity. (doesn't this sound familiar?) The only thing known for sure about her appearance is that she must have the WhiteEye in order to see where she's going. Especially since she has a habit of poofing everywhere.

She likes cats. Her speech idiosyncrasy is to proclaim suddenly that various things are part of her Ninja Way.


Authority2 was born as one of a pair of psychically-connected twins. The other twin was called Authority1 (her parents had no imagination). Authority1, the dominant twin, died after failing a few vital stat checks in a row at the age of seven, leaving Authority2 with an immensely tragic backstory and an inability to think for herself.

After spending all her Ryo on shiny objects and accidentally burning half her house down, tragically killing the rest of her family, Authority2 was forced to find work. Not having any useful skills, she signed on to work as unskilled labor - as a ninja. Since then, she has mostly recovered from the trauma of being psychically cut off.

According to her Magic Eight Ball, her ancestry is 1/17 mermaid. Nobody knows how this is possible - the Magic Eight Ball said "Don't ask me how,". When further pressed for an explanation, the Ball exploded.

She graduated from the Academy in Godaiyou Realm at 16, which is a perfectly sensible age (NO I AM NOT OLD SHUT UP), and started working her way towards becoming an Ultimate Ninja. When her village collapsed from water pressure, she escaped and made her way to Kawaii Village. Later, she got a Cutie Seal on her back that made her turn evil and betray Kawaii Village for Equestria Realm.

On Mon Mar 18, 2013, she returned to Kawaii Village, and perverted it to her dark purpose of the IM. After blowing it up, killing fifty people, she went on to join Raftel Realm.

Since then, she has become a half dragon demon magical girl. That breathes swirly ribbons. Readings show she is about 97.7% Ultimate.

She has completed R00t, as 1418 have before her.

Is a Protagonist as of 28/12/2012.

There have been reported sightings of an Authority3, who looks just like Authority2 except for the hair. Rumours indicate that this is an escaped clone from Authority2's futile resurrection attempts, but then rumours also say that Authority3 is the reincarnation of Gutama Buddha. They're rumours, you shouldn't trust them.


She has three special blood limits.

  • Marginally Stronger Upper Body Blood Limit
  • Squeaky Childlike Voice Blood Limit
  • Uncontrollable Fits Of Depression Blood Limit (she has medicine for that now)

Her Cutie Seal, when activated, makes pretty sparkles.

Techniques and Jutsu

Over a hundred, most of which are completely useless in real fights. Her elemental affinity is Earth.

Her Sword Call is: Oppan, Gungnam Style! By training for three days in some guy's basement, she has achieved Bankai. Her Bankai allows her to BREATHE IN SPACE. THAT'S RIGHT, SHE CAN BREATHE WITHOUT AIR. She's currently working on surviving the explosive decompression.

Sometimes, she makes Explosion Release clones that walk around in t-shirts (they read "I'm going to blow up! Just watch!") freaking people out, just to watch the mass panic.

After researching and experimenting a lot, she has developed a form of Genjutsu that is immune to people who are immune to Genjutsu. So there.

Her favourite technique is the Flock of Seagulls. She uses it for sharpening kunai, eating spaghetti, opening doors…

In a previous loop, she observed with the RedEye (and thus learned) the infamous "Weak Spot" technique performed by some random civilian. It works on anyone provided the universe is sufficiently silly to accommodate it.

She uses her Sword of the Reaper, Crusader's Sword, Kitsune Sword, and Noble Phantasm (also a sword) all at once in battle. How? By juggling them, or something, I dunno. Her r00t pas-sword sometimes gets thrown into the mix.

She has the ninja powers of time-travel, making friends really easily and doing hundreds of missions a day.


Her youkai power is the creation and manipulation of explosions, which makes for some really pretty danmaku.

Shatter Sign "Recursive Explosion"
Flawless Conversion "E=mc^2"
"Your Head Asplode"


All stat perms as of HQ4: The Logbook.
All perms except MegaPlow as of 30/7/13.

Really, she's carrying far too much useless crap around with her.

Naruko Uzu gave her a customised lavender Kitsune Sword, made with real kitsune. In return, she gave Naruko Uzu an Authority Shuriken, which is (slightly) sharper than just any mundane shuriken.

Awesome Abilities

She's just really awesome in general. tongue.gif


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