Alteros Warane
Level: 72 - Sanin
Yume Village
The Village Hidden in the Illusion
Genjutsu: 21 (+5)
Strength: +7 Range: 1-16
Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 25 (+5)
Strength: +6 Range: 1-17
Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 26 (+5)
Strength: +6 Range: 1-16
Successes: 1


This is a snapshot of Alteros right before he looped to season 2. After which I leveled him quickly merely to create my own headband and then quit BvS.

The story of Bacore Tahoma and Alteros Warane


Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper





Annie +1 Nin Range! (Can Drift Race)
Big Bo +2 Taijutsu Strength and +2 Taijutsu Levels!
Big Ro +2 Genjutsu Strength and +2 Genjutsu Levels!
Big Shammy +2 Ninjutsu Strength and +2 Ninjutsu Levels!
Billy Lvl. 3 20% chance of auto-winning a regular mission, and +4 Strength!
Bruce Jr. +2 Taijutsu strength and +2 Taijutsu Levels, but Jutsu Chakra costs are 25% higher!
Bruce Sr. +1 Success on all Tai missions!
Bugman +1 Level in Genjutsu, and Jutsu Chakra costs are 10% less! (Can Drift Race)
Emosuke +1 Nin Strength!
Fletch +1 Range, +2 on Reaper Missions!
Flipper 10 Less Stamina Cost for Genin on Special Missions, and +20% D-Rank AP!
Hermano +1 Taijutsu Strength, +3 on Reaper Missions!
J-Diddy Four times the amount of relationship points from Missions, and +1 Levels!
K-Dog 50% chance of getting one free success!
K.Y. +1 Success on all Gen missions!
Lil' Bo Lvl. 2 +5 Taijutsu Levels!
Lil' Ro Lvl. 2 +5 Genjutsu Levels!
Lil' Shammy Lvl. 2 +5 Ninjutsu Levels!
Lil' Whitey +1 Taijutsu strength and +1 Taijutsu Level!
Master P +2 Strength in Ninjutsu! (Can Drift Race)
MC Stripeypants Double chance of finding things on Reaper missions, +1 Strength!
Meatballs +1 Level in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu!
Mister Six +2 Levels, +4 on Reaper Missions!
Mr. Sandman Regain 5 Stamina when you lose a mission!
Mr. Smith +20% AP!
Pandabear +30% Jutsu XP!
Pinky Lvl. 2 Jutsu Chakra costs are 15% less, get one stamina per mission, and +2 Tai Strength!
Red Rover +2 Levels in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, but -2 in Genjutsu!
Robogirl +1 Ninjutsu Strength, +3 on Reaper Missions!
Rover's Mom +1 Range!
Shorty Lvl. 2 +2 Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Strength, +2 Genjutsu Strength on Reaper Missions!
Sicko +1 Gen Range!
Smokey the Bear +1 Success on all Nin missions!
SNAKEMAN +4 Levels, but -50% Ryo on regular Missions!
Spot Gives you a second, additional 10% chance to find hidden items and Ninja!
Stalkergirl Lvl. 2 Get one stamina back per mission, and +1 Strength!
Strawberry +2 Taijutsu Levels, +6 on Reaper Missions!
Tats +1 Strength, +2 on Reaper Missions!
Terri +2 Strength in Taijutsu!
The Rack +4 Strength in Taijutsu, but all missions cost 10 more Stamina!
The Scar +1 Tai Range!
TicTac Double Friend Points on Missions!
Timmy Lvl. 2 20% more XP and AP and +1 Success, +2 on Reaper Missions!
Trapchan +2 Genjutsu Strength!
Yuri +1 Level in Ninjutsu, +1 Ninjutsu strength, and negates The Rack's weakness!
Z-Dog +4 Genjutsu levels!

Techniques and Jutsu

Can of Whoopass +2 Levels, +2 Range 125 C
Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu +3 to all Levels 125 C
Clone Jutsu +1 to all Levels 50 C
Great Wind Scythe Jutsu +3 Tai Levels - (Item needed: Giant Fan) 25 C
Projectile Weapons: Kunai +1 Tai Level - (Item needed: Kunai) 0 C
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken +1 Tai Strength - (Item needed: Shuriken) 0 C
Wind Release: Severing Pressure +3 Nin Levels - (Item needed: Giant Fan) 25 C
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu +2 Nin Levels 45 C
Dust Wind Technique +3 Gen Levels - (Item needed: Giant Fan) 35 C
Disguise Jutsu +1 Gen Level 25 C
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death +2 Gen Strength 110 C
Mind Body Switch Technique +1 Gen Success 60 C
Escape Jutsu Automatically lose a regular mission and regain stamina lost - (Item needed: Smoke Bombs) 0 C
Epic Dog Urination Technique -2 Levels, -2 Strength, Ten times the chance of finding Items / Ninja if you win - (Item needed: Ninja Dog) 360 C
Kido: Iron Maiden +2 Tai Success, +1 Tai Range 150 C
Kido: Slayer +2 Nin Success, +1 Nin Range 150 C
Kido: Metalocalypse +2 Gen Success, +1 Gen Range 150 C
Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration +1 Level, +100 Stamina, no Chakra Use for today and tomorrow 200 C
Bring Down the House Jutsu +2 Tai Strength, +5 Successes vs. Monsters 162 C
The Gates +2 Successes, +2 Strength, +2 Range 500 C
Striking Snake Technique +8 Levels 400 C
Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch +3 Tai Success, +3 Tai Range 200 C
Billy Style: This is Sparta +10 Range 300 C
Billy Style: Earth, Wind, and Fire +3 Range, +3 Strength 600 C
The Ninja-Mas Spirit Double Friend Points given 20 C
Super Heel Drop +3 Tai Strength 145 C
Welcome to Good Burger +2 Range - (Item needed: Tasty Burger) 50 C
Twin Rising Dragons +3 Tai Levels - (Item needed: Kunai) 35 C
Flying Swallow +5 Tai Levels - (Item needed: Trench Knife) 70 C
Wind Scythe Jutsu +4 Tai Levels 60 C
Hidden Mouth Needles +3 Tai Success - (Item needed: Poison Needles) 180 C
Archer Style: Dragonforce +4 Tai Strength - (Item needed: Holy Arrow) 120 C
Archer Style: Kamelot +4 Gen Strength - (Item needed: Holy Arrow) 120 C
Lucha Libre Style: Back Brain Kick +4 Tai Levels 100 C
Exploding Tags: Activate +2 Nin Levels - (Item needed: Exploding Tags) 40 C
Sexy Jutsu +2 Gen Levels 50 C
Flying Thunder God Technique Automatically pass a regular mission - (Item needed: Sealed Kunai) 0 C
Soul Reaper Style: Nadare, Glacierblade! -2 Levels, +2 Success - 0 C



Mini Frog +2 Range, Can help in Spying!
Super Frog +3 Range, Can help in Attacking!
Monkey Butler +2 Range, +1 Strength, Can help in Spying!
Sickle Weasel +4 Nin Range, Giant Fan Jutsu cost 0 Chakra, Can help in Spying!
Wolfpack +1 Range, +1 Strength, double summoning length, Can help in Spying!
Bone Daddy +4 Tai Range!
Princess Slug +5 Nin Range!
Amanda +5 Gen Range!


Chakra Armor +1 Range
Desert Robes +1 Strength
Soul Glove +1 Levels
Ninja Dog +1 Nin Range
Giant Fan +1 Ninjutsu strength
Trench Knife +1 Taijutsu Strength
Ninja Puppet +1 Genjutsu Strength
Swallowtail Butterfly +10 Stamina per day
Professor's Hat +10 Stamina per day, +2% Bonus to Village when Collecting
Heck Butterfly +10 Stamina per day
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge +1 Genjutsu Strength, perform the duties of a Reaper
Soul Candy Become unaffected by Other Side drain, open up higher-ranked Reaper missions
Sword of the Reaper +2 Levels
Captain's Jacket +10% XP/AP on regular missions
Regalia +1 Strength, +1 Range, may Attack Villages twice a day
Dog Collar +10 Stamina per day
Knapsack +10 Stamina after Collecting Ingredients once per day
Shortbunny +10% Ryo
Reaper Blood - Shikai -1 Levels, +2 Strength
Letter of Marque +1 Levels, Strength, Successes, Range, +10% Ryo/XP/AP on Missions
Monster Mask +1 Levels, +10 Stamina
Hollow Leg You make use one additional potion per day (Jonin and Higher Rank only)
Blue Flower Hairpin +2 Stamina when you charge chakra
Perfect Hair +10% Nin AP on regular missions
K-Dog's Headband +1 Range
Sannin's Premium +15% Ryo


Welcome to the Other Side!
Somebody's Watching You!

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