Toroko - The Avenger


Phase Information

  • Risk: 600
  • Normal:
    • HP: 10,000
    • Difficulty: 7
  • Shoot the Core:
    • HP: 15,000
    • Difficulty: 12


Drain Reward

Defeat Message

Drain Message

Hero's Quest: The Logbook

  • As part of HQ, a special version of this phase with Shoot The Core stats is summoned. However, this time the aim is not to defeat the opponent, and you will get no rewards for doing so.
  • Just like when shooting the Core, get Toroko to under 100 HP without going below; this time, a new option appears.

Lay Down Your Arms >

The creature rages, swinging at you wildly. You hesistate, unsure if this will actually work.

Wrapping the Locket into your palm, you plunge your hand into the throat of the beast, its digital roars shattering into a thousand frequencies. You reach in deeper, starting to have doubts about this suicidial action..

..when a small, fuzzy hand grabs yours from the inside.

You pull with all your might, and the Phase rips apart, virtual shreds spiraling into the ether. The small form within holds on, collapsing into your arms.

"Wha-.. How.." She looks up at you, still dressed in the same lab coat she wore when the Dead Flower first turned her into a killing machine.

"I- I know who you are! I know WHEN we are! The entire time, *He* spoke to me, but I never gave in! We've got to get back to the Lab!" She runs (only tripping on her coat once!) back to the Gate, and you are obliged to follow..

Mimi has joined you!

To the Quest Menu! >

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Huzzah Trophy!
10 Points
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