Season 14!
Level: 92 - R00t
ButtonLord village Village
- The Village Hidden in dice rolls -
Doujutsu: 33 (+5)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-24
Genjutsu: 28 (+25)
Strength:+14 Range: 1-47 Successes: 4
Ninjutsu: 31 (+28)
Strength:+14 Range: 1-45 Successes: 3
Taijutsu: 33 (+33)
Strength:+12 Range: 1-46 Successes: 3

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Character Description

Permanently clad in dark blue robes, Arcticmoon suffered from a curse put on his village, the physical effect of this is bright blue eyes resembling a blue Byakugan.


+ The Early Years
Alex grew up with an Unbelieveabel Aptitude for his Frozen Waste Curse (The Frozen Waste curse acts much like a Kekke Genki granting the ability to create an imperfect or "Altered" copy of enemies and their jutsu however, this curse also greatly reduces the users chackra flow to 25% of what it should be). At the age of 7 his village was massacred by the village hidden in the shadows, he was drawn in to a mysterious shadow vortex and wandered the endless realm of shadows for 11 years until his Frozen Waste became powerful enough to re-create the portal which saved him and return to his ruined village.

+ Chunin
Due to the destruction of his village he was forced to go elsewhere to complete his chunin exam. He eventually found the village hidden in sorrow. He easily passed all his ninja training in the village hidden in sorrows but during the final leg of his Chunin exam the 12"-tailed Wolf demon (The cause of the Frozen Waste) emerged from his body and began draining the souls of the entire village. By the time Alex had subdued the beast the village was destroyed. From then on he refused to use his real name and began to call himself "Arcticmoon".

+ Jonin
He wandered endlessly untill he happened upon Button Village. Here he did his Jonin exam which he aced with flying colours. He began to lose his control in the beast and fearing for his fellow villagers he fled in secret leaving a Frozen Waste copy of himself behind. Once more he drifted endlessly seeking to control his inner demon, he destroyed every village he happened across. He then refused ot return to Button Village until he had control over his inner demon.

+ Voyage to the world
Arcticmoon travelled to endless villages in his search for redemption but to no prevail. Eventually he happened upon a chaos gate and ventured in to the Fields. Having overpowered the One Sin with his Frozen Waste abilities he became more attuned to his Frozen Waste. Upon discovering this he set out to destroy all of the Phases untill he gained all 8 Lost Weapons, the consequence of which was total control over his Frozen Waste which from then on he reffered to as his personal "Kekke Genki". The Flash then appeared before him and bestowed upon him the "Eye of the storm" and aimed him in developing his personal jutsu "Arctic Moon: Frozen Waste" before once again vanishing in a flash.

+ Epic Journey
Having mastered his Frozen Waste he decided he had enough control to supress his Inner Demon and so he set out to return to Button village. Unfortunately, upon his arrival he found only a desolate wasteland. He searched desperately until he once more stumbled upon The Flash. The flash informed him of a looming evil called the WorldKai. Determined to save the innocents as redemption for the lives the 12-tails took because of his weakness he set out to defeat the WorldKai.

+ Swift As Frozen Breeze
Following the light of another Worldkai he was disturbed by frantic machines of speed delivering pizzas? He traced the source of these machines to an establishment called "PizzaWitch", he decided that the capabilities of the delivery crew would benefit him in vanquising the Worldkai so he enlisted with Pizzawitch. He created his own "Ride", "The arctic cruiser" using scraps from the wasteland powered by the R00t fields and soon mastered the delivery techniques of Pizzawitch. He quickly left for his desire to defeat all Worldkai was too great. Riding his Arctic cruiser through the land he heard a calling beneath him and he discovered a strange pin. Attired with this Pin he rode off towards the Worldkai once more forever hearing the cries of the "Players".


Eye of the Storm - Granted to Arcticmoon by The Flash for freeing himself from his villages curse
WhiteEye - Gained from his tutor using his highest level of Arcticeye
The Power of Greass - Strangely this bloodline was gained from PizzaWitch and not from Burgerninja, While visiting Pizzawitch an unfortunate incident with a deep-fat fryer imbuned his body with greass
R00T Taboo - A flaw in reality that has attached itself to him

Techniques and Jutsu

* Soul Reaper Style: THE END!!!!, Armageddon!
-2 Levels, +2 Success - (Item needed: Sword of the Reaper)
0 C
*Frozen Waste: Severed spirit (Frozen Waste required)
+Unknown effect
10,000 C
*Frozen Waste: Lunar blade (Frozen Waste required)
+Unknown effect
20,000 C
*Frozen Waste: Hidden Moon Reflection Technique (Frozen Waste required)
+Unknown effect
100,000 C
*Arctic Moon: Frozen Waste
+100% chance of "Instant" success on any mission or quest
0 C


12 Tailed Wolf Demon - An "Unofficial" tailed demon created using the Frozen Waste ultimate technique "Hidden moon reflection technique"



I'm right here

To Those who fight further



Awesome Abilities


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