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Unlocking PetVentures


Big update to PetVentures!
Sorry for the delays - to be perfectly honest with the BillyClub Crew, in the middle of a very busy time for the store a little while back I had a sad thing happen regarding one of my pets, and I have been in a rut regarding working on this content (and pretty much anything else creative). I completely withdrew, which wasn't good. Thanks to a number of Billy players - friends, the PC, even a couple Billy fans who stopped by my actual store - I'm a lot better now. I took a couple days off, made peace with things, and now I'm glad to be working on content that will let everyone adventure with my and the other players' pets in the Billyverse any time they want.

We're all in this together, even if maybe we aren't together right now.

Here's to you, Ridley. you sat by my side as we shared a brownie sundae, sketching an outline of a project that would later become Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN. You'll always be a part of both BvS and me.

Wow, okay. Apologies for being super depressing. :(
Please enjoy PetVentures!
More pets will be added to this every month as part of the Festival.
Hope to see your Pets in here soon!

Adventure Locations

Training Area1

Training Area: Ramen Shop
Takes 40 minutes (2400 seconds) to complete.
Specialty: Sniffing

Treasure Bonus Time Requirement
Empty Bowl +1 min None
Used Chopsticks +1 min None
Balled-Up Napkin +1 min None
Old Receipt +1 min None
Soy Sauce Cap +1 min None
Lost (Found) Cat Poster +2 min None
Coupon +2 min None
Straw Wrapper +2 min None
Long Spoon +2 min None
Wrapped Order +3 min Nomming
Fresh Pickle +3 min Sniffing
Super-Long Noodle +3 min Flops
Cell Phone +3 min Strongness
Cybernetic Ramen +10 min Baby


Enter the hero(s)!

Name Skills
Ninja Kitty Flops
Cave Puppy Bopping, Nomming
Awkward Penguin Unknown
Ninja Tortoise Stealth
Honey Badger Strongness
Ninja Squirrel Sniffing
Fanboy Sidekick Nomming
Blazing Pheonix Speedy
Red Herring Unknown
1.1 Tailed Fox Eleven
Gamble Fish Shenanigans
Salty Dog Unknown

Note: It is not yet known if pet levels outside of petventures has an effect on these bonuses

Optional Bonuses

  • Extra Treasures (Cost: 50 Bonus Time)
  • Extra Rarity Chance (Cost: 50 Bonus Time)


  • Each +1 in a specialty allows time to accrue 10% faster per point.
  • There are other bonuses which stack additively with area specialties.
  • Each Pet Friend / Adventure Pal you have access to gives +5% time accumulation.
  • Your chosen Hero Pet also gives +10% speed per level, the total of which is doubled on their listed ability.
  • Hero Pets start at level 1.


Next Unlock: 50% or more complete in Village (Coming tonight, sorry i have to be at the store all day)2

Item Tiers

  • Bronze-Level/Orange: exactly what is says on the tin.
  • Silver-Level/Grey: Rarer than Orange, but don't require specific skills/friends to find.
  • Gold-Level/Yellow: These drops require a certain skill (or set of skills) to be found. If your pet doesn't have the skill required, the item is impossible to find. If your pet does have the skill required, it's assumed that this item is as hard to find as a rare item.
  • Amazing-Level/Blue: These items require a specific friend to be present in order to find said drop. So far it appears that each area has one Amazing-Level drop.
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