Season 2!
Level: 44 - Chuunin
Sand Village
- The Village Hidden in Wind -
Doujutsu: 0 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-0
Genjutsu: 15 (+5)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-10 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 16 (+5)
Strength:+2 Range: 1-11 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 14 (+5)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 1

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Character Description

Physical Description: Due to a lifetime of insomnia he has black rings around his eyes, the only noticeable scars upon first glance is the small scar roughly running half an inch vertically across his left eye, which he still retains perfect use of. He stands at five feet eight inches, weighing between one hundred and twenty to one hundred and twenty-five pounds. He has a tanned complexion, shaggy white hair that hangs just below his ears, and deep red eyes.

Clothing: Arebasu Shun is often seen wearing a black long sleeve gi that splits down the center and hangs just below his knees, a fishnet shirt, black loose hakama cut off six inches above his ankles, carrying a huge sand-gourd on his back. Supporting the gourd is a crimson sash wrapped around his right shoulder around the gourd and back around his waist, where it hangs down just below his shins. He also carries four kunai holsters with two on either side of his waist, black sandals, and a large belt pouch on his lower back. Shun usually wears his protector on his forehead, sometimes covering one eye. When out on a mission however he is seen wearing his father crimson shinobi battle armor.

Personality: He is quiet, stubborn, devoted, reliable, level headed, and never talks unless spoken to or has something worth mentioning. He is often the cause of conflict but has also had his share of solving others problems. Arebasu enjoys eating ramen and sketching on his free time, helping villagers, D-rank missions, and even taking walks around town. He was a product of intensive training and conditioning to create a flawless assassin. Without a doubt, it was a success. He has killed children, women, the elderly, the sick, the crippled, daimyo, and missing-ninja. Shun will protect his allies at whatever cost to himself, in addition to protecting & securing suna.


Shun was born on november twenty-second into the hidden village of sand with his twin sister Aneko. Their mother died at birth and the father later died in the war when the kids reached the age of three, leaving Shun and his sister orphans. Their grandmother took them in as her own. With the assistance of their aunt, and uncle, she taught them everything they needed to know. At six they immediately enrolled into the academy. It wasn't easy for either child, as Shun had violent tendencies but was usually intercepted by his sibling who would ninety percent of the time take a direct attack of some kind for getting in the way. As he completed his duration in the academy, he began learning Sand Ninjutsu, and would spend hours upon hours practicing in attempt to master them. Due to his naturally high chakra and stamina he was very adept when it came to drawn out battles. With the white maned boy's extraordinary determination and hard work, he quickly advanced to genin at the age of ten years old along with his sister.

Shun sat on the highest point of the Kage's tower, under the bright moonlight contemplating what he may have done if he'd grown up with a normal family, more specifically what a family even was, he often did. It wasn't long before Aneko had tracked her brother down, there was a long period of silence. "You do know thinking about them all the time won't bring them back." Aneko spoke with as much a caring tone as she could, the boy sat in silence, she was right after all. Another minute went buy, it was unusually warm that night and not one of them had much to say, Shun preferred it that way as he usually sat up alone.

"Dinner is ready, Grandma had the servants make us some steak and rice, don't let it get cold." The young man shrugged. "We have to become strong for the village, grandma really seems to depend on us.." The genin raised himself up then casually walked to the edge- " that we are genin and all. There's no time for fooling around, we will train and study every day until neither of us can move." The young ninja looked back at his sister with a smile, a rare sight but one Aneko so enjoyed. "It's late anyways, you should get some sleep. I'll be behind you, just give me five minutes alone." He took a seat.

At the age of eleven, Shun was able to move through crowds without being noticed even if bumping into someone. That was his goal as a child. He was raised in the basics of how to be unnoticed, something his grandmother made sure to literally beat into the boy.

Shun was off the map of many people, even his own sensei at times. For three years they trained together, spent their time together, and went on a number of successful missions (D-Rank x 25, C-Rank x 10). As a result of his hard training, he became the best chuunin in his age group. They were called to a mission where they encountered the strongest of thier enemies, it was supposed to be a basic scouting mission by Shun, Aneko and thier cousin Kohaku. When they arrived and tracked down two figures; a young female roughly fourteen to sixteen and a tall dark haired male no older then seventeen, who was more then a match for them, after a grueling twenty minute battle the man made his escape without a trace of where he or the girl had went. They returned home and made thier reports and after a few hours sunagakuure's had confirmed they were A rank missing ninja from suna and konoha; Zenmatsu Kin (suna) and Uchiha Mai (..konoha..).

Because his team was the last known group to be in contact with assailants, they therefore knew more then anyone else. From then on they trained during and after missions. They had refused to take any simple tasked missions, only taking on recon and assassination types. The boy's performance during that time was extraordinary, he assassinated twelve jounin with minimal chakra use and physical damage to himself.

Another two years of doing missions as a chuunin with a 100% success rate, he was promoted to Jounin and joined Kaze Investigation division. He spent majority of this time studying at the house where his sister would come home and have to pick up the mess of seemingly endless scrolls strewn about, in addition to his art supplies. More time passed, just when they thought that Kin had disappeared a rumor had surfaced that he and a young girl were spotted together again, though moving towards Konoha. When Shun, Kohaku, and Aneko caught up, Kin was no longer there but the girl was.

However, not only did she possess the Sharingan but the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan and powerful jutsu. The group stood in a field roughly a sixty foot area, with the opposition only thirty feet across from. It was another S ranked mission, but what made it more dangerous was the fact that any second a Konoha ninja could interfere. Shun and his team knew that who ever had the best reaction speed would end the fight. It was four in the morning and they were at least twenty miles from any village or check point.

The white maned boy casually stepped forward as he uncorked his gourd letting the sand embrace the air around him, as he smiled with an assurance of victory. "You obviously don't know who you are messing with little girl, stop playing ninja. Give us Kin's location and we'll send you back to Konoha alive." His face remained emotionless and his tone stern. The girl only laughed at the nerve and thought of someone as slow as him even hurting her. She reached into her belt pouch pausing as she glanced about her surroundings.

"The only reason you and you bastards are alive, is because my beloved Kin-sama demanded it. We almost had you our last encounter, and I was going easy, this time-!" Kohaku tosses a shuriken to get the girls attention. "You know you talk to damn much, you really make me bored. How about you Aneko-chan?" The young girl by this time positioned herself and her two puppets between her comrades forming a decent defense and offense. "She's an enemy of sand, we act on Shun's command."

The missing-nin was wasting no more time, in an instant she had disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The team however knew she was in the area due to Shun's ability to sense chakra and excellent tracking. It wasn't a second before the action had started. Aneko immediately took three kunai to her torso, taking minimal damage. Kohaku barely dodges a goukakyuu suffering first degree burns and scrapes, and Shun barely dodges a near death hit to his left eye as she was aiming to thrust her katana through his skull.

Shun retaliates with a series of attacks utilizing the sands embrace proceeding to toss the missing-ninja around like a rag doll in a manner of six seconds until she manages to kawarimi behind Kohaku, hitting him with master precision of swordsmanship bringing him to his knees as he struggles to shake himself conscious. Kohaku counters with a kage buyou finishing off with Ure Renge, dealing only minor bruises to Uchiha Mai leaving Kohaku exhausted, the girl was a monster.

Aneko acting fast, moved to Kohaku's side, dodging the lightning quick blows of the master swordsman, proceeding to use her medical jutsu to heal Kohaku's injuries. The white maned boy used the opportunity to attack Mai with sabakuu Kyuu followed by sabakuu Sousou, returning the favor by taking out her left hand. Mai even more furious then before, retreats from Aneko's location jumping back thirty feet and then charged to ten feet within the sand wielding boy as she launched an ameterasu which is blocked by a quick sand shield, and then evaded as he releases the now burning sand.

Shun decided to engaged her in taijutsu as his sister healed thier teammate, he tossed a; punch, elbow, shoulder, and kick combo connecting to the criminal's mid and upper torso causing bone damaging strikes. Without a moment of hesitation she again spaces herself away ten feet but not before causing another near-death impalement to the young suna jounin and bringing him to his knees with Tsukuyomi. As she moves towards her opponent to finish him off, he manages to quick draw his katana from his back and decapitate her just moments before her blade would've finished him.

Shun stayed knelt down as he cleaned himself off, still bleeding from his serious injuries and low chakra. "I won't die that easily, not while I have a country to protect." Shun crouched down beside his kill and began to search it for anything useful, only to come up empty handed. "Shun, please rest, I'll be able to fix your eye in a minute." It was as Aneko had said, only a minute and Kohaku was good as new except for a little needed rest he was fine.

A few months passed, It was at this time Aneko and Kohaku decided they wanted to leave Sunagakuure and told only Shun of it. Normally, he would of killed them both on the spot, he however gave them the freedom to move about for a period of six months without his attention. The stipulation was however; after that six months he would hunt them down should he discover they were seen or heard of within sand territory. Shun had explained to the Kage that they had been killed in the field of duty and their bodies were destroyed.

Eight months went by before Shun had gotten word from Aneko to meet her inside Konoha's borders; his own blood was trying to collect the bounty on his head. The young shinobi left using the pretense of Kin being spotted in the area. "I told you what would happen if I saw you, why do you insist on dyeing?" The young man crossed his arms over his chest while carefully examining the area. "Brother, you know as well as I do that ryo can buy anything you need. That's enough reason for me to kill you now." as she was reaching for her scrolls.

Before anyone could react, Shun performed a Dai Kamaitachi, clearing a path, knocking Kohaku from his hiding spot and then followed up with a Sabaku Kyuu restraining the taijutsu master. The young genius continued his onslaught with a charge, dodging his sisters Renku Dan and blocking her double katana with suna no tate. The sand wielding specialist uses Sabaku Sousou injuring Kohaku. Enraged, Kohaku charges Shun with a punch only to be countered by a bakuretsu kawarimi, burning Kohaku for moderate damage. Aneko begins to summon her dragon once Shun pulls Kohaku underground, finishing him off with exploding tags.

The dragon attacked with all his effort in every attack, each one hitting the ninja boy tossing him around with bone crushing force. As Shun was starting to wear down the powerful summon, he managed to defeat the beast with less then 10% chakra and 15% stamina leaving it down to a one on one; ninjutsu specialist / taijutsu specialist vs puppeteer / genjutsu specialist. Before either sibling knew it, the battle was finished with a ; Sabaku Bakuhatsu, Dai Kamaitachi, Sabaku Kyuu and Sabaku Sousou bringing the young man below 4% chakra and 1% stamina. Once the young man had gained sufficient rest he continued to make his way home, filing the report as a failure to locate the subjects whereabouts.

Time goes by as do missions, until word of Zenmatsu Kin being spotted in Kusa reaches Shun's ears roughly seven months later. Upon reaching the destination one week of leaving Suna there's no sign of the subject but however a large number of witnesses that claimed to have been the ones originally placing the report. Hours of questioning and even a conversation with the Kusa's Kiseo finally permitted him a lead for once.

It was overheard by the locals he was to meet with a contact at midnight in two days time at the "landmark" bridge in Kusa, as for the matter of the meeting was a whole other story. Shun had made an agreement with kusa authorities that he'd cause no trouble but had to deal with the criminal himself as he was at one time a suna ninja, but had a time limit of forty-eight hours and leave or be treated as a trespasser. Shun wasted no time racing to his destination.

With only the small nuisance of amateur bandits, the travel path was uneventful and otherwise safe. The investigator made it with one hour to spare, the only thing he needed was to find a place to hide and wait. It was dark but lit up enough to see thanks to the full moon, but the night was silent and cold as death. The tension filled Shun's blood as he sat and waited as two shadowy figures emerge from either side of the bridge to meet in the center. Upon closer inspection they were dressed in hooded black cloaks and shinobi attire.

"Sensei, the plans are in place. All that remains is for you to complete your end and then Sunagakuure will know how wrong they were to disagree with your methods. If it wasn't for their constant interfering hounding us at every turn we could of perhaps moved on to bigger plans by now." The voice is one of a young adult male in his twenties, as he speaks he hands a small yellow envelope to the secondary subject. "If it wasn't for your failures of covering your tracks perhaps young little Mai would still be with us.. rest assured Haramatsu my plans never fail." The man spoke with a arrogant and spiteful tone, but there was no mistaking who it was.

The sand ninja listened to their conversation which went on for five minutes, he had found out they were planning to invade Suna with the aid of fellow A and S rank criminals looking to make a change and a name for themselves. Before anymore time is wasted the investigator makes his move; starting with a smoke bomb centered between his targets followed by a sand attack missing the two (now..time skip thing..) S-rank criminals by mere inches. Before he could see where they had moved to, Shun was assaulted by a series of kicks and punches from Kin taking minimal damage thanks to his suna yoroi, getting tossed back twenty feet tumbling back to his feet countering with barrage of sixteen shuriken dodging half of them, suffering minor cuts to his left arm and shoulder.

Before the young and clearly outmatched jounin can put his arms down he is immediately forced to evade the hard earth from under him as the trees, brush, and nearby rocks are destroyed. With slight difficulty Shun manages to get to his feet, leaping thirty feet above his enemies manipulating the sand from below while in mid-air for a much bigger trap; as Kin and Haramatsu dodge the massive wave of sand they are met by a series of six exploding kunai causing first degree burns and a massive explosion in a sixty foot radius, sending the two criminals flying in opposite directions of fifteen feet.

Unaware to the boy, Haramatsu had used kawarimi just moments before the tags went off followed by Kage Buyou to appear behind him seconds before Shun hit the ground grabbing him by the ankles and being spun in a 360 degree motion and being slammed with enough force to shatter the ground in a ten foot radius nearly killing Shun in the process. Using his reflexes the Kaze enforcer dodges a Dai Kamataichi that slices effortlessly through the natural surrounding scenery by launching himself using the sand above the attack as Kin begins another set of hand seals.

Using the time he had as an opportunity, Shun summons two Henge (disguised to look real) Suna Bunshin followed by Dochuu Engyou hiding him away from his enemies. Haramatsu being within strike range of the first and second henge suna bunshin used the opportunity to attack them both, missing each one as Kin finishes his hand-seals gaining extra strength, speed, chakra, and invincible for the duration of the lost kinjutsu.

While Haramatsu is distracted with the clones Shun catches him off guard burying him from the neck down in natural earth following it up by turning the ground into quicksand with Ryuusa sending him twenty feet underground and then using Sabaku Taiso to compress the sand around him, causing him to suffocate in addition to shattering his entire body.

As the young man finishes Sabaku Taiso Kin unleashes a twenty-five hit combo dealing critical damage after destroying the Suna Yoroi. Using his speed and sheer will to survive, the suna jounin uses every ounce of his energy to back off from his enemy and relocate the battle field, dodging every attack and offensive jutsu in addition to throwing shuriken, kunai, and even sand attacks with no effect; not only to survive but to come up with a plan. With heavy consideration he had no other choice but to stall until his opponent's kinjutsu wore off.

Shun at this time had only 25% stamina and 10% chakra to last, after two minutes of stalling which he had to make count every second. On the positive side Kin's technique had worn off but was still more then alive. If it wasn't for the combat experience he had learned over the years and his determination he would've died the first ten seconds the battle started against enemies of this caliber. However, the situation was in favor of the white maned jounin as the terrain provided more cover and had much less room for taijutsu combat; the thick forestry would serve as a barrier itself.

Tumbling through the branches and leaping from tree trunks Shun manages to keep his distance from his prey; leading him into smaller/cramped spaces, while wearing him down with ranged attacks from kunai and shuriken causing minor to moderate wounds with every successful attack. One minute later as the two have destroyed a moderate area of forest, Kin manages to catch himself on the thick vines, weeds, and thorns allowing Shun to catch the villain with Sabaku Kyuu wrapping the sand around his neck; arms, and legs followed up with Sabaku Sousou crushing everything trapped in a bloody mess. Though he had made the kill, there was still much more to deal with requiring the Kazekage's attention.

Searching through the remains of Kin and after taking the head, the jounin found a coded scroll in addition to the yellow envelope which contained another coded piece of paper. Upon arriving home and delivering the news to the Kage he was tasked with investigating suspects who may have aided them in their mission until results were 100% conclusive and the codes are decrypted. In one week he was in charge of assembling three squads to deal with the remnants of Kin's alliances located in; konoha (two squads of jounin), suna (two jounin), kumo (three jounin squads), and ame (two jounin squads). For the next two years he diligently hunted down Kin's allies killing them one to three at a time, all with success. Arebasu Shun now waits for whatever excitement he can get it.


Legacy of the Hero


Techniques and Jutsu

Disguise Jutsu
Clone Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Wind Scythe Jutsu
Shadow Imitation Technique
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Ninja Art: Needle Demon
Bring Down the House Jutsu
Escape Jutsu



Basic Ninja Gear
Badge of Courage
Badge of Power
Badge of Wisdom
Monster Mask
Ring of Courage
Ninja Puppet
Soul Glove
Aura of Fortune
Ring of Power
Ninja Dog
Professor's Hat
Utility Belt
Helper Pin
Aura of Experience
Giant Fan
Ring of Wisdom
Love Love Paradise
Medal of Courage


Hey! Hey!
Stand by Your Ninja
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