The Cursed Wave

Fight the otherworldly monsters attacking the Immortal Realms! As you walk up to the Access Gate, a small window pops into existence..


By entering into a solo fight with a Phase, you are attempting to battle against some of the most powerful entities in your World. These monsters are powerful, Stamina-consuming, and even the best will fall to them at times. Losing to one will penalize you 30 Stamina per day until you heal the damage, something that could cost up a lot of Stamina to do (see amount under 'Risk').

When fighting Phases, you will use a special Attribute called "Drain". Drain is equal to your Season.

Truly experienced Ninja, with the proper vessels, may Shoot the Core, fighting a harder Phase for a special Item.

Current Phases

(Phases can be fought for 168 hours after the Realms open them up for attack - once you start fighting it, you'll get to finish your fight, either win or lose, no matter how long it takes. You must pay Ryo and or Stamina to start the fight.)


Most phases are echoes of kaiju being fought by the Immortal Realms. A phase will have a cost of either stamina or Ryo, determined by the Kage of the Realm fighting the kaiju. If your Realm is the Realm that has phased the kaiju, it will be free. There are also wandering phases with randomly determined costs.

Phases with "-" listed as their kaiju require other means to summon. See the phase's page for details.

Kaiju Phase Reward Drain Reward Risk Difficulty HP Drain Difficulty Drain HP
- The One Sin - Corrupter of Truth Spear of Wotan Daybreak 200 10 5000 10 5000
Alchemists Philosopher - The Prophet Red Water Voice Enslaver 300 8 6000 13 9000
Robot Monkeys Bobo - The Machinator Monkey Cymbals Tickling Death 350 8 6000 13 9000
Fanboys Stench - The Propagation Book of Spoilers Prancing Haze 300 8 6000 13 9000
Magical Girls Shoujo - The Temptress of Drama Magical Wand Wanton Rose 300 7 6000 12 9000
Crazed Mimiga Toroko - The Avenger Polar Star Holy Spur 600 7 10000 12 15000
Storm Riders Jet Set - The Terror of Death Regalia Soundless Jade 1000 6 10000 11 15000
Nine-Tailed Fox Nine Tails - The Rebirth Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox Finite Spiral 1500 7 14000 12 21000
Demon of the Sand Tanuki - The Mirage of Deceit Spirit of the Demon of the Sand Mottled Wing 1750 7 14000 12 21000
- The Eleven-Tailed Fox - The Demon Within Lycoris (Unobtainable) Eleven Tails 550 - - 11 11000
- The 11-Tailed Revenge - The Demon Returns Eleven Tails (Unobtainable) Kimono of Shadows 750 - - 14 20000
Kona-chan Cornet - The First - - 550 - - 14 5000
Yuki-chan Miwiki - The Last - - 550 - - 14 6500
Tsukasa Deredere - The Younger - - 550 - - 14 8000
Kagamin TsunTsun - The Elder - - 550 - - 14 9500
Timmy Timmy Lvl 0 - The Survivor - - 550 - - 14 11000

There are also "wandering" phases that you can fight. Each phase wanders in for two dayrolls and it costs 300 stamina to begin the battle.

They wander in a specific order:

  • Magical Girls
  • Robot Monkeys
  • Fanboys
  • Alchemists
  • Crazed Mimiga
  • Storm Riders
  • Nine-Tailed Fox
  • Demon of the Sand

Phase Battles

Phases are similar to Kaiju except that you fight them alone. You cannot fight a kaiju while you are fighting a phase.

  • To begin to fight it you must pay the Cost (Ryo or Stamina).
    • Ryo is converted into Village Ryo and given to the Village that phased the kaiju.
    • Stamina is divided amonst all the Villagers of the Village that phased the kaiju (if it isn't wandering).
  • Once you start fighting the Phase, the battle continues until either you or the Phase is defeated.


You must purchase attacks to fight it.

  • You get 10 attacks every time you buy a set.
  • The first set costs 200 stamina.
    • The cost increases with 100 Stamina every time you buy a set.
    • The cost is reset at Dayroll, it doesn't reset with the death of the phase or your corruption.
    • If you have a Pink Skull it costs 20 less stamina per focus.
    • If you have purchased Digital Endurance it costs 25% less stamina per focus.
  • These attacks will last past dayroll if you don't use them all up.


You start with 1 Life.

  • Legacy starts with an Extra Life
  • Daily bonuses give one Extra Life for all phases summoned that day, but are deducted at dayroll. This can leave you with zero lives.
    • Having the Twilight Guardian summoned
      • If the Twilight Guardian poofs, leaving you with 0 Lives, you do not lose unless you try to attack.
      • If this happens, you can just wait until the next day and Summon it again.
    • Buying the Mahjongigan Zawa Zawa for 30,000 MJXP
  • You can use a Storm Favor to gain an Extra Life (once per Phase per day).
    • This extra life will last past dayroll, until you win/lose against the phase.
  • Using the team Offline Romance will give an Extra Life.

Chance of Death

You can lose 1 Life based on the Chance of Death.

  • The Base Chance of Death starts at 1%.
    • Every day that passes adds an extra 1% Chance of Death.
    • You get +1% Chance of Death against a Phase for each other Phase you defeated that day already.
    • You can use a Storm Favor to remove 2 days from the Phases life, thus subtracting 2% from the Base Chance of Death, to a minimum of 1%. You cannot use the Favor, however, if the Phase only has 1 Day Alive.
  • You can choose to increase the Chance of Death to inflict greater damage.
    • For every 0.5% added Chance of Death you get 50% extra Damage.
    • You can increase the Chance of Death with 0.5% for every Season completed up to a maximum of 4% extra Chance of Death.
  • If you have a Spear of Wotan, and/or you have purchased Bullet Time from Bit Shop, when fighting at max push, Chance of Death is reduced by 1% each, to a minimum of 1%.
  • If you have Cato Lvl 2 in your team, your first swing versus a phase is invulnerable (0% Chance of Death)
  • Graze gives you a chance of avoiding death by phases. Each source of graze is rolled separately rather than stacking. Sources of Graze are:

Drain & Edge

The stat used for attacking is Drain.

  • The number of Drain Levels is equal to the current Season of the player. Base drain gained this way caps at 50.
    • Drain Levels can be increased by purchasing Drain & Tonic, which increases it by 1 level per 2 juices
    • For 20,000 Core you can buy a 5 Drain Level boost that lasts until dayroll at this field.
    • Villages with the upgrade Drain Amplifier provide you with 2 Drain Levels.
    • If you have a Lycoris, you have 5 extra Drain Levels.
    • If you have the Boomstick from Zombja Rewards, you get 2 extra Drain Levels.
    • If you have the Flask of Mist, you get +1 Drain Level.
    • If you have the 555 Phone Sponsor Item, you get 1 extra Drain Levels.
    • If you down an Overclock Elixir, you get 5 Drain Levels.
  • Your Drain Range is equal to 10 plus your current Season. Base range gained this way caps at Season 50 (for a total of 60 range).
  • Drain also has a property called Edge.
    • Every roll has a chance of generating an extra roll. 1 Point of Edge = 1% Chance.
    • For 10,000 Core you can buy a 10 Drain Edge boost that lasts until dayroll at this field.
    • If you have Wired Reflexes from Bit Shop, you have an additional 10 Edge.
    • Aromatic Grass from Bit Shop is +5 Drain Edge. This item loops, while Wired Reflexes doesn't.
    • Detective Duo is +5 Drain Edge.
  • You can increase your Drain Strength by hacking players (you can do this at this field).
    • If you have achieved the rank of R00t, you get 2 Drain Strength.
    • If you have the Epitaph of the Twilight, you get 2 Drain Strength
    • Villages with the upgrade Skull Throne, provide 1 Drain Strength.


You deal damage equal to the number of Drain successes you get against the difficulty, plus bonuses.

  • Tri-Edge from Bit Shop is +50% damage. This item loops.
  • Detective Duo also gives +250% damage.
  • For every 0.5% added Chance of Death you get 50% extra Damage.
    • You can increase the Chance of Death with 0.5% for every Season completed up to a maximum of 4% extra Chance of Death.
  • Villages with the upgrades Scratchy Supercharger and Scratchy Enhancer give +20% damage if 10 scratchy tickets or 1 scratchy win have been played that day
  • The Season Four Collection gives +20% damage


When you are brought down to 0 Lives, you are defeated and get Corrupted.

  • In this case your Phase "poofs" away and you get no reward for your done damage.
  • When Corrupted you get a penalty of -30 Stamina at Dayroll.
  • You can heal the Corruption by paying an amount of Stamina equal to the Risk of the Phase you lost to.
  • You can pay off the Corruption in parts, (a.k.a. you don't have to pay off the whole thing at once).
    • If you have the Flask of Mist, you may consume it to remove Corruption.
  • While corrupted you cannot fight normal Kaiju, nor can you fight phases.


You win when the HP of the Phase is reduced to 0 or below. At this point you are given the reward.

Shoot the Core

Players who have achieved the rank of R00t have the option, when starting to fight a Phase, to Shoot the Core. This allows you to fight a harder version of the Phase, but adds the option to Drain it:

  • The Phase can be Drained when the HP of the Phase is below 100 but more than 0.
    • If you have the Crisis-Com, you may drain when the HP of the Phase is below 210 but more than 0 once per day.
  • Draining the phase (in most circumstances) removes one Reward Item and nets you the Drain Reward Item.
  • Successfully draining a Phase corrupts you as if you would have been Destroyed.
  • If you kill the phase, and do not drain it, you receive the normal reward, instead of the drain reward. No reward item is taken, and you are not corrupted.

Kage Menu

When an Immortal Realm with a Chaos Gate and R00t Access is fighting one of the kaiju below, the kage will see this on the Phase screen (assuming said kage has completed the Quest to gain access to it):

Your current Kaiju may be Phased!

The cost is one of your homegrown Advanced Resource, and then the Phase is available to all of your Villagers for seven days. Even if it is defeated, it will still be available for fights.

You may open up the Phase to other Villages, and receive Ryo or Stamina for doing so. Ryo goes directly to your Village Ryo, Stamina, is evenly distributed amongst your villagers.

» Click Here to Phase your Current Kaiju «

Once the kaiju is phased, the above will be replaced with the following:

Your Realm's Phase is Closed to other Villages.

  • Open Phase for _X_ Ryo (10000-100000)
  • Open Phase for _X_ Stamina (100-1000)
  • Close Phase

Change Phase Status >

The first line will be "Your Realm's Phase is Open to other Villages for X Ryo." or "Your Realm's Phase is Open to other Villages for X Stamina." if the kage has opened the phase.

Once ninja in other villages have paid to fight the phase, the kage will see this as well:

Total Unspent Phase Payments:
Ninja: X Ryo/Stamina
Ninja: X Ryo/Stamina

Total Stamina: X Total Ryo: X

Ryo will be immediately dumped into your Village Ryo, and Stamina will be evenly divided amongst your Villagers at the next Dayroll. villagers cannot get more than 1000 Stamina from this - any more is lost.
Receive Payments >

A Realm can only phase one kaiju at a time, and there is currently no known way to unphase a kaiju except to wait for the week-long timer to run out. If the Realm fights another phaseable kaiju while the previous phase is still active, the "Your current Kaiju may be Phased!" window will not appear.

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