Level: 61 - Jounin
Alt Village
- The Village Hidden in the IP -
Genjutsu: 20 (+4)
Strength: +5 Range: 1-15
Successes: +1
Ninjutsu: 20 (+4)
Strength: +4 Range: 1-16
Successes: +1
Taijutsu: 21 (+4)
Strength: +4 Range: 1-15
Successes: +1

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Character Description

Akaremasen is an exactly twenty-nine thousand year old super-vampire ninja. She also answers to the name 'Altrough' and 'Aka-chan'. She has ruby-red eyes that are similar to K.Y.'s eyes that allow her to use Genjutsu better.

Akaremasen, or Aka-chan to those she save to kill later (read: friends), is a psychotic super-pervert and a serial-killer loli-goth.

She usually wears a black dress with lace and red ribbons. In the occasion that she would be wearing anything else, this would be because she is bathing.

In th extreme cases where she is in dire need, she summons twenty-eight immortal and near-all-powerful beings to her aide. That is, if the enemy(ies) survives the giant castle she summons on them first.

Her favorite pass-time is groping well-endowed females or having hot lesbian sex. Yes, as a six year old (Read History for more information).

She owns a kunai she named 'Stabby'. It is not just for show, as it has been bloodied by the blood of thousands of lolicon-fanboys she had to kill to get away from.

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Although she may seem old, Akaremasen spent about twenty-eight thousand nine hundred ninety-four years in cryogenic-freeze. So for all purposes, Akaremase is mentally and physically equivalent to a normal six year old kuniochi.

During her long sleep in cryogenic-freeze her mind was injected with the complete works of a person known as Jiraiya, which somehow caused her to be a super-pervert. However, because she seems to be a cute six-year old girl, no one really thinks badly of her when she randomly gropes females around her or stick a hand down their panties.

Perhaps because of her kuniochi studies, Akaremasen has taken a liking to the color black, especially on her clothing. Added with the Victorian style dresses she loves so much, she has taken on the generic appearance of a 'Loli-goth'.

Akaremasen has been on the top 20 list for a few days after reaching level 60, and has been a regular at the top 40's of Season One players.

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Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper


Billy Level 3
Pinky Level 2
Stalkergirl Level 2
Lil' Ro Level 2
Lil' Shammy Level 2
Lil' Bo Level 2

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Techniques and Jutsu

A lot.
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Sickle Weasel
Super Frog
Mini Frog
Slug Princess
Bone Daddy

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Helper Pin
Beat-Up Teddy
Soul Glove
Ninja Dog
Ninja Dog
Blue Flower Hairpin
Professor's Hat
Giant Fan
Trench Knife
K-Dog's Headband
K-Dog's Headband
Letter of Marque
Stealth Suit
Reaper's Blood - Shikai
Chakra Armor
Dog Collar
Captain's Jacket

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