Level: 33 - Rank
Oniwaban Village
Genjutsu: 12 (+7)
Strength: 4 Range: 1-13
Successes: 0
Ninjutsu: 10 (+7)
Strength: 2 Range: 1-12
Successes: 0
Taijutsu: 11 (+7)
Strength: 1 Range: 1-11
Successes: 0

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Character Description

Algun is a tough strong-minded shinbobi who never gives up. He is aproximately 6 feet tall and carries a blood birthmark across the left side of his back. In times of trouble, the birthmark reveals the legacy of the hero bloodline. He is highly skilled in Genjutsu and Ninjutusu and has access to a wide variet of all types of jutsu. His favorites include calling his sword, bloodthirst and all of the kidos.


Algun was born to a father who carried a shikaku and a mother who died while giving birth to him. While growing up, Algun faced humiliation and embarassment but always kept his head up. He graduated the head of his class and became a jonin at the age of 11. At the age of 13, he was able to travel to the other side and at age fifteen he entered his second season. He is now currently a s. jonin in the art of genjutsu and he is looking to have an even more succesful season this time around.


True Blood of the Reaper, The note lvl. 3, Legacy of the Hero


Billy, Bruce Jr., Bruce Sr., Bugman, Cato, Emosuke, Flipper, K-Dog, K.Y., Lil Shammy, Lil whitey, Meatballs Lvl 2, Sandman, Pinky, Red Rover Lvl. 2, Spot Lvl. 2, Robo girl, shorty lvl. 2, Mc stripey pants, fletch, Hermano, Mister Six, Timmy Lvl. 2, Stalkergirl, Strawberry, Tats, Terri, The HoClaus, Tic Tac, Timmy, Trapchan, Yuri, Lil Ro


Ninja Puppet
Ninja Dog
Helper Pin
Coolness Badge
Headband of Awesome
K-Dog's Headband
Swallowtail Butterfly
Heck Butterfly
Aura of Gratitude
Soul Glove
Sword of the Reaper
Silver Hairpin
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Professor's Hat
Giant Fan
Captain's Jacket
Soul Candy
Blue Flower Hairpin
Badge of Wisdom
Medal of Wisdom
Badge of Power
Badge of Courage


Hey, hey, we're the ninja.
Stand by your ninja.
Teacher's pet
Flip out
good night ninja
seasons dont fear


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