In Game Description


Pets give you a bonus at Dayroll at their level for the remainder of the day!
Pets cost 100 Pet Food to get one, and start at Level 1.

If you have Pet Food, your Pet will gain +1 Level when you log in at the beginning of your day, up to Level 100.

Pet Points can be used to speed up this process.

Note: If you give your Pet a special Item on this menu, it will also Level up (again, 100 max). Pets give special bonuses at max Level!

Pet Points: #.
1 Pt = +1 Level to a Pet you own
50 Pts = Skip the Pet Food Cost of getting a Pet

Current Pet Food Count: #


Name Bonus Prerequisites Leveling Item Max Level Special Bonus
Ninja Kitty 1%-20% Kaiju Damage None Kitty Treat +5 Stamina per Kaiju Attack
Cave Puppy 1%-20% Item Find None1 Rubber Ball +1 MegaMission Item Drops2
Awkward Penguin 1%-20% Event Find Sum pet level 30 or higher Friend Request +500 Event Stamina Cap
Ninja Tortoise 1-100 Stamina Sum pet level 30 or higher3 Turtle Shoes +20 Appetite
Honey Badger 1%-10% Worldkai Damage Sum pet level 100 or higher Bee House +1 Emblem on Successful Emblem Use
Ninja Squirrel 1%-20% Ryo Sum pet level 100 or higher Chestnut Parfait +5% Party House Discount
Fanboy Sidekick 1%-20% Panel XP Sum pet level 100 or higher Expired Snacks 11% Chance to return used Flow
COURAGE WOLF 1-5 Edge Sum pet level 300 or higher RAW COURAGE +11% Spiral Energy
Blazing Phoenix 1-20% AP Sum pet level 300 or higher Avian Ashes -1 Level Loop Cap
Red Herring Nothing Sum pet level 300 or higher Obvious Clue 25% chance to secretly dodge Bingo
1.1 Tailed Fox .1-1.1 MPH per Mission Sum pet level 300 or higher Itsy Bitsy Whirlwind +11% chance to survive death by phase (AKA graze)
Gamble Fish 1-100% Added PH Ryo from Missions Perfect Poker unlocked? Sure Thing Second Chance at failed Quest Attempts
Salty Dog 1-11% chance of N1 entry return Enter a T4 tournament in Number One Salty Ticket Shreds Random Ally Drop on Missions

Pet Points

Pet points can be used to level up a pet or buy new pets.
50 Pet points buys you one new pet.
1 Pet point levels up any of your pet by 1 level.

The current methods of getting pet points are:

  • Buy a 50 Pet Point booster for 60 Karma, or 3 boosters for 120 Karma
  • Acquired from BillyCon as per the following chart:
Event Type Event Name Pet Points Awarded
Video 1 Bishounen and Bunny DX 2+s = 1 PP
Video 1 Pop Idol Werewolf 2+s = 1 PP
Panel 2 Cute Cat Pictures 0-3s = 1 PP
4+s = 2 PP
Panel 3 Cats - Nature's Ninjas 0s = 1 PP
3+s = 2 PP


  • Given the Cave Story promotion, the Cave Puppy almost certainly refers to the witch Jenka's puppies in that game, which form part of a quest.
  • The Ninja Tortoise is probably a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series
  • Awkward Penguin, Honey Badger, and COURAGE WOLF are all references to Internet memes.
  • The last 5 pets were created with suggestions from the playerbase.
  • As of this writing, the Pet Point awards are not listed as doubled during Main Event panels. They are being doubled, but do not list that in the rewards.
  • There is a Petventures unlockable minigame from Found Cat, but it's BillyClub-only and still under development (with explicit warnings of possible wipes with said further development) as of June 12, 2018. Documentation can be added once it is further along (in particular, once it is no longer BillyClub-only).
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