Season 5
RyuGeass Village
- The Village Hidden in The World -
Occupation: Vice Kage
Alignment: Demonic Good
Likes: Blood and Death

Character Description

Seen wearing a black/red striped dress shirt; open at the top, red vest, black slacks with a studded black belt, black dress shoes, different sorts of rings with strange abilities, bracelets of all sorts that bestow unkown capabilities and scars usually seen around the wrists and forearms.

Physical characteristics:
Eyes (deep red & black), Hair Color (Blood Red), Height (200 cm), Weight (97 kg), Age (Unknown)

Distinctive characteristics:

  • Black tinted nails and a wide stitching seen around the circumference of the neck sewn back upon every battle of the enemies attempt to behead the Target for a flawless end to said quarrel.
  • Acidic blood.

Distinctive behavior:
Firm and fearless battle tactics- Usual attempts to battle with said target ends in a quick and painful death, a mere wrong move and the battle is finished.

Techniques and Jutsu

Genjutsu: Limitless.
Ninjutsu: High.
Taijutsu: Limitless.

Resistance to Physcial Damage:
Immune to any sort of physycal damage due to the ability to auto and instantly auto regenerate.

Resistance to Mental Damage:
Any attempt to read said targets mind or to take control ends in the enemies death with a ruptured heart and brain.

Reaper Abilities:




Current Trophy count: 48

Current Task/Goal:

  • I am currentlly favoring down the 11TF

Awesome Abilities


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