The 11-Tailed Revenge - The Demon Returns

Phase Information

  • HP: 20,000
  • Stat: Drain
  • Difficulty: 14
  • Risk: 550

Drain Item

Drain Reward

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
The Festival Trophy!
20 Points


  • This Phase cannot be Destroyed, only Drained
  • If this Phase is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, it immediately revives with 250 HP


  • This phase is only phaseable if a player is R00t Rank.
  • You only lose one life when destroyed.
  • You don't lose the Eleven Tails.
  • This phase is only able to be summoned once during every 11th of the month by visiting the Eleven Snax Booth at the Festival.
  • You can wait until you are ready and phaseless to fight this Phase after you have summoned it
The Eleven Tails Returns
Time freezes as the Fields erupt from between you
- heartless, soulless, the Eleven Tails awaits,
and only a Drain can defeat it.

This can wait until you are Phaseless and ready,
but the Days Alive will rise. You get one shot -
fail, and you must await the next Festival.

Days Alive: X

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