The Eleven-Tailed Fox - The Demon Within

Phase Information

  • HP: 11,000
  • Stat: Drain
  • Difficulty: 11
  • Risk: 550

Drain Item

Drain Reward

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Eleven Tails Trophy!
40 Points



  • This phase starts at 10 days alive.
  • This phase destroys 2 lives with one hit.
  • This Phase cannot be killed normally; it MUST be drained. Attempting to kill it without Draining it will cause it to come back to life.
  • Although a Lycoris is listed as the cost to Drain this Phase, you do not in fact lose any items for doing so. This is deliberate, and is even mentioned in the flavor text.
  • Including an extra life favor, the total number of favors needed is 11. On the other hand, without one, only 9 are needed.
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